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Thursday, August 10, 2023

About "American Sign Language" and Parse Syntax

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's not what you think. 

When people say "sign language" we think of the hand signals pioneered by teachers of the deaf as a way to communicate without verbalizations, but there is another meaning to the words "American Sign Language" which literally conceives of language as symbol groups akin to business signs or Hieroglyphs.  

This form of "American Sign Language" is the new cover for an old evil known as "Dog Latin". 

The essence of Dog Latin is to use Latin grammar and style conventions and English words (or words from any other language) to cobble together what appears to be English, but is not English. It's actually gobbledygook on the page, but people still endeavor to read it and make sense of it. 

Latin uses all-capital letters when referencing slave populations and that's why this is called "Dog Latin" --that is, Latin for uneducated and ignorant "dogs".  

The most recent iteration of the use of Dog Latin (first used about 1500 years ago during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian) has been Parse Syntax, popularized by David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould. 

During the week that we met with Russell in Texas, he made many claims for his copyrighted language conventions, including that it was mathematically correct -- which I promptly disproved. 

Then, he claimed that it was more precise than English or Latin.  I proved that Parse-Syntax can't reliably distinguish between a pickle and a cucumber. 

He told us that he signed a contract with the Vatican as a service provider and that Parse Syntax would be replacing "Legalese" and would be the language of all commercial contracts in the future. 

Legalese is a horrible excuse for a language, but Parse Syntax would be worse; Parse Syntax is just as wonky and deceitful as Legalese, but it is also hideously precise about its construction and punctuation.  One hyphen or colon or space out of place could void a whole agreement or change its meaning.  

Russell did not appear to know or care about the horrors he was about to unleash upon the world; he struggled for five days to perfect a single page contract in Parse Syntax and thought that this was just fine. 

Now, from digging around in my published and recorded documents, people have observed that I appear to use Parse Syntax for some things, but that is only an appearance. 

Faced with the threat of having world commerce reliant on such a horrible copyrighted language, my husband created his own copyrighted version of Dog Latin for use on the land, which has its own style conventions and punctuations. That is what I am using in my published recordings--- Jim's version, not Russell's. 

Having a second version makes it nearly impossible for the Vatican to carry forward with the purported intent to adopt Parse Syntax as the official language of commerce.  

And even if that disaster did happen, having a second version for use on the land means that we could continue to access the commercial jurisdiction without reference to the King's watery realm and without using Russell"s copyright. 

Using any form of Dog Latin is a joke, but those who take it seriously insist on being addressed in this quasi-language, so James came to the rescue and provided a separate version that is under Public Copyright. 

This prevents any bottleneck or special despotism related to Russell's private copyrighted version. 

We sincerely hope that the Universal Postal Union will reconsider its use of any form of Dog Latin, and we do not recommend the use of Dog Latin whether our version or Russell's. It is a "viperous text" neither fish nor fowl, not suited to plain speaking and certainly not mathematically correct and not ever likely to promote quiet contracts. 

Please just say no to the whole prospect and do not follow my lead in publishing paperwork in Dog Latin or otherwise promoting it; I did what I did because of my role as Fiduciary and the need to establish a secondary option under Public Copyright --- not as any commendation.  


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