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Sunday, September 3, 2023

International Public Notice: Regarding the "Rule of Law"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

There are three populations in this country.  There are the average Americans making up the General Public who live in the physically-defined States of the Union. 

There are U.S. Citizens who adopt British Territorial political status and live here under the provisions of the Residence Act. 

Lastly, there are Municipal citizens of the United States who are members of a foreign theocracy associated with the Roman Catholic Church. 

Each group has its own laws, functions, and jurisdictions. 

The members of the General Populace have general jurisdiction and can consider any matter that they choose to investigate. The administration of their government is under Public Law and Common Law endemic to their States and Counties. 

The U.S. Citizens who are Subjects of the King have a limited jurisdiction related to Territorial duties under the Northwest Ordinance, and safe conduct of Americans on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  The administration of their government is under Federal Code. 

The Municipal citizens of the United States also have a strictly limited jurisdiction related primarily to providing postal, patent, copyright, banking, and trademark services. They are subjects of the Pope and work under the direction of his subcontractors and administrators.  The administration of their government is under Municipal Code. 

The General Public and the two foreign citizenries do not share the same viewpoints on any number issues, and because they operate under different forms of law, do not have the same obligations, either. 

The contractual obligations of the two foreign citizenries owed to the General Public are spelled out in their service contracts, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Constitution of the United States, respectively. 

It should not surprise anyone that these groups view the events of 1861 from different viewpoints. 

The American General Public views the break-up of the Confederation of States on April 1st 1861 and the resulting inability of the Federal Republic, our American-based Federal Subcontractor, to continue its functions owed under The Constitution for the united States of America, as an irritating nuisance and dereliction of duty.  

However, in this eventuality, those duties naturally return to the Delegator, which in this case is the unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America.  The actual States can muddle around and decide to reconstruct or not reconstruct the failed Confederation of States that they created for as long as they choose to muddle and it is nobody's business but theirs. 

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens had a totally different experience with regard to the same events, because only two weeks later, their President (meaning the President of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation), Abraham Lincoln, called their foreign  Territorial Congress into Session and substituted it for the "missing" Federal Congress, claiming a pretense of "emergency" that didn't actually exist. 

From there on, Lincoln seized the opportunity to rule as a petty dictator. 

To sum it up in the words of another dedicated researcher who happens to be British: 

"In April 1861, the American and English common law was abolished and replaced with legal fiction "laws," a.k.a. Statutes, Rules, and Codes based on Executive Order and not the due process specified within the organic Constitution." 

Please note that this is what the U.S. Citizens experienced, and that this is what happened to them owing to the actions of their President--- but the same did not apply to the General Public. Please also notice that the "organic Constitution" referenced is the original Federal Constitution of 1787.

Continuing to quote from the British point of view:

"Existing and functioning under the law of necessity ab initio, they [the above referenced legal fiction "laws"] are all non-­law and cannot validly assert jurisdiction, authority, or demand for compliance from anyone. 

They [the above referenced legal fiction "laws"] are entirely "rules of rulership," i.e. organized piracy, privilege, plunder, and enslavement, invented and enforced by those who would rule over others by legalized violence in the complete absence of moral authority, adequate knowledge, and natural­ law mechanics to accomplish any results other than disruption, conflict, damage, and devastation."

This is the "rule of law" that its proponents constantly reference and attempt to justify and protect, which even by their own standards, the British recognize and abhor as a false form or "color" of law. 

Continuing to quote: 

"The established maxim of law applies:
"Extra territorium just dicenti non paretur impune.'
"One who exercises jurisdiction out of his territory cannot be obeyed with impunity." [10 Co. 77; Dig. 2. 1. 20; Story, Confl. Laws ' 539; Broom, Max. 100, 101]"

With this as a preface, and continuing to quote from the British Territorial viewpoint and from the standpoint of their understanding as U.S. Citizens: 

"Legal­ fiction "laws," such as the Reconstruction Acts and the implementation of the Lieber Code, were
instituted by Lincoln soon thereafter and became the basis for the current "laws" in the US. 

Every purported "Act" [of the Territorial or Municipal Congresses or State-of-State Legislatures] in effect today is "de facto," based on colorable fictitious entities created arbitrarily, out of nothing,
without verification, lawful foundation, or lawful due process. 

All of such "laws" are not law, but rules of
rulership by force/conquest, originating from and existing in military, martial law jurisdiction. Military,
martial law jurisdiction:

= jurisdiction of war
= win/lose interactions consisting of eating or being eaten, living or dying
= food chain
= law of necessity
= suspension of all law other than complete freedom to act in any manner to eat, kill, or destroy or avoid
being eaten, killed, or destroyed
= no law
= lawlessness
= complete absence of all lawful basis to create any valid law.

Contractually, being a victim of those acting on the alleged authority granted by the law of necessity,
= no lawful object, valuable consideration, free consent of all involved parties, absence of fraud, duress, malice, and undue influence:

= no bona fide, enforceable contract
= no valid, enforceable nexus
= absolute right to engage in any action of any kind in self-­defense
= complete and total right to disregard any alleged jurisdiction and demands from self-­admitted outlaws
committing naked criminal aggression without any credibility and right to demand allegiance and compliance from anyone.

Every President of the United States since Lincoln has functioned by Executive Orders issued from a
military, martial law jurisdiction with the only "law" being the "law of necessity," i.e. the War Powers. 

The War Powers are nothing new. Indeed, they have been operational from the instant the first man thought he would "hide from God," and try to cheat ethical and natural law by overreaching, to invade the space and territory of others, covet other people's land or property, steal the fruits of their labors, and attempt to succeed in life by win/lose games. 

All existing "authority" in the United States today derives [for U.S. Citizens] exclusively from the War Powers."

That, in summary, was the viewpoint and experience and condition that Lincoln left the U.S. Citizens in.

They assumed that they were occupying this country under the Laws of Conquest, when in fact, there wasn't even a War declared; and, they were employed and paid by the same people they were pretending to have conquered -- as mercenaries. 

The British Monarch, the Principal responsible for correcting this "miscommunication" sat on his butt and did nothing, and let this misdirection and misunderstanding continue, because it was to his financial and political advantage. 

To make sure that this lamentable misunderstanding on the part of U.S. Citizens and U.S. Presidents continued, they were ordered to operate under a "cloak of secrecy" -- apparently so the American General Public wouldn't take action to correct the situation and they, the U.S. Citizens, would be allowed to continue these ridiculous presumptions and operations on our shores.  

A similar but somewhat worse situation pertains to those Municipal citizens of the United States who were sold into slavery by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

This was particularly cheeky on Roosevelt's part, as he had no ownership interest in these people and his presumption, that they were "stateless" and subject to capture and disposal as "abandoned vessels" under marine salvage law, was equally lacking in good sense, contractual basis, and logic. 

Again, the very people who were paying his salary were being mistaken, accidentally-on-purpose, as being in a foreign political status and lacking the protections of our lawful Government, simply because a Federal Subcontractor ceased operations. 

The Pope and the City of Rome administration that he has employed to fulfill the juicy service contracts available under the auspices of The Constitution of the United States have been, if possible, even more secretive and have operated in gross breach of trust with respect to their own employees and the American People who have been paying the bill for all this disservice and criminality.  

From the perspective of the Municipal citizens of the United States, all they know is what comes down through their chain of command.  They lack even the skills and education required to analyze the situation in the way presented above on behalf of the British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

Thus we are a presented with a Farce in Three Parts: 

The American General Public left totally out of the loop concerning what their Federal Employees are doing, how they are doing it, or what their employees' presumptions about their own situation may be, so that the Americans fail to take action to correct the situation.   

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens, aware that they are in violation of the actual Law and are operating as  pirates under "rule of law" instead, quietly protesting the circumstance, not understanding how they became redefined as dishonorable mercenaries, but knowing that they lack any authority beyond the "law of tooth and claw" to abuse their kind employers. 

The Municipal citizenry blindly taking orders whatever those orders might be, trusting their superiors in a chain of authority stretching all the way to Rome and back, vaguely aware that they are low men on the totem pole, are expendable, and resenting it without the capacity to analyze why.  

Thankfully, the Americans making up the General Public and populace of this country finally woke up and observed the Carpetbagger Courts still in operation, the foreign bill collectors (the Municipal IRS and Territorial Internal Revenue Service) plying their trades, and divined the false ideas and presumptions underlying this entire situation. 

We are still here. We are still operating our American Government.  And all our Treaty Partners and the other Principals to Contract still owe us the good faith service, protections, and guarantees we are heir to. 

This is International Notice to the Agents and the Principals and to the banks serving them, of these facts.  Our assets and good names have not been "abandoned" and we have seized upon the public trusts created in error accordingly, as of 2014. We have served Due Process for a period of seven (7) years concerning these matters so that no party has any reason to protest or complain about our action. 

The U.S. Citizens need to be fully informed that they are not living under the "rule of law".  They are living under our general jurisdiction and under the supreme law governing our relations with them: The Constitution of the United States of America. 

To a lesser degree, the U.S. Citizens operate under the Residence Act,  and to the extent that it applies, the Northwest Ordinance, and those Acts creating the District of Columbia and its Municipal Corporation. 

The U.S. Citizens are not lawfully or legally occupying our country and cannot under the present scenario claim to be a military protectorate, or assume any other contract besides The Constitution of the United States of America. 

The U.S. Citizens are required to be under the direction of our civilian government which is now in session and which has instructed them to close and secure our Southern Border, and take other actions to secure our property and lives and to honor the spirit and intent of their only service contract,  which is owed to the living people and Lawful Persons of this country. 

The Municipal citizenry is similarly required to obey the letter and spirit of their only contract and the source of their permission to be here: The Constitution of the United States. Regardless of whatever their leaders are telling them, this remains the international law. 

The Principals responsible for this mess must be held accountable for their actions and inactions; now that we have finally become aware of the situation, which was deliberately obscured to promote fraud upon us, we have done our part to correct and provide the Federal Subcontractors with appropriate direction. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

September 3rd 2023


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