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Thursday, July 6, 2023

WhyWe Got Rid of Edward Kennedy

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ed Kennedy tried to commandeer The Pennsylvania Assembly and was loud and obnoxious and refused to learn anything about the American Way.  

He made a lot of groundless accusations and assumed many special powers for himself that don’t exist.  For example, his idea that he could “fire” me.  

I am happy enough not to work for him. 

Mr. Kennedy isn’t obligated to like me or trust me or believe anything I say.  It’s quite evident that he isn’t interested in what I talk about anyway.  He certainly does not care about restoring our traditional American Government, which is what the rest of us are doing, so the question becomes — what are you doing here, anyway? 

He wanted to bring religion (his, of course) into the Assembly, and was stubborn about this even after we explained that the American Government isn’t a religious institution and that  it requires separation between church and state. 

It turns out that Ed Kennedy is a famous “Vexatious Litigant”—- a man who has made so many delusional false claims that the courts won’t bother hearing his complaints. 

Look him up on the internet. 

He’s a complete fruitcake and makes trouble and causes chaos wherever he goes.  Nobody appears to know why, other than a theory that he has a deep need to be the center of attention and probably suffered a neglected childhood that left him emotionally crippled and insecure. 

Like many other aggrieved people who gravitate toward our Assemblies in search of a better way to enforce the Constitutions, Ed brought along his problems and pet peeves and wanted those to be the center of attention, but our Assemblies don’t operate that way. 

They can’t lose focus on the actual business of an American State Assembly which is to build a solid functioning government for their State of the Union—- not to get sidetracked trying to address individual problems and court cases — or, as in Ed Kennedy’s case, pernicious delusions of grandeur. 

It’s really kind of sad.  

If Ed Kennedy would take his mind off himself for five minutes and stop trying to tear everyone and everything else down, he might find peace and fellowship in his State Assembly.  There is certainly enough work to do, but he would never actually choose a project and tackle it full bore.  

Instead, he would drift off track and spend his time complaining about other people and whatever they were doing.  Nobody was ever doing it right, whatever it was. 

No doubt Mr. Kennedy has plenty to say about what he thinks I am doing wrong, too, but his complaints would be as groundless as all his other imaginings. 

Let’s start here— in answer to his race-baiting about me being a “von” anything, everyone should know that “von” in my case means that my ancestors were once the equivalent of Earls or Princes in the German Monarchy system a long time ago and represented their little patch of Earth in the German Government. 

So what? 

All it means now, if anything, is that I should have brains enough to manage government functions—- whether it is German or American.

Let it be public knowledge too that my Father was a faithful member of the American Eighth Army Air Corps in the Second World War,  honorably discharged in 1945 like everyone else—- but after the War he struggled to find work.  People hired men with less foreign-sounding names and certainly not anyone of German descent.  

So we were very poor and his life was very truncated, though he risked his life for THIS country and grew up here and loved it as much as anybody. 

Turns out that as far as America is concerned people would have been better off not hiring Brits or Scots, who caused all the current trouble with our government—- and not JUST here, not just our government, either, as clearly demonstrated by the facts and history should anyone care to look.

There are dozens of countries around the world who are in the exact same condition that we are, and as a result of the same betrayals and breaches of trust by the British Government. 

Britain is ALWAYS at the bottom of every dog pile and we are not to blame for that.  Neither are the average British people who have been worn out and nearly extinguished twice in the past century by their crooked war-mongering Monarchs, who as it turns out— aren’t British. They are Germans who were so corrupt that even the Nazis didn’t want them back.

So you can have your prejudice either way.  It really doesn’t seem to help to classify evil by nationality or government.  Evil is just evil.  Like telling lies and spreading gossip, which is what some people — like Ed Kennedy, choose to do with their lives. 

And then portray themselves as Angels of Light. 

Ed is mad because I have exposed his glorious (German) King to criticism and his former glorious Pope (also German) to more criticism, too.  To their honor both showed some signs of repentance for what they have done or in King Charles’ case, what his Mother has done.  

You can’t say the same for Ed Kennedy who is firmly fixed on the belief that the British King represents his interests on Earth and the Pope represents his interests in Heaven and to Hell with some female German upstart who thinks you’d be better off owning your own property and handling your own affairs. 

Who knows?  Maybe it takes one to tell one? Maybe in those long centuries when my family struggled with the intrigues of the Monarchs and Princes they learned to smell rats?  But I am not alone. 

Having observed that Ed Kennedy wasn’t acting as a loyal American and wasn’t contributing anything worthwhile to the work of the Assembly, the members gave him a year’s Time Out and did that on their own.  

They didn’t need my say so to protect their own efforts from a Spoiler like Ed Kennedy. 

And I am proud of them for that. 


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