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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Self-Sustaining.... My Laugh for the Day

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was recently asked if our American Government is "self-sustaining" and the answer of course, is yes. 
We don't have any choice about that. 

A government of, for, and by the people of this country must be self-sustaining in order to be sovereign. 

My husband and I have been "sustaining" the American Government for twenty-five years and so have a lot of other people, who have weighed in and sustained it through thick and thin.  

It's because of this support and sustenance that the American Government still exists today

But I think that more to her point, the lady asking wanted to know --- why do you take donations to keep your government running?  Don't governments have all the money in the world and the ability to print more?  

We certainly wouldn't be asking for donations if we had control of our own assets; unfortunately for the whole world, our assets were commandeered by British pirates 162 years ago, and between them, the British Monarchs, the Lord Mayors of the Inner City of London, and the Popes, have contrived to present themselves as our "representatives" and have acted as Executors de Son Tort ever since. 

So what is an "Executor de Son Tort" --? It's anyone who steps in and takes over and runs your estate as if you were dead and as if he were your lawful chosen executor--  without your agreement and usually to your detriment. 

First, they had to pretend we were "dead" and that our Government was "missing" and "in interregnum" and "absent" --- which only appeared to be the case because of things these Bounders did. 

Then, they pretended to have a "custodial interest" in our "abandoned" estates and persons, and they settled in and have bullied and pillaged and run this country and its people into the ground ever since. 
And, of course, the banks run by the same Perpetrators allowed this.  And the Bar Associations run by the same Perpetrators allowed this. 

We, the actual people who live in this country and who are in fact its government,  are the only ones who spoke up and pointed out that we are still here, hello, and we didn't appoint these fellows to act as our executors. 

Now we have to arm wrestle them to get our own assets back and put them under our own control, which is more difficult than you might think. 

These self-appointed executors and custodians have grown fat and happy from confiscating our private property illegally and taxing us unlawfully and misrepresenting us and selling us out. 

They've passed no less than 80 million administrative "laws" for us to obey  and provided hundreds of "services" we never contracted with them to provide. 

They have pretended to the rest of the world that that is all right with us and pretended that we acquiesced to all that they have done "for" us, but in fact the vast bulk of our population has been kept in the dark and fed, well, you know what we've been fed: television "programming" and still more false indoctrination in schools for the public.   

One of the things they did "for" us was to use legal jargon and semantic deceits to misidentify us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and then, they presumed that we were under the law of the sea, and not standing on the land and soil of our country anymore.  

So they have evaded their own contractual obligations and the Constitutional Guarantees we are owed by pretending that we are not Americans.  In this way, they have endeavored to depopulate and vacate this entire country on paper, and clear the way for claims on abandonment made by themselves and their creditors.

They did this using unconscionable contracts foisted off on us while we were still babies in our cradles. 

And all the while, they pretended to be our Best Friends Forever.  They sanctimoniously talked about "freedom" while enslaving us, and have behaved just like the Raj in India. 

They got away with it and it worked so well in America simply by singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and otherwise keeping their mouths shut, that they decided to apply the same schtick to the rest of the known world and to unlawfully convert all the  national governments into corporations merely in the business of providing government services for profit.

Of course, this amounts to national-level identity theft and it's all a gigantic criminal fraud in breach of trust and honor.  

So, yes, our American Government is self-sustaining.  It always has been, and had to be. 

We take donations because these criminals have  cashiered our assets so that we don't have the keys to our own doors and access to our own gold.

Instead, we have to fight with their creditors and go through hell proving who we are and where we come from and what our political status is, thanks to their phony registration processes. 

So, yes, Lady in the Audience, we take donations until the day that we get cooperation to shut these phony "government corporations" down and stop their war-profiteering, until the day our own military wakes up and stops working for SERCO, and until everyone on Earth joins with us to put an end to the Raj and the thuggish corporate feudalism that goes with it.   

Yes, we are self-sustaining. We will be able to sustain ourselves a lot better once we get more of our gold and other assets back in our control, where it always should have been.  Until then, if you would like to contribute to the effort, our assemblies are gathering worldwide.  

You can send cash, checks, and money orders, stamps, information, articles, questions, insights, and prayers of assistance to me and our Federation of States to: Anna Maria Riezinger, In care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 


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