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Sunday, November 19, 2023

About Global Bilateral Banks - Commerce v Maritime Commerce

 By Anna Von Reitz

Observation: The Global (Family Bank) launch is using the Federation as endorsement for the services. Your photograph, several written articles, and The Great Seal are being used to provide leverage promoting the launch?

From 1776 to 1781 our Federation of States conducted all international trade and commercial transactions for our fledgling government.  Thanks to the failure of the Confederation and the Federal Republic, we are obliged to undertake these same responsibilities now.  

This requires the Federation to work "bilaterally" in both worlds -- the world of international trade and the global world of commerce.  For our convenience and to expedite services, it makes sense for us to create and operate a bilateral banking system on a global scale. 

In our new banking system we pair our member International Trade Banks, which trade in physical assets like gold and silver, with our land jurisdiction Commercial Banks, which deal in "commercial paper" -- stocks, bonds, certificates, etc. 

We have chartered this system and the individual pairs of banks in the system, to work together synergistically and cooperatively on a worldwide basis.  

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and transparent banking system that everyone has access to, everyone understands, and everyone can safely use.  Our International Trade Banks promote and expedite Free Trade, our land jurisdiction Commercial Banks are subject to the Law of the Land. 

While we, as a Federation, also have to deal in Maritime Commerce, most people never have cause to do so and are better off avoiding the deep seas and tricky shoals these foreign banks navigate. 

Most Americans don't even know that there is any difference between Maritime Commerce and plain Commerce conducted on the land.  

Unfortunately, ninety percent of the world's banking institutions have been secretly and unlawfully converted into banks operating in Maritime Commerce, which has resulted in monopolistic market conditions and has forced average people into this foreign and dangerous financial environment for lack of any other option.  

We chartered The Global Family International Trade Bank and its affiliated land jurisdiction Commercial Bank as an alternative.  Within the Global framework, we also chartered The American States and Nations International Trade Bank and the ASAN Commercial Bank, to specifically serve the needs of our States.  

People in other countries are chartering bilateral banks in our system and providing the means for their people to do business -- both international trade and non-maritime commerce -- safely and simply. 


Observation of semantics of the word choices used in the application process; for example, citizenship, residence etc...could be for the general ease of administrative purposes. 

It is indeed for that purpose, as people using our system need to be identified according to where they start out in the system overall --- and please note that certain functions, like the Safety Vault functions --- have to be made available to serve Americans who are still at sea and dealing in Maritime Commerce.  They nonetheless have the right to claim parity for their deposits.

Notice the Great Seal. Attached. Was The Great Seal defiled or was the use of it approved by the Head of State? 

The Great Seal has not been altered or enclosed; the small symbols external to it, like quotation marks, indicate that it is being used outside its normal international context in the realm of global commerce.

While the Federation's normal scope of business is limited to international trade, in a pinch, the Federation can access commercial venues, because the international jurisdiction interfaces with the commercial jurisdiction of the air both on the land and at sea. This is how we functioned from 1776 to 1781, when the now-defunct Confederation took over the commercial side of business operations.  


Is Global a separate enterprise entity and not part of the Federation? People are confused by the charter and the actual name of the financial holding entity versus the many other financial services Global provides and uses Federation endorsements as promotional leverage. 

The process of chartering a business enterprise is similar to incorporating it, only under the Law of the Land, instead of the Law of the Sea.  In agreeing to operate as a chartered business, the Global Trust Management team agrees to operate their resulting International Trade and land jurisdiction Commercial  Banks under our Law of the Land and according to the good faith treaties and agreements pertaining to these enterprises.  The Global Family banks thus operate under Federation auspices and our Law of the Land; we indemnify their operations in so far as they are undertaken and executed in good faith.   


Do all ASNs and ASCs need an account on Global for the prosperity card? Several differing answers floating around.  

At the present moment, yes, they do need to sign up for their cards via The Global Family International Trade Bank/Commercial Bank system.  Later on, people will be able to go through their own State Banks, but those are still under development. 


Did old LRS data get transferred to Global? 

Thanks to one hero in California the original LRS data was saved and has been passed on to Global to process accounts for those Americans who used LRS to record their political status. Notice will be returned to the appropriate State Assemblies and assuming that the address information is still correct, the individual LRS users will be receiving their account notices.  Anyone who used the original LRS is encouraged to check with Global and if their address has changed, they are instructed to update it now. 


Can people move funds from other Global financial services products into the Vault or were they moved automatically?  

Yes, though the reason anyone would move other species of money or legal tender into the Vault is unclear.  It's only the FRN/USD that is eligible for parity protection.  

Please note that the Vault is established in a Maritime Commerce Bank, and the purpose is to record those funds and individual owners of those funds for purposes of parity protection claims to be exercised after the currency devaluation caused by the population collapse and so-called "Great Reset". Global is tracking and in receipt of the deposit information, so it won't get "lost". 

Each FRN entered in the Vault prior to the reset will be worth 180 FRNs after the devaluation, or, alternatively, it will be worth one American Federation Dollar or one pre-paid Credit Certificate.  This means that your current buying power position will be maintained. It doesn't mean that you will be rich after the currency devaluation if you weren't rich before, but it does mean you won't lose the value represented by your deposit. 

This is true for Americans and American Banks, so that funds deposited in our chartered banks are protected.

As for accounts being moved, they are being "mirrored" in the Bilateral Bank System and migrating to the new Bilateral Bank System where the value of your funds will be maintained. 

Think of your little American "ship", your savings, beating for safe harbor just before a perfect storm at sea, passing through the portal between Maritime Commerce and Land Jurisdiction Commerce just in time to save your crew and cargo, with any losses fully indemnified. 

Whether you knew it or not, you've been "at sea" nearly all your life, and any banking you've done has been falsely attributed to the credit or debt of foreign corporations.  

As a result, the "money" in "your" bank account isn't money (its credit based on money) and most importantly, though it's held in your name, it isn't your bank account, either.  

This is the rationale used by all these foreign banks operating in Maritime Commerce to seize upon your earnings and to consider your deposits to be their bank property.  

Thanks to all the undisclosed "registrations" the Perpetrators of this scheme collected, they think they own your "persons" under the guise of protecting them.

Obviously, we are strenuously objecting to all this self-interested presumption on their parts and seeking a lawful conversion of these banks and their assets, which will restore the ownership interest to the actual owners, but until this is accomplished, we are recommending that everyone shift their FRN/USD holdings to our American-chartered Global Family (non-Maritime) Commercial Bank, or, for Federal Employees (U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States) who are Americans, into the Safety Vault.  

For Americans, especially those who are working under conditions of enslavement or servitude to foreign District of Columbia corporations, or still presumed to be in this condition, the Safety Vault is a first step on the long road home. 

As for all the misrepresentations about the Safety Vault that were initially made by some people --- I have this to say:

Many people were given the idea that the Safety Vault would be like a conventional savings account, but that was never the intention or purpose of the Safety Vault. 

A conventional savings account is subject to seizure and even if seized funds are eventually returned, they will have suffered (under the current scenario) a devastating devaluation of 1:180. Each FRN/USD you hold in conventional savings will be worth about one-half of one cent. 

The Safety Vault guarantees that your funds on deposit will be recorded and will retain their buying power, as you will get 180 FRNs for every 1 FRN you deposit now, after the devaluation.  In terms of the value of your money, you won't lose anything.  

Anyone who needs a better understanding of the parity owed to Americans and American banks, please read the recent Article "The Subject is Buying Power".  

Unless we can derail the freight train headed toward the world economy as a result of the population collapse that has been grossly exacerbated by all the "excess" deaths that have occurred in the wake of the forced vaccination campaigns, millions of innocent people who are depending on the (Federal) Reserve Currency will be reduced to abject desolation and poverty. 

Imagine that you are standing there with them, seeing your 360 thousand dollar nest-egg reduced to two thousand in value?  In the midst of sky-rocketing inflation?  

If it's designed to be that bad for Americans, imagine how bad it is intended to be throughout the rest of the world?  All the hand-waving and Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies won't fix the fraud underlying this entire system of things. 

The guilty banks and politicians and military officers involved in this scheme have engineered a purposeful worldwide population collapse and economic collapse to go with it, much in the same way as they engineered a stock market collapse in 1929, which allowed them to pick up trademarks, brands, unincorporated business interests and all sorts of actual physical property for pennies on a dollar. 

This time, they want to work this fraud scheme on a world-spanning basis and pick everything up for literally nothing but keystrokes entered into a computerized bank ledger --- which is what the QFS and the Central Bank Digital Currency represents. 

They think that the disaster they've created will cover their tracks and nobody will realize that it was them creating this debacle -- but clearly, we already know, and we already took names and dates and numbers. We already know what the QFS and CBDC is, and we have said, "No thanks." 

A different answer is needed, one that faces this criminality head on and destroys it, without harming anyone. 

The answer to unlawful conversion is lawful conversion.

This is what our traditional American Government is offering to protect our people, and to protect the whole world from this insanity.  

Leave the Maritime Commercial Banks behind while you can by transferring your assets to accounts in the new Bilateral Bank System, and support the lawful conversion of these Maritime Commercial Banks by the actual shareholders, back into plain old Commercial Banks that are subject to the Law of the Land. 

Let the members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses know that you have observed and anticipated the effects of an exacerbated population collapse, that you have already tracked and doomed the QFS and Central Bank Digital Currencies scam--- and you will not be speaking Chinese any time soon.  

Suggest that the only sensible solution is to lawfully convert the Maritime Commercial Banks back into land jurisdiction Commercial Banks and recognize the actual shareholders who have directed the self-declared Trustees to move all Master Accounts into the new Bilateral Bank System.  

Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777, and 999 are to be deposited with The Global Family International Trade Bank and Master Accounts 222, 444, 666, and 888 are to be deposited with the sister Global Family Commercial Bank chartered by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

This will save everyone all the despair, death, dying, and misery that criminals have anticipated for us, avoid the QFS/CBDC Swindle and its inevitable results,  and put the countries and nations back on a lawful footing -- where they always should have been -- with a minimum of disturbance, and no need for war. 

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

      The United States of America 

       In care of: Box 520994

       Big Lake, Alaska 99652

19th November 2023


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