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Monday, November 20, 2023

Defective Product Recall -- Get Ready

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

We are used to product recalls impacting everything from Mini-Blinds to automobiles, but what happens when the product being recalled is the world’s Reserve Currency?  

The USD is being recalled for many reasons, not the least of which is that the corporation backing it is defunct and thanks to Mr. Obama, the World Reserve Currency has been so disastrously counterfeited it’s a joke outside this country.  

US Treasuries are suffering the same fate for similar reasons; people finally figured out that these instruments were being issued by the IMF and are not really investments in or being backed by this country, despite appearances otherwise.  

The Federal Reserve got a special Sweetheart Deal on these instruments, but when people realized they were buying European Debt under the guise of it being “American” debt , the investor market tanked. 

Turns out that the Federal Reserve is as “Federal” as Federal Express and the IMF has been calling itself the “United States Treasury” since 1924— and  nobody outside the top tier of the banking business was the wiser.

Forget the part about these names being used in a deliberately deceptive way to create false assumptions on the part of everyone who heard them.  Forget the part about how these institutions unjustly enriched themselves by trading on the false assumptions these names engendered in the minds of investors. 

How would you feel if you thought you were investing in California, and you found out you were investing in Greece, instead?  

Or you were a Chinese business man who believed that you bought the Port of Long Beach, California— only to find out that foreigners can’t actually own land in this country?  

These dishonest practices designed to deceive have made this country a pariah in the rest of the world, and yet, it's not our fault.  This has all been done in our names by foreign, mostly British, actors. 

The Military Cartel is about to launch its "Rainbow Currency" and the "US NOTE" backed by a new unknown "UNITED STATES CORPORATION" that is rumored to be a "UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION" franchise backed by Swiss banks. That would seem to be indicated by the LGBTQ overtones of the currency itself, and could be caused by a continuing misunderstanding about Jimmy Carter's limitations and the lack of authority attached to Executive Orders outside the USofA, Incorporated.

This is taking place against a background of forced theater hype and a parade ground atmosphere, as they prepare to also roll out their long-planned "Show" --- or rather, pricey propaganda narrative designed to make themselves look like heroes to the American Public, despite all the indicators otherwise for the past 160 years. 

They are continuing their long established use of actors and body-doubles and theatrical illusions to fool the gullible public.  

It's not for nothing that the "Companie of Merrie Men" -- the Bar Association -- first appeared as a theatre company in Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I and is still listed as a theater company now.  

We are at least relieved that the so-called Quantum Financial Service  and Central Bank Digital Currency scam appears to have been derailed for now.  

The news that Barack Hussein Obama has been identified as another fake President similar to Lincoln -- an Actor installed to specifically undermine and take down the USD via counterfeiting -- has been somewhat lost in the news, but between the existence of a long form birth certificate in Kenya, and Obama's use of a dead man's Social Security Number, and his membership in the British Bar Association, it's clear that he was never eligible to serve as this country's President, and he is only saved by the fact that our actual Presidential Office is still vacant, albeit, we do have our Head of State Office intact.  

Like Lincoln, Obama was eligible to serve as "President" of the UNITED STATES, INC. and oversee its Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation, but not eligible to serve as the actual President of this country, 

This is all being swept under the rug as part of the "explain away campaign" being orchestrated by the BBC and Charlie Ward. They are desperate to keep their British Territorial Raj in place, if possible. 

All banks are required to be Basel III compliant this week, or suffer the "loss of their banking privileges".  This can only refer to the Maritime Commercial Banks we have become too familiar with, because banking on the land and soil is and has always been an occupation of common right.  

All the "licensing" and "regulatory practices" and coercive meddling come through the door when you go to sea and observe that Natural Rights are licensed in that jurisdiction and are reduced to the level of "privileges" meted out by the British King.  

Thus, Medical Doctors in British Territories are licensed, but private physicians are not; members of the Bar must have Bar Numbers and Cards, but Counselors of Law do not; and in the same way, bankers involved in Maritime Commerce are granted a "privilege" to do business, whereas bankers involved in non-Maritime Commerce need no such permission.  

This is meant to shed light on the circumstance we find ourselves in, with a British Territorial Raj encamped on our doorstep pursuing an illegal, unlawful, and immoral "occupation" of our country and converting the natural rights of Americans into the privileges of British Subjects. 

This is also how we constantly hear about "our democracy" when we don't have a democracy in this country; our form of government is republican in nature and doesn't even allow for any form of republic within the boundaries of our States.  

The international community of nations adversely impacted by this same British Territorial Raj system needs to join together and bring the full force of world opinion to bear on these con men --- and the banks supporting them ---  and remove them from our shores. 

This is, after all, only a more violent, virulent form of British Colonialism being championed and paid for by commercial interests --- and the world has already turned thumbs down on Colonialism and Mercenary "Wars". 

Now all we have to do is continue to expose their activities and the banks supporting them, so that sufficient public attention is focused on their chicanery and the harm that their war profiteering has caused billions of people over the past 160 years. 

The banks that have funded these mercenary cartels are involved in illegal investment in criminal activities and need to be liquidated, together with their underwriters, the insurance companies that have benefited from all this wrong-doing. 

The banks have been told that we do not authorize any expenditures that are unrelated to the actual defense of our country, but they continue to pour money into proxy wars, illegal biological weaponry, and similar criminal endeavors "in our names". 

Let it stand before the world that we are calling for full scale investigation of the organizations funding these illegal colonialist activities, usurping against our government, mischaracterizing our government, and misrepresenting the political status of our people.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

November 20th 2023


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