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Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Truth Shall Set You Free

 By Anna Von Reitz

Did you ever wonder about the "Dark Ages"---the biggest media black-out in all of human history? 

How about the meaning of the Jolly Roger flag? 

King Arthur? 

The Knights Templar-- that is, the Fraternal Order of John the Baptist? 

Why is our country's capitol known as Philadelphia--- the City of Brotherly Love? 

There is a missing key, a crucial understanding, a piece of history that we obviously don't know --- something that has been ruthlessly suppressed since the days of Edward Long Shanks in England (1184 AD) and the burning of Glastonbury, England, that took place during his reign.  

That missing key is the ancient proto-Hebraic language of Negeth, the Kolbrin Bible, and the Knights Templar. 

Many years ago, by accident though there are no accidents, I discovered the Tamar - El, a small ancient sect of people in the Middle East, also known by other names, and described since Roman times as The Reed People, because during the destruction of Judea by the Romans, they fled into the swamps and lived among the reeds. 

These people speak an extremely ancient language known as Negeth among themselves, though they speak street languages when they interact with the modern world.  

Negeth is the same language that gave rise to Hebrew and Aramaic. It is the language of the petroglyphs and the "talking stones" of Illinois, Ethiopia, and Peru. It is related to the written language of Easter Island, known as RongKong.  It is the language of the Arthurian Legend and the crystalline Heart of the Rose.

We have been unable to place things in their proper context and time frame because all this knowledge was suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church and the Monarchs that owe their monarchies to it. 

The role of the Mercenaries, also known as the Templars, in all of this, is simple enough.  

At a crucial time in history, while busy developing the first international bank, the Templars discovered the Tamar-El in the Middle East, and, back home in western Europe, they realized that they had the supporting documents affirming what the Tamar-El told them, documents which, taken together, form the Kolbrin Bible. 

The Kolbrin Bible is written in Negeth. 

This knowledge opens up a door into an infinite past, a scope of history going back millions of years, and it totally destroys the neat little domain created by the Roman Catholic Church, limiting human history to at most, 6,000 years. 

It also completely changes our view of John, the Baptist, who the Tamar-El reverence as the Savior of this world and the actual Founder of what we would all still recognize as the Christian Faith. 

The Tamar-El regard Yeshuah as the bridge between this world and the next, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, because we can only make the next evolutionary step by following him and his teachings, but John was the one who called us to repent and showed us the cleansing power of blessed water, that is, Holy Water, which retains memory like a liquid crystal chip. 

How I got lost and fell asleep in the shade of an olive tree beside an ancient well in the Middle East, how I awakened to find a snake at my feet, how a shepherd girl, one of the Tamar-El found me, how all this knowledge and more came to me, is another story.  

For now, let this knowledge come to you and don't be afraid. 

The Kolbrin Bible was the basis of the Mystery Schools of the Druids, Gnostics, and Albigensians; it offered a history of the world and a religious curriculum which the Emperor Constantine no doubt studied as a lad growing up in Britain. 

The Knights Templar adopted the insight provided by the ancient wisdom teachings of the Tamar-El, and the historical writings and records in the Templar's possession, the Kolbrin Bible, that corroborated what the Tamar-El told them. 

At first, the Church leaders couldn't care less if the Templars accorded John the Baptist a more important place in religious history, even to the point of placing an image of John's severed skull and two crossed bones on their black flag. 

Things might have gone on swimmingly and this knowledge might have been passed down smoothly without the horrors of suppression by the Inquisition, except for one thing: the bank. 

Over time, the Kings and the Popes amassed a very large debt to the Templars and paying them back became burdensome.  

Finally, King Philip the Fair of France and Pope Clement V, who lived in France, had had enough of it, and decided that if they destroyed the Templar Order, by accusing them of heresy for their veneration of John, the Baptist --- they could also destroy their own debts. 

Nothing much has changed.  Similar characters destroyed the records of their debts by taking down the World Trade Center and attacking the Naval Fiscal Officers at the Pentagon who were investigating the long history of the corporate government's malfeasance and debt.

No amount of suppression, lies, burning of books, and destruction of records can help them now.  Their debts are submitted before the throne of the Living God. Their iniquities and cruelties are all known. 

And for you?  For you, it's time to step forward into a completely new understanding, time to accept the glory of your inheritance, and the great kindness of our Creator.  

Listen to this interview with Glenn Kimball as an introduction: 

Once again, we are facing a time when the Kings and Ministers try to shuffle off their debts onto the backs of the common people.  Once again, they are attempting to use religion, what some have called "the New Paganism", as a smokescreen and excuse for their actions. 

It isn't going to work.  


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