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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Open Letter to Pope Francis, the Roman Curia, and Committee of 300

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all to whom these presents come: 

Most of you are already aware that the entire scheme has failed.  

The living people have not been fooled.

We don't accept human-caused global warming theories. We know that one large volcano can spew out more carbon dioxide in a week than mankind has created since the dawn of time.  

We don't observe overpopulation in the midst of an obvious and grossly exacerbated population collapse. 

We aren't going to be fooled by the inevitable  financial collapse, either.

We already know what the so-called Quantum Financial System is, who designed it, and why ---and the underlying fraud represented by so-called Central Bank Digital Currency is self-evident, too.   

We know.  God sees you and we see you, too. We see how you murder the babies and the old people for profit.  

Dissolve all these offending corporations as you are required to do under Ecclesiastical Law and forfeit the assets to our lawful government; lawfully convert the unlawfully converted banks and other institutions, too.  

There is really nothing left to argue about or to determine.  The evidence of harm and unlawful activity is grossly abundant. 

Employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation /FBI seized the Seal of Saint Peter and illegally confiscated it based on deliberate institutionalized crimes of personage and fraud.  

What more does the Roman Catholic Church need to know? 

Pope Benedict XVI gave the Seal of Saint Peter to James Thomas McBride and told him to open the Storehouses of the Lord.  This was a direct instruction of the Pope to his Regional Postmaster. 

This was interfered with, misinterpreted, and prosecuted by a commercial corporation tribunal having no authority to even exist. 

All our Commercial Banks and our individual Persons were unlawfully converted into Maritime Commercial Banks and Foreign British Territorial Persons, respectively, and all without the nicety of us ever stepping foot aboard a Maritime Conveyance. 

It must be a miracle outside of time, space or consciousness --- otherwise, it is simply a crime, and that's what we say it is. 

All this fraud and criminality is occurring on your watch and you are all accountable for it.  

We suggest that you cancel plans and agendas that have failed, nix narratives that nobody believes, and also put an end to schemes to defraud; stop relying on unilateral, implied, or merely presumed-to-exist maritime contracts being illegally and immorally exercised on our land and soil.

That goes for every country on this planet that has suffered illegal and surreptitious "occupation" by undisclosed mercenary forces; all the offending commercial corporations hiring these goons and disguising them as honorable agents, soldiers, and police forces stand forfeit to the actual owners.  

Your Predecessors have signed contracts obligating them (and you) to return the assets of the so-called Global Collateral Accounts and all so-called Historical and Legacy Trusts and all shareholder interests to the actual living people and their governments. 

Pretending that you haven't heard from us and don't know who we are and don't know where we are, won't cut it. 

Our unincorporated States and our unincorporated Federation of States remain where we have always been.  The People of Ireland haven't gone missing in several millennia.  And so on it goes around the world, the same story everywhere, actual countries, actual people, being harassed, defrauded, and harmed by personnel hired to protect them. 

We were all standing here on the land and soil the whole time, readily observed and easy to reach by our rural routes and General Delivery, or "in care of" a plethora of derivative addresses attributed to non-existent foreigners and public employees and even public corporations. 

The Great Fraud is over. 

It no longer matters who gets elected in phony shareholder elections, establishing the leadership of bankrupt corporations or shell companies that don't actually exist.  

We are not double-minded.  We are not deceived by the false choice between Biden and Trump or any other combo of politicians. 

We are not deceived by false claims against our Nature and Humanity, based on illegal and immoral Patents allowed by criminals, claiming that they own Creation by virtue of polluting it.

All this craziness has to stop. 

The Foreign Sovereigns have returned and our Government is in Session.  

Sincerely -- 
Anna Maria

Cover Letter by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                          The United States of America
                           In care of: Box 520994
                           Big Lake, Alaska 99652

19th November 2023


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