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Saturday, November 18, 2023

International Public Claim -- Two Sides to Every Coin

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let it be perfectly clear to all to whom these presents come: 

Final Notice has been served and Final Judgment rendered. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

The Constitution for the united States of America is the contract granted to the States of America, the doing-business-as name of the original Confederation of States formed in 1781. 

This original Federal Contract issued in 1787 is first in line and first in time, and all other duties, rights, and prerogatives of those wielding delegated powers --- that is, powers delegated to these Federal Subcontractors by our American Government -- were developed secondarily.  

The British Territorial United States functioning under The Constitution of the United States of America was never granted any power to create or implement any monetary or credit system on our behalf.  The same goes for the Municipal United States Government operating under The Constitution of the United States. 

The past several years have seen a great deal of confusion, where in fact no confusion should exist. 

We never gave our British Territorial nor our (originally) Holy Roman Empire Subcontractors any control over our money or our credit; their duties were assigned among the Enumerated Powers according to the fourteen Treaties that ended The War of Independence, and none of those apportioned any role to the foreign (as opposed to American) Federal Subcontractors to issue money or credit on behalf of our States, much less our people. 

Our money, meaning the actual gold and silver coinage and certificates of the same, was to be produced by our Federation of States, and credit was to be controlled by our American Federal Republic Subcontractors.  

It follows that neither of the remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors were enabled to conduct business of this kind for us, and to the extent that they have done so, they have acted in fraud and under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit.  

When our Federal Republic and the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America were rendered inoperable, any right, any power, and interest returned to the Delegator of the Enumerated Powers, the Federation of States and the member States thereof. 

Unfortunately for everyone worldwide, the British Monarchy acting in collusion with the Government of Westminster, promoted Gross Breach of Trust, and responded with violation of their Service Contracts, by pretending that our American Government was "missing" and "in interregnum" while never informing their Employers that we were missing and in interregnum.  

They did not inform the Americans.  Period. 

Instead, their foreign agents dressed as American civilians ambushed members of the Federation Government, mischaracterizing them as "Horse Thieves" or "Rebels" and placing bounties on their heads, or otherwise burning down their homes, hanging them as "rebels" and otherwise conducting Dirty Business in violation of their obligations. 

What happened immediately following the surrender of Lee's Army was nothing more or less than the same kind of putsch later seen in Russia and many other countries, in which a "Territorial" military dictatorship funded by commercial corporation interests was substituted for the actual government of a country. 

This is the same thing that happened in India resulting in the entire history of the British Raj.  In effect, we have suffered under our version ---call it the American Raj --  a mercenary, incorporated, foreign organization that has pretended to "represent" us while acting in violation of their actual Service Contracts. 

This situation has then been proliferated and spread to the entire former British Commonwealth, Western Europe, Japan, and elsewhere.  We have the Canadian Raj.  The German Raj.  The Australian Raj.  And none of them have any more standing or reason for being or authority than the criminal Raj that held India in its grip. 

These foreign Federal Subcontractors have conspired to evade their contractual obligations owed to the American States and People and neither one of them ever had any authority to mint or print or issue money or credit on our behalf.  

The simple deal, simply stated, is that the American Federal Republic was to run the mint and order the coinage and certificates according to the direction of the States; credit was to be issued based on gold and silver provided by the States to the States-of- States, and these "Confederate States" were to oversee the Federal Republic.

When both the Federal Republic and the Confederation of States ceased to operate, the remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors had no authority to mint money or print certificates or issue credit on our behalf. 

So they just bluffed it and pretended that they did. 

They conspired to create the entire convoluted means that have been used to defraud their faithful Employers, instead of telling their Employers the truth and letting us resolve the situation.  

That was their choice. 

It was also their choice to unlawfully collect the benefit of our Seigniorage, unconscionably use our assets for their collateral, engage in unauthorized investments and speculations, illegally confiscate private property, and so much more. 

Now, the recompense for all of that is due, in so much as it can ever be made right, which in the greater scheme of things, can never be without our forgiveness. 

We claim all material and physical assets and assets of substance of this country, as well as the face value of the money and credit issued, and all trade values and investments in currency, currency markets, and platform speculations made in our names or via the use of our names, for the American States and the people of this country.  

In every aspect of the present monetary system, we have the Underwriters, we have the Issuers, and we have the Consumers of these currency products. 

In a sane world, the Underwriters are the Issuers of all currencies, whether asset-backed or credit, and there is no middle-man operating separately as the Issuer.  

Whereas the States and people of this country have been made to function as the Underwriters, the Central Banks of the International Monetary Fund have usurped the position as Issuers, and have bilked, crippled, and defrauded both the Underwriters and the Consumers in the process. 

The Federal Reserve Banks have been colluding with a set of Central Banks operating in Europe, the International Monetary Fund/IMF, which has operated "as" and called itself "the United States Treasury" since 1924.   

This has given people the impression that the currency used in this country by the British Territorials who are residing here, the private military scrip known as the "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE", is Underwritten by the American States and People doing business as the United States Treasury. 

This is not true.  The American States and People have nothing to do with this set up.  

We have been presumed upon to act as Underwriters under force using undisclosed, unconscionable registration contracts as the mechanism to legalize these otherwise criminal activities.  We have been the unwitting scapegoats, thanks to our misdirected Employees, and the foreign Principals responsible for their operations. 

The Issuers are the IMF Banks pretending to be the "United States Treasury" and issuing United States Treasury Bonds, while the Consumers buying and selling these investment products under a Sweetheart Deal, are the Federal Reserve Banks, which then discount them (having received their percentage) and control their release to the rest of the world.  

All this while, these colluding central banks have pretended to have a valid, insurable ownership interest in the American States and people as an asset -- that is, collateral -- backing their fraud scheme. This aspect brings the entire insurance industry into the scheme and inverts the "insured interest" to benefit the Issuers and Consumers, not the Underwriters who are the actual owners of the assets. 

This circumstance has in turn led to the motivation to kill the "presumed" Underwriters for the life insurance policies that have been taken out on each one of the victims of this vicious scam -- three million dollars, each.  

This merely sweetens the pot for the banks involved in this gigantic fraud scheme; they had already set a policy of killing their creditors after exhausting the credit that could be extended based on their victim's assets--- which we saw in action in South Africa and Nazi Germany and which we are again witnessing now, on a worldwide basis, as the same guilty banks and "government services corporations" have exacerbated the natural postwar population decline with all the so-called excess deaths they perpetuated via a phony pandemic response to create a deliberate financial collapse. 

They hope to escape behind the smokescreen created by this mess and they hope to be the ones to offer a solution to the death, despair, and poverty that they are creating.  

That's the problem they have artificially exacerbated and created, and now they offer their pre-planned solution:

Here they come, trotting out the QFS so-called Quantum Financial System and their Central Bank Digital Currency, which is just another swindle attempting to pass off keystrokes on a computer as money.  They hope to cut the costs of printing cash and risks of counterfeiting, while garnering even more coercive power and control over individual lives and business enterprises for themselves. 

Make no mistake, the QFS was developed by CIA personnel and military subcontractors at Wright-Patterson AFB under the code name Crimson Gate, and it's meant to be a gateway for the Chinese Government to take over the entire world economy.  This is because the CIA's Pension Fund, otherwise known as the China Development Fund, has been invested in China.  

The banks have been allowed to make all these presumptions based on fatally flawed and undisclosed registration contracts and enrollments, semantic deceits and undisclosed business interests, and most of all, impersonation of the victims internationally, nationally, and individually. 

This is self-evident from the records themselves and millions of Witnesses, so the Perpetrators have attempted to supply themselves with more excuses and hit upon the idea of injecting patented genetic material as a means of making new ownership claims against individuals.  

This pathetic, repugnant, and grossly self-interested scheme promoting a new basis for enslavement and peonage --- and denial of even basic so-called human rights to the victims --- victims the Perps have re-labelled, re-branded and misrepresented as "transhumans"--- was allowed by their very own Supreme Court, but overturned by our actual States.   
Any and all claims against the American States and the people of this country that rely on impersonation and/or transhuman claims fronted by patent holders promoting crimes against humanity, have been overturned by the Principals holding General Jurisdiction.   

The States hold the General Jurisdiction of this country and they have prohibited any patent holder claims based on undisclosed injection of genetic materials so as to promote ownership interest claims against the victims of this horrendous crime; the  offered deployment of the Quantum Financial System and the use of value-less Central Bank Digital Currencies within our borders, Territories, possessions, extra-territorial enslaves, and the associated air space thereof is also prohibited and declined.  

One fraud is not to be replaced by another. 

We, the American States, have resumed our operations.  Our lawful American Government is in Session.  The free-for-all criminality which has infested our country and infected the entire world, is at an end.  

We require the return of our gold, silver, land, cash, and corporation shareholder interests, Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777 and 999, plus Master Accounts 222, 444, 666, and 888 to be vested in and controlled by our chartered Global Family Bilateral Banks; physical asset interests are to be transferred to The Global Family International Trade Bank and credit and other commercial interests are to be transferred to our associated and chartered Global Family land jurisdiction Commercial Bank.  

We are the Underwriters, Owners, and Employers; we are done with the evils that have been promoted in our names; let all the Earth bear witness that all the men who have participated in these evils are nothing more or less than our own run amok employees caught up in legal fiction games of pretend and incorporation. 

Claim and Demand Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

18th November 2023


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