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Monday, August 21, 2023

Only the Truth Counts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Opinions, suppositions, theories, assertions, allegations, blah-blah-blah --- none of that counts.

You have to search for the Truth.  You have to work at it and care about it and test it.  

The last several weeks I have had hit pieces lobbed at me from The Reign of the Heavens Society and its members, and from the so-called Jural Assembly Movement that thinks you can just go out and call yourselves a "jural assembly" and do whatever you want.   

Their favorite epithet is, "That's a lie!" but they have no reason to say that and no proof against me.   

I have given them all the information they need to look up Primary Sources and prove what I am saying for themselves.   

Ron Vrooman's latest is to assert that there is no Federation of States --- the American Federation of States that the Federal Government is named after and obligated to.  He says it doesn't exist. 

He found obscure references to "The United States of America, Incorporated" ---a British Crown forerunner to the Scottish Interloper, and was confused into thinking that our Federation of States was a British Corporation subsumed by The Articles of Confederation. 

That's like mistaking a giraffe for a dog. 

So I told him where to look to disprove his own theory. This isn't the first time I told him precisely where to look.  He has had it in his hands for three years and I just gave it to him again.

I built my "narrative" on Primary Sources. Anyone who thinks otherwise, better think again. 

Ironically, by their own actions, these people are choosing to lie --- not only about me, but about history, and our actual government, too.  

The whole Reign of the Heavens scheme is also tied up in impersonating the Federation of States as a British Crown Corporation--- and that's probably no accident. It's the same old schtick of using a corporation called "The United States of America" Incorporated, to steal the identity of the Federation of States and access our credit.   

That's why they went to India to incorporate another version of the same old ruse. Every time we track them down and force them to shut down their look-alike, sound-alike corporation, they have a hissy fit and I face a firestorm of slander and lies. 

Well, here's a suggestion for the Liars in our midst---  stop trying to impersonate our States and our Federation of States. 

Stop trying to substitute our States using foreign States-of-States and State Trusts to "represent" them. Our States of the Union are in Session.  Stop pretending that we are not present. Stop pretending that we are incompetent. 

Stop pretending to be us and stop impersonating our lawful government. Stop trying to access our credit without our agreement.  Stop infringing upon our names and trademarks.  Stop trying to impose undisclosed and unconscionable contracts.  Stop using "courts" as private collection agencies. 

Just quit. Give it up.  You've been found out. Your Due Process has come and gone.  Your Breach of Trust, your criminality, and your shame is all hung out to dry, and whatever else comes, you can be sure that you won't be able to pull off the same old schtick again.  

Trying to discredit me, telling more lies about me, slandering me, gossiping yourselves silly ---won't change a thing.  The records say what they say and the records are distributed worldwide. 

Numbers don't matter.  All we need are two people to stand up and inherit each State of the Union, so don't think this is a popularity contest or political campaign. We don't need a majority of "voters" and we don't live "under" any Constitution. 

We are the honest-to-God Americans owed every jot of every Constitutional Guarantee and service obligation ever written and mutually agreed to in this country.  

We know who we are, and we're not confused about a single thing. We know, for sure, that our government is not and has never been vested in any British Crown corporation. Period. 

Our standing is solid and long-established.  Our commercial claims are cured. Our courts of general jurisdiction are present already in many States and more are ready to launch.  

Only the Truth counts in the end, though it may be obscured, though it may be ignored and misinterpreted and bypassed for 160 years, when it comes shining through, there's nothing else like it and no way around it.  

I have told the Truth and acted with Honor, and that will be apparent to everyone on Earth in short order. 

So I will simply say, hold fast to truth, hold fast to love, and you will not be denied; though your sins be as scarlet....   

This marks the end of "the Great Tribulation", that is, the payment of "tribute" to the Empires of Britain and Rome.  

We have exercised our beneficial interest as Donors. 

See: Ecclesiastical Law, Volume 1, pgs 53-54, and the "Secret" Treaty of 1213 by which "King" John ceded his kingdom --- which didn't include a scrap of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales --- to Pope Innocent.  John became a Vassal and the Overseer of the Pope's Commonwealth land. 

Everything has been operated under conditions of fraud and deceit ever since the Magna Carta and all the recent efforts to overturn the Magna Carta and the Law of the Land, generally, are sponsored by the same lackeys trying to obscure the Truth about our American Government. 

But in the end, only the Truth counts. 


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