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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Photonic Biology -- Things You Need to Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was recently shocked when a young friend, the daughter of the daughter of....well, at my age, grandkids are graduating from college.  Okay?  You have the picture --- a very bright, very pretty, very serious young woman, a Freshman in college, with a biology textbook and a conjunction with a potty break among the Elders coffee klatschen in the kitchen, led to me leafing through her biology textbook.  

Imagine my amazement, when the book appeared to be at least thirty years old in terms of the information offered? 

It was a brand new book, the publication date was 2022, but.... 

Now, granted the canons of science change slowly and the process of winnowing and sorting and adding new information is meant to be subjected to significant conservative guffawing and skepticism and mistrust --- however, in an age of computers and DARPA and National Laboratories here and similar facilities in all the other countries, things move along much faster than they used to.  

At least, in the real world, they do.  

Yet, this textbook was citing material that our eldest son studied -- in the exact same format, exact same words --- thirty years ago.  He's getting ready to retire and I had the odd deja vu of seeing the same photo of the same bee poised over the same flower and the same verbiage. It was like a time warp. 

I half-expected to see Clint bounding through the door with a large, scarred, (even ugly, but loved) mixed breed dog named Sampson at his heels.  I continued to read.  

This is not funny, folks.  It was the same first year Biology 101 text.  It had been rearranged in sequence, and certain aspects of the typography had been improved --- things of an inconsequential nature -- but otherwise, it was the same book.  Same information as 30 years ago, and it didn't even include the major breakthroughs of that time period. 

Boy, Howdy, how are Americans supposed to keep up with anything at that rate?  Learn to read Russian?   Chinese?  

Most Americans may not know it, and after seeing that textbook, still in use, unedited, I expect that 90% of all Americans don't know--- but the world of Biology changed drastically just after that new-old textbook was published three decades ago. 

Strap on your seatbelts. 

We all entered the age of photonic biology and frequency medicine, whether we knew it or not, three decades ago --- and the revolution started in Russia.  

Gregg Braden has a great little video that succinctly explains two of the New Foundation Experiments that have quietly changed our world even if we are playing Rip Van Winkle. 

Go here, spend 13 minutes, 16 seconds to catch up: 

Or better yet, get to know Gregg.  Look up: "Gregg Braden -- The DNA Blueprint: How Our Genes Shape Our Internal and External Reality". 

Here, in real science terms, you quickly and easily learn the basis of the mind-body connection, and how you are connected physically and electronically to the Universe---and how your emotions literally shape your reality. 

A friend turned me on to this video this morning just as I was staggering under The Petrified Textbook Incident.  

I admit that I heard about this research a long time ago when it was first being published, but Gregg as usual, made it User Friendly and stripped it down for Ma and Pa Back Home.  

Gregg is one of the Good Guys and he is always very conscientious about drawing the line between real science and conjecture, so I feel confident recommending his videos to everyone, even though some of the topics might get a bit far out there. 

This video is mind-blowing enough. The science is solid, even if we, ourselves, are 99.9% empty space.

This little Catch Up video is also uplifting and gives you the reason why you should spend time in your Happy Place and thinking about good and joyous things, being thankful and being peaceful and confident.  Putting yourself in a positive mood does wonders for your DNA and your connectivity.  

Most surprisingly, and put bluntly, your DNA interacts with your external reality, so it can impact your external world, too. 

For the sticklers, here's the scientific reference: 

Proof that DNA organizes an otherwise random distribution of photons in a vacuum:

P.P. Gariaev, K.V. Gregorev, A.A. Vasilev, V.P. Poponin, and V.A. Shcheglov, "Investigation of the Fluctuation Dynamics of DNA Solutions by Laser Correlation Spectroscopy", Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, no 11-12 (1992) pp 23-30.  Proves that DNA organizes an otherwise random distribution of photons in a vacuum.

Phantom DNA Effect -- proves that human DNA impacts the external world: 

Glen Rein, PhD, and Rollin McCraty, PhD, "Local and Non-Local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA-- Structural Changes in Water and DNA Associated With New Physiologically Measurable States."  Journal of Scientific Exploration, Volume 8, No. 3 (1994) pp. 438-439. 

We entered a whole new realm of biology called "Photonic Biology" thirty years ago, and most Americans, including many doctors and research scientists in related fields, have no idea of the implications, but now you can begin to glimpse the New Foundations. 


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