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Sunday, October 15, 2023

"Legalized" Crime and Dehumanization -- How It Works

 By Anna Von Reitz

People from other countries often contact me and ask me what I am doing, being involved in fights over their assets.  It's because the mechanisms used to steal their assets and impersonate them are, most of the time, being exercised in this country and under our laws, even though the actual government isn't administering any of this theft and craziness. 

As usual, it's the Brits.  Always the Brits.  And they are working as Overseers for the Popes.  

There is no actual British King for the reasons I have pointed out on numerous occasions: William the Conqueror made sure of that. 

The person playing King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales is actually an Overseer of the Commonwealth lands working for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church at the same time that he or she functions as the head of the Church of England.  

This conflict of interest is expressed throughout the history of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales for the past 800 years and results in numerous occasions, like the one pointed out yesterday, where the King of Britain or his officers get involved in the slave trade, which is still supported by the Roman Catholic Church. 

You will remember that during his First Inaugural Address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a British Territorial Officer) announced the sale of all the Municipal citizens of the United States and the fact that they would be traded using "clearinghouse certificates".  

These clearinghouse certificates are otherwise known as birth certificates and these pieces of paper are issued as commercial bonds held against the labor and overall value of the slaves, by Cede and Company, a private brokerage embedded in the heart of the larger Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. 

If you are surprised that slavery is alive and well in the modern world and that the Roman Catholic Church is the chief promoter of slavery, think again. 

Which side of The American Civil War did the theocracy running the Federal Civil Service fight on? 
The South.  

The Church has been pro-slavery for centuries and is the chief culprit responsible for its continuance--- albeit, a sanitized white-collar version of the crime. 

Ever since Pope Nicholas V the Church has imposed a "Christian duty" on Christian Monarchs (1492) to enslave non-Christians -- which leaves the British King pretending to be a Constitutional Monarch, while in fact enforcing slavery on all the Municipal (city-state) citizens in his realm.  Just like FDR. 

The Church has done nothing to correct its vicious errors and dogmas despite all the top-dressing and the purportedly civilized governments of the NATO group all uniformly decrying slavery out of one side of their mouths and in some of their jurisdictions, while eagerly practicing and promoting it otherwise. 

Take a look at 18 USC 1595 and 18 USC 77, PEONAGE, SLAVERY, AND TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS. 

What in the name of God is going on here?  

You will have to define which "God" and which jurisdiction of law you are talking about in order to answer this fundamental question.  

Slavery, peonage, and trafficking is strictly prohibited on the land and soil by all the various governments, however, it is not prohibited at sea, the realm of Satan. 

And while living people are not supposed to be impacted by the resulting crimes, there is no law against enslaving or trafficking "persons" -- defined as corporations--- including corporations that are defined as citizens. 

So now you have the "legal work around" they use to justify continuing their venal practices -- they simply 
"redefine" everyone as a citizen and define all citizens as corporations, thereby dehumanizing their victims on paper, which then leaves them a free hand to commit genocide or any other crime against these  legal fiction persons. 

In the realm of international law either on land or at sea, all the moving parties are dead. On land we use our "lawful persons" to conduct business, and at sea we are reduced to functioning as "legal persons".  

Americans are specifically owed the protection of our "persons" under Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States (Municipal theocracy) and The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial democracy).  

The only way our erstwhile subcontractors evade this obligation is by pretending that we are foreigners in our own country and that we are voluntarily adopting foreign citizenship obligations and subjecting ourselves to their own Pope and their own King.  

They have endeavored to change our natural political status "for" us, without any disclosure, so as to expedite this crime of unlawful conversion against us. 

They have tried to keep their activities secret, because this particular crime is prohibited under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions and is a recognized capital crime carrying the death sentence. 

This dehumanizing genocide on paper that the British Monarch, Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Popes operating as Roman Pontiffs, have promoted against the living people of this planet in the name of "Christianity" is a gross disservice to the memory of Yeshuah, and a hypocrisy that has been promoted via fraud for the purposes of violent conquest and unjust enrichment. 

This has been done by Principals that owe us good faith service and protection under contract and treaty. 

Even now, they are trying to ignore the requirements of their own laws and contractual obligations and they continue to promote the idea of a "new" form of Corporate Feudalism, in which living people are deemed to be nothing but franchises of  so-called "national corporations" --with all these corporations then taking the place of feudal monarchs.

In our opinion, the first thing that needs to happen is for the Church hierarchy to overturn Pope Nicholas V's dogma concerning the enslavement of non-Christians. This Medieval dogma needs to go away and the Church's involvement in promoting slavery of any kind imposed on anyone for any reason needs to end. 

The second thing that needs to happen is for the Templar hierarchy to realize that their part in all of this is known and their butts are in the wringer. 

Their black robed priests are likely to be slaughtered but even more important for the business-minded Templars, their entire schtick and the true nature of their courts will be exposed. The deception which is the basis of their worldly power will be destroyed. 

As a result, they have to deliver more than the appearance of justice.  They have to render justice itself and stick to it and honor their contracts or their entire edifice will crumble like so much compost. 

Finally, the people of the world need to wake up and do their own work of self-governance, to populate the land and soil jurisdiction of their own country, and to impose their superior general jurisdiction over these criminals and miscreants. 

It goes without saying that the banks are liable. 


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