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Thursday, August 10, 2023

For All Members and Coordinators

 By Anna Von Reitz

“Fearless Floyd” is all TROH —The Reign of the Heavens Society— and you know who they are. Plagiarized Frank O’Collins work Ucantia and claimed it was their own.  Set up another offshore corporation and called it “The United States of America"— Incorporated, just like the Scottish Interloper after the Civil War. They advertised that anyone who joined their group after midnight on December 21st 2012 would be of lesser status forever, while those who signed up before that date would be part of the 144,000 elite rulers of the planet— showing a whole New Age Cultist side to the organization. 

They are Liars. And they accuse others of what they do themselves. 

So now they are accusing me of being a Liar and Scammer.  They robbed Frank O’Collins of his life’s work and then accused him of stealing from them. 

That’s the ilk of “people” you are dealing with now. But remember what I told you— they always accuse others of what they are doing themselves. 

The key point is that the Global Family Private Membership Association Credit Union is NOT part of the new Blue Dot Bilateral Bank System and it never was. 

Whoever told people that it was were lying. 

Hunter never offered anyone 22% interest.

Being a member of the PMA was never a requirement to get an account in “my” new Bank. 

Nobody here told anyone to open multiple bank accounts in various Federal Reserve affiliated banks. 

We have proof that a small group of people known as the “Fab Five” repeatedly told these lies to people and used strong arm tactics to coerce them and scare them. 

But Hunter and I didn’t tell them to do this. This was all stuff they were doing and saying on their own. 

So they pretended to be “representing” us and did these evil things and then they sabotaged the LRS and started the bank run on the State of California Credit Union.

Where have we seen this before? How many times have I told you what they do and how they do it? 

This whole “issue” has nothing whatsoever to do with me or our banks or our Assemblies. Zero. And Hunter did nothing wrong. He has been working overtime to clean up the mess they dumped on him and the PMA Credit Union. 

So be assured that their payback is coming and will be swift and just.  They are mad at me and lying their butts off because I had already captured their STRAWMEN and placed liens on them the last time they attacked me.  This time I am going to exercise those liens and take effective action to put an end to their evil organization once and for all.  What they have wished on others will be returned. 

Anna Maria