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Thursday, July 6, 2023

For Rudy, Sidney, and Lin

 By Anna Von Reitz

Trump's Dream Team, those rare things known as Honest Lawyers, are just beginning to understand what life has been like for the rest of us for sixteen decades. 

As Russell Means said, "Welcome to the Reservation!" 

They are experiencing the Evil Side of the Bar Association.  

Like General Flynn, they are noticing that there are double standards and multiple forms of law, and things they just plain never teach you in Law School.  

A long time ago they taught this stuff at Harvard and Yale, Princeton and William and Mary..... but not anymore.  Not since the 1960's.  

Sadly, none of them are listening to me.  They are too busy being anxious and disoriented and trying to make sense of things using all their familiar tools and knowledge, but their familiar tools and knowledge won't work in the foreign environment they are facing now.  

If they don't listen to me or someone like me, the former Bar Attorneys loyal to Trump will be helpless, driven out of the ranks, punished, ostracized, and left hanging out to dry, unable to practice their profession, facing the worst thing that can happen to a Bar Attorney--- ironically enough: Dishonor. 

Dishonor and disbarment in the weird world of the Bar Association can mean that you were an incompetent skunk, but also too often means that you were an honorable man or woman who stopped betraying the best interests of their paying, trusting customers and couldn't stomach selling the Innocents out to the King's purported interest any more. 

Trump will be forced to rely on other Bar Attorneys who, as we all know, are loyal to the Court, not their Customers.  They will sell him out and "administer his estate" and he'll never reach the ballot box in 2024. 

Short of a miracle.  

They will drain his resources and terrify him and his family and beat him down in the terrible slow grinding process of endless summons and warrants and hearings and pre-hearings and arraignments and discovery and on and on and on and bloody on.... until everyone is exhausted, outraged, but helpless.

These men and women, Esquires of the King, will do this to Trump and the few Honest Lawyers who rallied to his side, using public money to do it, whereas his defense will have to be funded privately.  They'll operate like a pack of Fox Hounds, baying to the chase, buttering up their cronies in the fake journalism industry.   

They will be worse than an Old Gossips Convention.  

They will mischaracterize and misaddress Trump as DONALD J. TRUMP, a Municipal Corporation considered a citizen of the United States under the Diversity Clause of Federal Title 28.  And that mischaracterization right there, together with the mistakes he has already made giving them jurisdiction, will sink him. 

Donald John Trump the American born in New York many years ago, is owed all the protections of The Constitution of the United States, but DONALD J. TRUMP has no such rights or protections. 

DONALD J. TRUMP is a 14th Amendment citizen, a slave owned by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, and that is the entity that is on trial.  

That entity is already pre-judged under the 14th Amendment and is guilty until proven innocent.

All that Trump's enemies have to do is, ahem, trump up some charges, real or imagined, put on a show trial providing the appearance of justice and Due Process, and then lock him up and fine him however much they please. 

Fairness, truth, or honor have nothing to do with it; justice has even less. 

It's been this way and getting worse since the 1960's. 

The Bar Attorneys working for the Municipal COURTS are moonlighting and working as privateers for the Enemy, in violation of British Law (Craig v Mo, 4 Peters Reports, 912---sailing under the license of an enemy is illegal, and the Municipal Government is still considered their enemy ever since the Civil War), but they are not in Britain and nobody charges them under International Law, so they get away with it.  

One effective means to dealing with the whole lot of them would be to lodge a complaint with the British Ambassador and the United States Secretary of State and the Office of the General Counsel, accusing them (the Prosecutors) of crimes of personage and mail fraud and privateering under color of law, aiding and abetting Human Traffickers, conspiracy, and treason. 

That would be enough to get the JAG Officers at Quantico up and spitting tacks. Forget the Fox Hounds.  Bring on the Dobermans. 

There are also a number of less private means to wreak havoc with the Prosecutors at DOJ and the NYC Natterbugs. 

Among the other nasty undisclosed things that Donald John Trump is being accused of is the idea that he is voluntarily acting as an Authorized Representative of DONALD J. TRUMP, which waives his right to any Defense.  

The poor man, Trump, doesn't know it, but he is totally naked, standing on the tracks, staring at an oncoming freight train. There isn't going to be any trial --- there's going to be an appearance of a trial, which is a very different thing, more in the nature of a theater production.  

Now, if Trump were to take a blank check -- any blank check from any commercial bank account established in his name, and if he takes a high-powered magnifying glass, and looks at the Signature Line in the bottom right-hand corner of the check, he will see that it is not a line at all.  

It is instead a line of microprint endlessly repeating "Authorized Representative" over and over again, so small as to be indiscernible by the naked eye. 

This is evidence that he, Donald John Trump, has not only been misaddressed as a Municipal Corporation without any disclosure to him, but has been mischaracterized as a voluntary "Authorized Representative" of this Municipal Corporation every time he writes a check, an office and obligation he never knew anything about and never agreed to.  

He's just now become aware of this, and is sharing with the Judge. 

He can tell the court and the members of the United States Bar Association that their members have not only misaddressed him and committed personage against him, but are attempting to commit Barratry, too, by knowingly bringing false charges against him in the name of an unknown foreign PERSON and attempting, via unconscionable contracting practices, to misrepresent him as a voluntary Authorized Representative of this PERSON.  Then place the check in evidence of  non-disclosure of their fraud. 

The Judge can see for himself that the verbiage underlying the Signature Line identifying the victim as an Authorized Representative is too small for the naked eye to see and is in fact disguised as a simple Signature Line, and so, it is an undisclosed and self-interested claim being made by the bank and the Prosecutors. 

Bad dogs, definitely bad dogs. 

Next, Trump can ask the Court Clerk to see the Bid Bond filed by the Prosecutor.  If the Clerk plays dumb, as they probably are, he can ask the Prosecutor directly to see a copy of his Bid Bond.  

This puts the Prosecutor in a bind, because 99.9% of these cases are filed without a Bid Bond and the Prosecutors think this is smart because not filing a Bid Bond evades liability for their action, however, if someone calls the Prosecutor on it and he hasn't filed a Bid Bond, there is no case and the whole thing has to be thrown out with prejudice and the Prosecutor gets stuck paying a very hefty fee out of his own pocket to the Court for the Court's inconvenience and annoyance. 

If, however, the Prosecutor can produce a Bid Bond, this is the time for Trump to take note of how much the Bid Bond is for, and then, declare his own claim of injury against DONALD J. TRUMP. 
He raises his right hand and says, "To the best of my knowledge and belief, and before this Court and under penalty of perjury, I freely declare this private testimony to stand in lieu of an Affidavit by a Public Officer and declare that I have been misaddressed as a foreign and incorporated PERSON via abuse of my trademarks and copyrights, and that I have been injured and falsely subjected and accused by Officers of this Municipal Court in violation of Federal District Code Title 18 Section 241 and 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. I declare damages in the amount of (three times the Bid Bond times ten) plus court fees and costs against the DEFENDANT in this case, the Municipal PERSON impersonating me as DONALD J. TRUMP."  

Ouch. To the unpracticed eye, it looks like he is bringing a civil case for damages against the DEFENDANT in a criminal case, but no, under Federal District Code, "all crimes are commercial in nature" so criminal charges against a Municipal PERSON in the District of Columbia are commercial matters tried under Maritime Law.  That is, when dealing with these Municipal Corporations as DEFENDANTS in the District of Columbia, a civil action is the same as a criminal action, and a criminal case can be joindered. 

In Maritime Law, it's all about contracts, and there is no contract in evidence; Trump has already rebutted the idea that he is voluntarily appearing as Authorized Representative for the DEFENDANT. 

So now he wheels on the Prosecutor and says, "So bring forth the contract obligating me to answer this COURT." 

And there isn't one. 

"Well, Mr. Prosecutor, can you prove the existence of this DEFENDANT?

No, he can't.  If he did, he'd be admitting to felony level human trafficking and capital level unlawful conversion. 

"Your Honor, it's apparent that these gentlemen are misaddressing me as someone -- or rather as something -- that I am not, and in doing so are working fraud upon the court. I require remedy and cure from the bounty. (Remember, the Municipal PERSON is already convicted with a bounty on "his" head, which any Third Party may collect from the Prosecutor.)  It's also apparent that these men are operating as Licensed Privateers for a foreign court, when their licenses  were nullified in 2013 and there is naught but the Living God standing between us. Surely their offense is both capital in that it violates the Law of Kinds, and it violates my Free Will, and now therefore, I wish for their utter contrition."

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.... payback, as they say, is....well, you all know what they say about payback--- in our little "theoretical" Trump just flew right over their heads into the air jurisdiction, and let loose a pigeon blast of major proportions in a Municipal COURT and in front of a Magistrate, who now has to perform and produce their "contrition" or lose everything, most likely including his soul.  

Trump can also bring His  Authenticated New York Birth Certificate and a Sworn Witness Statement conforming to the District Court Practicum Rule 220, saying that the Witness is familiar with the facts evidenced on the face of the Birth Certificate and does affirm under Oath that the Donald John Trump presenting this information is one of the owners --- which, as he has already rebutted any notion that he is consensually operating as the Authorized Representative of DONALD J. TRUMP, leaves Donald John Trump standing as the long-lost Donor-Landlord, owed his estate--- and not the DEFENDANT.   

Donald John Trump needs a retired and fed up British Barrister to come to his aid, someone thoroughly familiar with personage crimes and British Maritime Law.  He also needs to see Archbishop Vigano and find a Roman Proconsul to advise him and make very, very short work of the DOJ and the fledgling Nazis of New York.

Rudy, Sidney and Lin and 12 dozen more just like them can't help Trump, all they can do is hurt themselves. As it takes two to three years to retrain a Bar Attorney to practice Law, he must look elsewhere for help. 

Still, in the meanwhile, it must be some comfort to Trump to know that he has won such loyal friends.  You can't help but admire them.   


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