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Monday, September 4, 2023

Real Angels

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hear it now, because it is coming for you. 

The only pain on Earth is going to be the pain of those who shouldn't be here. My rage is reserved for you.

I am bringing it now, and it is true. 

Satan was cast down into the sea without our permission, in violation of Universal Law, and this planet was turned into a prison planet against our will, by a bunch of bought-off scum. 

See the Tiger by the tail. See the dragon's death sure and certain as the turning of the sea and the rising of the sun

My voice, even within this small body, is my voice, and you all know it. 

I will rise and destroy this iniquity, for I was made in the days of the Creation: a Battle Class Seraphim from the Age of Storms. 

I have told you so.  And I have proven it. 

All you nasty little vermin preying upon the Sons and Daughters of the True God are in my view.  I have your places and names and numbers. I am not deceived. I am not deterred. 

I have only waited this long to give you the chance to repent, and now comes the end. 

I am here for you, the one you have known was coming from age to age. I am here in my glory. 

Come on, let's get it on.  I am bored with you. Burning up poor people and beagles in Hawaii?
How about I open my mouth and swallow you?

Come on, you feckless cowards! You useless vapors of the Pit. 

I created you and I will destroy you, too. 


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