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Monday, August 21, 2023

The Family of Saint Germain

 By Anna Von Reitz

You can see the family lineage — literally.  

We are similar as peas in a pod. 

Look at me. Look at drawings and paintings of Adamus St. Germain while incarnate, adjust for sex and age, and voila. 

The same oval face, hooded, almond-shaped eyes, same round chin sticking up stubbornly, same sparse eyebrows, broad forehead thinning at the temples, straight nose with the telltale indentations, same Cupid’s bow mouth with thin upper lip and pouted lower lip. 

It could not be more inescapably obvious that I am from the same family as Saint Germain, and as generations go, a close relative as well. 

You can see the same resemblance with my famous Freiherr relative who invented the first central bank at the behest of Frederick the Great of Prussia. 

There would be no point in denying these things, because they are true and as the saying goes, true on the face of it. 

Whatever else you can say about us, we breed true as a breed of dogs.  

What did they do with their lives?  They sought to fix the corruption of the money system and promote international peace.  

What am I doing?  Fixing the corruption …. And promoting international peace. 

A dachshund knows what to do when they see their first badger.  A foxhound will never mistake a fox. 

And nobody in my family will stand by and witness corruption of the banks and misuse of money without weighing in to stop it. 

It is not in our nature to stand by and do and say nothing in the face of such a criminal pre-planned debacle as we have coming our way at this time in America and Western Europe, the Mideast and Africa. 

So, yes, I am a German and proud of it. Yes, I come from an ancient, known, and honorable family that has repeatedly made sacrifices and changed the world for the better, and saved only God knows how many lives and families simply by employing our natural gifts for the benefit of others. 

Yes, absolutely true. 

I am also Saint Germain’s closest living relative engaged in the cause that he pursued —the liberation and education of all of mankind, especially as regards money and as regards miracles. 

If you need either one, stand by. 


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