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Monday, October 16, 2023

Missing on All Cylinders But One

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is so much disinformation coming out of the woodwork now, it's crazy -- and hard to keep your eye on the ball.  So let me help dispel some of it and get your attention riveted on what is important. 

First, rumors that our Founding Fathers were horrible people who drank adrenochrome and were gross libertines, and all because Ben Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club.   

Ben Franklin was not the upright and moral man we might wish, but neither was he a monster. Franklin decried the hypocrisy of the churches of his day, which subjected unwed mothers and their babies to public shaming, orphanages, and work houses.  

Like many members of the Hellfire Club and the Masonic Lodges, Franklin had seen the horrors of religious wars and doctrinal struggles, experienced the suppression of scientific truth by religious authorities, and seen the horrific social costs of enforced morality imposed without compassion. 

If Franklin turned away from the churches and toward non-sectarian belief in a Creator, he was far from alone. 

The gift that these men gave us by separating church and state (government) should not be under-estimated.  It's because of them that we have been able to achieve and maintain religious freedom -- and freedom of conscience --  in this country. 

The next red herring is the interminable flap over the Act of 1871 --- which was repealed in 1874.  

The end result of the Act of 1871 was, after a lot of sneaking and pandering, the establishment of a second Municipal Corporation in the District of Columbia, which in and of itself was not prohibited by any treaty or contract.  

You will note that the Constitutions don't mandate the form of the business that the Federal Subcontractors adopted; incorporation versus non-incorporation seems not to have been a topic at the time the Constitutions were adopted, so there was nothing stopping the Subcontractors from incorporating their businesses. 

Rather, the issue is that the Territorial Congress acting to incorporate the second Municipal Corporation didn't have the granted authority to do so. 

The management of the city government of Washington, DC, was left to the American Subcontractor and holder of the original Federal Constitution of 1787---- not the British Territorial Subcontractor formed in 1789. 

There is also a great deal of confusion about "aliens" and extra-terrestrials and human versus non-human and all sorts of legal jargon going astray. 

Another name for "alien" is "foreign" and that is the  meaning behind such phrases as "non-resident alien", which means "non-resident foreigner" and refers to political status, not planetary origin. 

It seems absolutely certain given archeological evidence that the Earth has been visited and populated by successive waves of refugees and invaders from other star systems, some of whom were capable of successfully interbreeding with early humanoids on Earth. 

We know that different groups of people on Earth have developed from five different brain stem systems developed from four different reptilian and one amphibious ancestor. Thus, 80% of us have "reptilian" brain stems and only 20% have an amphibian brain stem.  That doesn't mean that we are any less alive, better or worse. 

What makes us better or worse is our devotion to truth and reason, our compassion, our goodwill, and our willingness to nurture the Earth and each other. 

And these are all things within our capability to choose, no matter what kind of brain stem we inherited.  

So let's just nip that rationale for prejudice in the bud and deal with the fact that most of us have reptilian brain stem systems --- and say, so what? It's what we believe and think and do that makes us who we are. 

Again, most people don't understand that they should not accept being called a "human".   

The word "human" is a contraction of "hue man" meaning "color of man" in the same sense as "color of law" -- and it indicates something less than a living man, a representation of a man, a persona, a "person". 

It is a diminishing description to call a living man a "human", which is why there is a distinction between "natural and unalienable rights" and "Human rights" and "Civil rights". 

It is part of our birthright as Americans that we have natural and unalienable rights --- meaning that we can't give them away if we wanted to.  Human rights apply to indentured servants and serfs, like the British Territorial U.S. Citizens and their Legal Persons.  Civil rights apply to Municipal citizens of the United States held as slaves of the Municipal Government. 

There is a difference between being a man and being a human.  The difference is based on the jurisdiction inhabited and the law that applies to each group. 

So, yes, Virginia, there are second and third class citizens in this country, and they are all classed as foreigners --- not Americans at all, regardless of where they were born, because they have been unlawfully converted and illegally registered as both U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United 

These second and third class citizenries inhabit different jurisdictions and different laws apply to them; most especially, they have no Constitutional Guarantees.  

Millions upon millions of Americans have been defrauded out of their birthright because they have  unknowingly let their employees register them as foreign persons possessing only human or civil rights, and thus these Americans have been deprived of their natural and unalienable rights and trafficked into foreign jurisdictions and subjected to foreign laws.

Obviously, you need to know who you are and where you stand in this mess, and you must be able to reasonably prove your political standing, or you will find yourself defrauded and alienated from your native land. 

All the above is just more distraction and ignorance on parade. 

The real game involves the attempt of British Territorial States-of-States to present themselves under the False Guise of being "Republic States" and thereby occupy our Federal Republic. 

This is just another rendition of "bait and switch" fraud, similar to what the Brits did in the wake of the Civil War when they "temporarily" occupied our States and set up British Territorial States-of-States to replace our American States-of-States.  

The Federal Republic existed under the American Federal Constitution --- The Constitution for the united States of America.  

The American States-of-States were members of the original Confederation of States (of States) formed in 1781.  They were the only Republic States to ever exist and had nothing to do with the "republican form of government" that we and our States are guaranteed.  

Now the British Interlopers are engaged in bringing forward their State-of-State organizations and calling them "Republic States" in order to ape the original American members of the Federal Republic. 

They want to do their version of a "reconstruction" by pretending to be us and pull another cuckoo-bird maneuver on the dumbed down Americans: make us believe that they are the legitimate American States of States organizations and that they are the "Republic States" when they are not and cannot be. 

The only way that the Republic States return is by us getting organized and reconstructing them ourselves. 
We created the American Republic States.  We adopted the Federal Constitution.  And we are the only ones on Earth who can recreate these institutions. 

Not the British Territorial Subcontractors. Not their States of States.

So the Big Game is all about the Brits and their British Crown Officers trying to rear-end us again, and get this big con game going to substitute themselves and their organizations for ours, to pretend that their "Republic States" are our republican states or our vanished American Republic States, either one. 

And pull the wool over the eyes of the trusting American public one more time, 

We hereby address the entire world, all the religious, all the territorial, all the municipal institutions and the officials and officers of all corporations -- and we say that we do not accept this offer to take over our vacated Federal Republic.  

Our Federation of States has lawfully and legally occupied our Federal Republic ourselves, as we are entitled to do so by Operation of Law, as the original Delegators of all "powers" vested in the Federal Republic. We claim the right to operate our government as we see fit, without interference from our foreign subcontractors and their franchise employees and agents. 

So said, so signed, so sealed:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

October 16th 2023


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