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Monday, November 20, 2023

You Are a Foreign Sovereign, Not a "Sovereign Citizen"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who has listened to me over the years knows that "Sovereign Citizen" is an oxymoron.  You can't be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time; the two terms are mutually exclusive. 

So where did this nonsense of "Sovereign Citizens" get going? 

It got going because of a fence, and a confusion. 

Think of a fence --- any fence, split-rail, picket, stone -- whatever you like. 

Your view changes, and so does your language, depending on which side of the fence you are on. 

With respect to me, King Charles III is a Foreign Sovereign.  

With respect to an Englishman, King Charles III is his Sovereign-- the one empowered to conduct  international business for him.  

To this Englishman, the idea of a Citizen (someone working for some level of government) being a Sovereign is ridiculous. 

But in America, State Citizens, people acting as Fiduciary Deputies for each one of the States ---  act as Principals equal to King Charles III.

Oh, how offensive!  

To an Englishman. 

This is how State Citizens get mischaracterized as "Sovereign Citizens" by Englishmen who don't understand how a simple State Citizen could function on a par with their King.  

Our State Citizens, of course, aren't actually functioning as Sovereigns and as Citizens at the same time, rather, they are Fiduciary Deputies functioning in a sovereign capacity on behalf of their State of the Union.  

There is a difference between being a Sovereign, like King Charles III, versus engaging in the responsibilities and exercising the rights of a Sovereign, as our State Citizens do when they act as Fiduciary Deputies for their respective States.  

Yet, it has to be this way in a country where every man and every woman inherits sovereignty in their own right at birth.  

Someone has to take on the servant's role to conduct business for each State. 

So our State Citizens temporarily eschew their own sovereignty as individuals and bow down and serve as Fiduciary Deputies for the rest of us. 

For an Englishman, their own natural sovereignty is relinquished at birth and given away to their King.  

For an American, our natural sovereignty is retained, and only loaned on a conditional basis to our Fiduciary Deputies. 

This is how a State Citizen can act as a Sovereign equal to a King, sign and enforce contracts equal to a King, and direct the international business affairs of their nation-state in a manner equal to a King.   

For us, everything is 180 degrees turned around, because we are on the opposite side of the fence. 

If you want to get the proper meaning and context of things across to your British Territorial Employees, and your Municipal Employees, too, correct them when and if they make the mistake of calling you a "Sovereign Citizen" and tell them that you are a Foreign Sovereign with respect to them.  

Thank you very much. 


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