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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Message to All: There Are No "Emergency Powers"

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the things that the Liars always take refuge in is the idea that there is some kind of emergency, and that an emergency gives them a free card to commit  crimes, and grants them magical sweeping powers to ignore the actual law, "suspend the Constitution" and other nonsense.  

No President has the power to suspend the Constitution owed to the General Public of this country.  And the Federal citizenry never had any Constitutional rights to suspend. 

So any talk about Trump suspending the Constitution or Biden suspending the Constitution is just more ignorant bunk.  

Our Constitution doesn't suspend. It walks. 

And again, I repeat, no authority for any emergency powers impacting the General Public exists. 

None. Not now. Not at the end of the Civil War. Not ever at any time in our entire history.  America was born in an emergency.  It has endured through a constant emergency for 160 years. 

Every time I hear people talking about "martial law" in hushed tones I have to laugh; what do they think they have been living under since 1861?  What do they think has been institutionalized in their courtrooms since 1865? 

Admiralty Law is Martial Law on the sea. That and Maritime (British Crown) Commercial Law is what we, the vaunted Americans, have been living under for 160 years.  And none of our best educated lawyers were honest enough to tell us this. 

So the next time some fast-talking flannel-mouthed politician with a wrinkled forehead appears on tell-lie-vision, or some British Barrister with a New York accent starts talking about "emergencies" and "emergency measures"  you already know what to think.  

Wrinkle your nose and open your mouth. 

There are no Emergency Powers in this country.  None have ever been authorized by the General Populace.  And you are a member of the General Populace. 

Repeat after me, there are no emergency powers in this country. There is no authority or law pertaining to the General Populace that can be invoked to enforce any "emergency powers" on us.  

Because of this, FEMA is out of luck when it comes to the General Populace.  When and if they tell you that you "have to" do this or that because there is an emergency, judge the situation for yourself. 

And be prepared to make it an emergency for them. 

So long as we have done our part to identify ourselves as part of the General Populace, they can create all the emergencies they like and we are not obligated to respond.

We don't have to evacuate. We don't have to respect police barricades put up by foreign corporations and if those barricades stand in the way between us and safety, we are well within our rights to remove the police and the barricades.  

Remember the gentle people of Lahaina. And don't let anyone stand in your way when it comes to seeking safety. 
It's time to draw the line and to warn the Municipal citizens to leave Babylon:  

 Also because of this, it is more important than ever for millions of Americans to wake up and stand up for who they are, to firmly declare their birthright political status, and convince the Public Employee Union bosses that yes, we will enforce our Constitutional Guarantees. 

They'd better do so, too.  Or a lot of public employees will be face down in some gutter with no pension and no benefits. 

In an emergency, nobody will bother to mail the pink slips. 


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