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Monday, August 21, 2023

Coded Messages --- Big "S" or Little "s"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The uttermost irony is that our American Government's structure was a gift from the French Catholics and the American Indians.   Not British Yeoman. 

The principal portion of the British contribution lies in The Mayflower Compact and the outgrowth of the Community Assembly as a means of establishing self-governance, first for the Colonies, and later, for the States. 

People never think about the weighty contributions of the French and generally don't know that we copied the principles of the Iroquois League of Nations when setting up our government of many nation-states.  

People also don't typically see the direct connection between the French and Indian War and The War of Independence twenty years later, either, but it is as present and obvious as it ever was.  

The War of Independence can be viewed as an outgrowth of The French and Indian War, with the principle issues centered around land ownership. westward expansion, and treaty obligations owed by the British Monarch -- not "freedom" nor "liberty" nor the birth of any singular "new nation".   

We can just as well say that King George III and Cousin George Washington, between them, settled the French and Indian War to their mutual benefit,  and count the acquisition of land under our own name as a benefit we always have to defend.    

Just as we owe the name of our country to the French Armoricans, we owe the most distinctive features of our American Government, especially our separation of nationality apart from citizenship, to them.  

They were the original Authors of the principles that make men free; we were the happy beneficiaries of their long struggles against Ceasars, Popes and Kings. 

It all hinges on one exceptional idea: that one could be a member of a nation, and not be a citizen. 
That is, one could simply be a Frenchman, and owe no involuntary allegiance to a king -- without being a traitor to one's country.  

You could be a peaceable man, mind your own business, and live your own life without politics or prejudice of any kind. 

Herein lies the right to be left alone, the right to  privacy, the right to say "no" to forced press-ganging and conscription, the right to say "no" to military occupation and confiscation of private property.

Then, as now, the excuse for these evils was "safety", but to the "jus soli", the men of the soil, as the Romans called them, it didn't matter if the illegal takings resulted from the activities of foreign mercenaries or those of their own government. 

They universally preserved the right to say, "No."
They passed that right on to us as part of our heritage. 

To this day, the inherent rights of the soil predominate and preserve the rights of our nation.  

This is why The United States, which is the proper name of our country among the nations, stands above The United States of America in national affairs, while The United States of America,  predominates in international affairs. 

Together, they represent the soil jurisdiction of our combined nation-states (The United States) and the international jurisdiction of the land and sea (The United States of America) we are heir to. 

Another way to put this is that The United States is the realm of the living people, while The United States of America is the realm of our Lawful Persons on the land and our Legal Persons on the sea. 

In English, there is no separate style convention separating a soil jurisdiction State from a land jurisdiction State.  Nebraska can act in either capacity and is a State, either way.   

Recently there has been another flap over whether our "states" use small "s" or a capital "S" with some people passionately believing that this is "the key" to unraveling the fraud against us.  

I suppose that, in a way, it is, because it reveals the existence of the two foreign Federal Subcontractors, one British, one Roman, both operating out of the District of Columbia, and communicating in foreign Codes. 

Latin designates the soil jurisdiction with a small "s" and the international land jurisdiction with a capital "S" -- which is confusing, because our official language is English, not Latin.  However, Latin was,  the official language of the Holy Roman Empire and its Successor, the City of Rome, and our Municipal Subcontractors have continued to use Latin language style conventions and grammar mixed with English words, to create a "Pig Latin" version. 

This conundrum was addressed by the Federal Republic Congress in 1851 and it was agreed that from then on, the soil jurisdiction of this country would bear the name "The United States" and the international jurisdiction, both on land and at sea, would be recognized as "The United States of America", in deference to English. 

The Municipal United States Congress, as a foreign government run by the Holy See at that point in history, adopted the Latin convention, and continued to call this country "the United States" and to use "the United States of America" to designate our respective national and international personas. 

They also used Latin conventions to designate the "states" and "people" as part of the soil jurisdiction, and "States" and "People" to designate the Lawful Persons occupying our international land jurisdiction and the Legal Persons occupying our international jurisdiction of the sea. 

You will note that it was the Lawful People of this country (State Citizens) acting in international jurisdiction, who were the Principals able to create and enforce the Federal Constitutions.  

English uses "state" when we are not talking about a specific state, as in, "The states agreed to mount a mutual defense." which only adds to the confusion. It also uses "State" to denote a specific State, as in, "Nebraska is a State of the Union." -- which takes the confusion between English and Latinized English to a new level. 

To be fair, "Latinized English", a version of "Pig Latin" is gobbledygook owed no notice; when you combine grammar from one language and use it with words from another language, the result is often unintelligible or, it becomes a code as in, Administrative Code and Municipal Code, which is what the Municipal Subcontractor uses to befuddle every issue. 

If you pay attention to their pronouncements, and don't know the linguistic history, you--- as an English-speaker, would naturally swear to God that "the" United States of America was the name of our lawful American Government operating in international jurisdiction---- and not the name of a British Territorial corporation in near-perennial bankruptcy.  

The British Territorial Subcontractor, which is structured as a Municipal Corporation (subject to the Pope) has its own English variation, which they call "Federal Code".  This foreign government uses strict English conventions throughout, except that it also uses "legal terms" and jargon to obscure its meaning. For example, the Territorial Congress in the 1860's declared, arbitrarily, and out of a blue sky, that for their Federal Code purposes, the word "person" would henceforth mean "corporation". 

The accumulation of such particular and peculiar legal definitions makes Federal Code a Secret Code, too.  

So, here we have two foreign Municipal Corporations, both ultimately belonging to the Pope, one administered by the City of Rome and operating under Roman Civil Law using Pig Latin as a secret language called "Municipal Code" and another administered by a British Crown Municipal Corporation that uses English -- but English that is tweaked and perverted by legal terms and definitions into what it calls "Federal Code" ---and neither species of "Code" is American English. 

The codes only look like American English and sound like American English.  

The Municipal Administrators went so far in their attempts to obscure the meaning and derivation of their Pig Latin version of English, as to redefine the meaning of "American Sign Language" to explain away their use of all capital-letters -- a Latin convention with a bad history. 

In Latin, the patriarchs and patricians use names in all small letters: flavius josephus. 

The public servants use upper and lower case names: Ceasar Augustus.

The slaves, both public and private, use all capital letters: FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS. 

Thus, in Latin, the style indicates the social status of the individual entity connected to the name, but you have to know Latin to know this. 

Only about 20% of Catholics still retain this knowledge today, and a handful of scholars like myself who have had cause to delve into such things.  

Joe Average American has no way of interpreting it, nor protesting it, when he sees his name styled like this: ALAN B ANDERSON. 

He has no way of knowing that he has just been identified as a Municipal Corporation Franchise --- and a slave.  

The answer to the question Big "S" or Little "s" is that it can only be derived from context and knowing which foreign Federal Subcontractor you are dealing with.  

In Municipal parlance, a small "s" applied to "state" means soil jurisdiction.  In Federal-ese small "s" applied to "state" means it is a general noun.  In Municipal parlance, a capital "S" indicates international jurisdiction and can be either land or sea.  In Federal-ese a capital "S" indicates a specific Proper Noun.  

The further answer is that we have declared our Official Language to be Common English and we are not responsible for knowing or using Federal Code or Municipal Code, either one. 

So, whether you are talking to a Magistrate or a Territorial District Judge, you are well-within your rights to say, "I don't know or speak in coded languages and so, I ask the court to speak to me in Common English and receive my answers in Common English, if that's accepted?" 

If it is "accepted" you are guaranteed no booby-traps.  

If it is not accepted, you can sit on your heels and ask for an unbiased interpreter.  


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