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Sunday, July 2, 2023

The Neo-Paganism Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

Faced with the necessity of paying their own debts the Territorial powers and Municipal Corporations responsible for this Mess, together with their Principals, have tried every possible excuse and scam and endgame, including changing their religion, in their efforts to avoid their obligations under Ecclesiastical Law. 

Voluntary changes undertaken by Parties to contract do not free them from their prior obligations. 

King George III avoided his treaty obligations to the Delaware  and Lenape Indians by being defeated in The War of Independence.  This "defeat" allowed the former Colonists to open up the entire continent to European settlement without the King's treaty obligations standing in the way.  Both the King and the Colonists, most especially, the King's Cousin, George Washington, profited handsomely --- at the Indian's expense. 

Sometimes even a contrived involuntary inability to perform upon a contract releases the Obligee, at least from direct obligation, though we maintain that under international law, King George III and his Successors still owe the Delaware and Lenape a very substantial treaty settlement in gold.  

That said, changing one's religion, or appearance of religion, is an entirely personal and voluntary choice, a choice that in no way alters pre-existing contractual obligations or any contract undertaken with the appearance of good faith. 

Even if the Perpetrators claim that they have always been Liars, we would have had no cause to know that in the face of their expert impersonation of Truth-tellers --- and the default and the fraud is, again, on them. 

We note that when King Philip the Fair and Pope Clement V accused the Templars of heresy and destroyed the Order, it had the convenient effect of using religion as an excuse to erase a very substantial debt owed to the Templars.  

Throughout history, various other excuses to attack the Priority Creditors have been used --- everything from marital infidelity to regicide and False Flags of every kind --- but religion has been used in the examples provided by the Gnostics, Albigensians, and Templars, and attempts to deny the current debts are underway which use religion as the excuse for not paying --- albeit, in a slightly different way. 

We are given to understand that the Royal Family in Britain and most of the Royals throughout Europe are now claiming an astonishing conversion, and revealing themselves to be Devotees of the Dark Goddess and Baphomet, and in general, acolytes serving The Father of All Lies. 

This change of religion has been announced via the use of signs, not words, and actions, not declarations. 

We have read this change in the pageants on display at the London Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, and elsewhere. We have seen it in the reconstruction of the Great Gate of the Balbek Temple in Rome. We have seen it in the form of Klaus Schwab dancing around clad in a g-string and pink fairy tutu.  We have seen it in the absurd attention given to LGTBQ and Whatever Else Special Interests seeking to normalize every possible form of sexual libertinism and abuse.  We have seen it at the recent coronation of King Charles III and Parliament's swearing of allegiance.   

They hope that this ridiculous charade by hypocrites will excuse them from having to pay the debts they accumulated as "Christian" Monarchs and provide them with new Personas that will allow them to exercise the full range of their depravity without apology. 

While this revelation does explain their war-mongering, lies, cruelty, sexual perversion, misplaced elitism, mental illness and in general, the evil that they have practiced for centuries of mostly European History, it does not change the ledger nor their contractual obligations. 

No banker in his right mind has any excuse for funding them or their new endeavors, which include planetary genocide and Corporate Feudalism. 

No corporation that is a member of the World Economic Forum, no bank in the Central Bank System, and no Military Corporation or Incorporated Paymaster has any reason or right to be paid, or to pay out, another dime
---until the true ownership interests are satisfied. 

Within the realm of the Ecclesiastical Law it is the unique right and responsibility of the Vatican Chancery Court to make disposition of property interests within the jurisdiction of the air, which includes intellectual property and property belonging to corporations. 

The offending Municipal and Territorial Corporations have impersonated the living people in all the countries they have occupied, misrepresenting the living as corporations -- fictional Legal Persons and ESTATES; they have developed a complex confidence racket that they have used to defraud their victims of their birth rights--- including their Good Names, substance, physical assets, and intellectual property. 

All of these aforementioned private assets have been used non-consensually as collateral backing public spending and political slush funds, all garnered and organized under the abusive control of foreign Municipal Corporations and their commercial franchises, entities that have been acting under color of law and conditions of undisclosed usurpation and fraud for decades.

In this way, the assets of living men have been credited to corporations without their knowledge or consent, whereupon these corporations must be liquidated and the victims made whole without delay. 

These same conditions and schemes in breach of trust and violation of service contracts, treaties, and conventions owed to the victims are known to exist in The United States, the former British Commonwealth, seventeen Western European nations still under occupation since the Second World War, Japan, South Korea, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, eighteen African countries, and numerous other countries and principalities worldwide. 

To expedite the theft and re-assignment of all these purportedly abandoned, waived, intestate, and purloined public and private assets misrepresented as "historical assets" and "public trusts" and "legacy trusts" the late British Queen abdicated the land and soil jurisdiction of Great Britain within three days of her Coronation, and employed the False Registration Scheme described elsewhere within this presentment, to secretly and unlawfully convert the political status of the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, so as to impersonate them and traffic them off the land and soil of their respective countries. This, then, also deprived them of their property rights and the protections of the Constitutional Guarantees owed to them. 

All of this and more was done to vacate the land and soil jurisdiction of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; and British Territorial Occupation was used to accomplish the same ends in all the other countries impacted by this world-spanning scheme. 

The apparent aim of all this was to first defraud and then deprive the living people of their property rights and contractual guarantees, to promote False Claims of Abandonment, and finesse the transfer of all these assets to new owners, except that the new owners were swindled, too.  

These Perpetrators sold what they didn't own to Third Parties, spent the money, and then contrived to pass the actual property interest back to themselves--- all without giving any equitable consideration to the  actual owners or any satisfaction to the people, largely Chinese, Indonesian, and Middle Eastern Investors, that they swindled.

With respect to the actual owners, all these amassed debts are by definition Odious Debts --- debts created by fraudulent artifice, of which the victims were not aware, and from which they did not profit.  

With respect to the offended Investors who acted in good faith, it is primarily a real estate swindle with associated insurance, currency, and commodity (natural resource) fraud aspects 

Regardless of whatever religion the Perpetrators now claim to espouse, their contractual obligations are clear and we hold them to it.  If Queen Elizabeth II and her Consort wished to practice Satanism in their private lives they were nonetheless obligated to function as Christian -- and Protestant --  Monarchs in their public lives.  Any failure on their parts to perform reverts their authority to the first default.  

Their acts vacating the land and soil of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, like their similar efforts to vacate the land and soil of The United States, the former Commonwealth, the Occupied Countries of Western Europe, et alia, have failed.  Not only did the declaration of a Regency in 1999 by the Lord High Steward prevent their success, but numerous other Principals awakened in time to organize their traditional governments and bring their claims, as evidenced by our presentment(s). 

We regret the necessity of these public objections and would prefer that the living people could be spared the considerable pain and confusion occasioned by learning that they have been under the thrall of criminal occult interests for 150-plus years, but such has been the case, and there is no avoiding this denouement. 

The rampage of criminality unleashed by Queen Victoria's plunge into the occult has run its course, leaving the better part of three billion people killed or maimed, and untold numbers of victims of the current genocide remain to be counted. 

We are the lawful inheritors of all that the Perpetrators meant to claim for themselves, and it is not an accident that this is so, for the Evil Ones fall into their own traps and by their own snares they are fallen.  

We wish for all presumed land titles and deeds to be lawfully converted back into their proper form of recorded ownership interest.  

We wish for all Proper Names of living people latched upon and copyrighted by the British Crown when they were still babies, to be released and for these copyrights to be recorded and returned to the owners. 

We wish for the immediate issuance of prepaid credit through our prosperity bank system, which is owed to the actual owners sufficient for the relief of all contrived public debt, and all reasonable and customary private needs as well. 

The Innocent should not be made to bear the burdens of the Guilty with regard to the public debt run up by these Municipal Corporations.  

These Municipal Corporation service providers deliberately padded their expenses by providing non-consensual and duplicate services and by subcontracting out work that they were supposed to be doing and services they were supposed to be providing to unelected, unauthorized Agencies. They just as deliberately failed to provide exemptions and profits owed to the asset owners, facts that when accounted for, render these corporations insolvent and ineligible for bankruptcy protection at public expense.   

The actual owners are owed not only the safe return of their physical assets, but the credit derived from those assets, as well as interest and the seigniorage owed to the actual underwriters of the currencies issued-- that is, the living people whose purloined material assets and labor assets were seized upon and used to back "the good faith" of a foreign Congress. 

It is insupportable that the victims of this breach of trust should pay another penny of mortgages, property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, utility taxes and so on.  It is also insupportable that they should pay for their use of their common natural resources. Thus every bill alleging public debt must be offset by prepaid credit. 

In addition, bills related to the use of their own credit and bills for the use of Universities and other public institutions they have funded, must be offset.  

And finally, in recompense for lost revenues and opportunities, deprivation of rights, purloined income and interest due, unrequited profit shares and failure to deliver, the victims are not only due freedom from all the public debts discussed above, but very substantial "reasonable and customary"
recoupments to be paid to them for any peaceful purpose, such as medical care, maintenance of homes and automobiles, preventative health care, home remodels, landscaping, veterinary care for pets, corrective dentistry,  continuing education, and so on.

It is our wish that the living people should be set free from the sneaking white-collar brand of enslavement they've been subjected to, and it is our will that they experience the freedom they have earned, which is not possible without financial freedom.  

We wish for all other physical and material assets in addition to the land and soil to be returned to the lawful owners and their lawful governments. 

We wish for this global crime to come to naught, and for the victims to be held harmless. 

We wish for the support and goodwill of all who align their lives with life and their hearts with love, now in this moment and forevermore.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 1st 2023

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