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Sunday, July 2, 2023

The Municipal and Territorial Powers Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

When our government entered into solemn contract with the government of the Holy Roman Empire, we contracted for postal services and recognition within what is now called the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and we established multiple seats of government, one capitol for the American Government in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one Federal Capitol established as the City of Washington, District of Columbia, and one separate Municipal Capitol limited to the physical area enclosed within the Boundary Stones of the Capitol Hill Enclosure, set aside as sacred space, intended to be politically neutral.  

So much for our history and clearly established intentions. 

With the official end of the Holy Roman Empire, the Successor rights to the contract expressed by The Constitution of the United States were assumed by the Holy See and later, by the Roman Curia and the City of Rome.  While the Municipal Government of the United States was originally unincorporated, and run as a plenary oligarchy by our American Federal Subcontractors, things got mixed up in the period immediately before and after the so-called American Civil War. 

Our country is widely and properly called "The United States" in English and as English is our official language, this style including the definite article as part of the name, was adopted in 1851.  Prior to that, our country's name was often styled as "the United States" and both our Union of States doing business as  the States of America,  and the Municipal Subcontractor being run variously by the Holy Roman Empire, the Holy See, and the City of Rome, did business as "the United States".  

After 1851, oblivious of the change in style conventions, the General Public continued to  write about our country as "the United States" and after the Civil War, when the American Federal Subcontractor ceased functioning, there remained only the Municipal Government functioning as "the United States".  

This created an opportunity for what Chief Justice Harlan would call "mischief".  

The foreign operators of the Municipal Government could then easily be mistaken for the States of America version of "the United States" and usurp upon the duties and contracts owed to the "missing" States of America organization.  

To protect its City of Rome investors, the Municipal Government inhabiting the one mile square set aside for it within the City of Washington, District of Columbia, created and began operating through a new Municipal Corporation -- a conversion process that was completed by 1878.  

Now we had two Municipal Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, one owned by the British Territorial Government since 1790, and one owned by the Municipal --- formerly Holy Roman Empire --- Government beginning 1878, and both were operating under deceptively similar names compared to our American Government instrumentalities. 

The only observable difference between The United States, our American Union of States, and the United States (Incorporated), the new Municipal Corporation, was that the word "The" which appeared as part of the Proper Name, did not appear as part of the name of the new Municipal Corporation.  

There was no observable difference between the proper name of The United States of America, our unincorporated American Federation of States, and The United States of America (Incorporated) -- a new Municipal Corporation franchise of the British Territorial Government fronted by a group of Scottish Investors in 1868.  They weren't required to add the word "Incorporated" to the name and thus divulge the nature of this new corporation, so they didn't.  

In either case, both names served to confuse identities for purposes of impersonation and fraud. 

The new Municipal Corporation doing business as the United States (Incorporated) impersonated our unincorporated Union of States doing business as The United States and States of America.  

The new Scottish Territorial Corporation doing business as The United States of America (Incorporated) impersonated our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. 

Both of these impersonations resulted in identity theft and credit fraud, exactly analogous to what any credit card hacker does today -- the victim is impersonated, and their credit accounts are accessed by the imposter, and the victim is left with the bill.  

In addition to accessing our credit via these frauds and deliberate misrepresentations, these imposters usurped upon powers belonging to us that were delegated to the States of America, our American Federal Subcontractor --- not to them.  

We've had both these foreign Municipal Corporations exercising powers that were never vouchsafed to them.  

We have already noted that they have no War Powers, no Plenary Powers, and no use permit from the actual States allowing them to establish independent, international city-states on our shores.

We maintain that these limitations apply to both foreign Municipal Corporations, because they have been exercising the powers we delegated to the States of America instead, and the differences between these Federal Subcontractors are not insignificant or immaterial.

The States of America is run by accountable Fiduciary Deputies, not by representatives of foreign corporation shareholders carrying proxy votes, and not by representatives of foreign political parties serving special interests as lobbyists. 

It was not our intention nor our stipulated agreement to have the foreign Municipal Corporations and their "Congresses" providing the services or exercising the powers of the States of America, much less the powers of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. 

These impersonations are fraudulent, criminal, and unnecessary.  

All delegated powers vested in the American Federal Republic automatically returned to the Delegator by Operation of Law, meaning that all rights, powers, and interests reverted to our unincorporated Federation of States effective the moment our Confederation of States-of-States lost an operating quorum. 

It was only subterfuge and substitution of Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney impersonating our Federation of States President, that allowed this gigantic fraud and usurpation to be implemented and go undetected. 

Ironically, and apparently unaware of their own culpability in this matter, the Officers of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation have continued to oppose and oppress members of the Municipal Government Corporation ever since the end of the so-called Civil War. 

On February 22, 1983, the President of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation acting as Commander-in-Chief, Ronald Reagan, signed Executive Order 12407, which stripped all governmental powers from municipalities, denying them any police powers, any state immunity, and any ability to declare themselves "sovereign cities".  

If we go back in time and examine the same issues of Territorial jurisdiction versus Municipal jurisdiction being exercised within the borders of the States from the viewpoint of 1845, we find this Supreme Court opinion:

“We think a proper examination of this subject will show that the United States never held any municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or right of soil in and to the territory, of which Alabama or any of the new States were formed… …[B]ecause, the United States have no constitutional capacity to exercise municipal jurisdiction, sovereignty, or eminent domain, within the limits of a State or elsewhere, except in the cases in which it is expressly granted… …Alabama is therefore entitled to the sovereignty and jurisdiction over all the territory within her limits, subject to the common law…” Pollard v. Hagan, 44 U.S. 212 (1845)   

The then-new State known as Alabama had just been enrolled as a State of the Union.  The entity being referenced as "the United States" is the Municipal Government Subcontractor operating under The Constitution of the United States, which is attempting to assume widespread municipal powers related to its postal service contract.  The Court is reminding the foreign Subcontractor that it has no granted authority to assert its jurisdiction inside the borders of a State, except in those places and circumstances that the State expressly grants permission for it to do so-- as in, for example, a Federal Post Office.  It cannot invoke municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or eminent domain inside the borders of a State, apart from those enclaves expressly allowed to it to perform its duties. 
Please note that the Subcontractor must obtain "express" written permission from Alabama, the actual State, for municipal jurisdiction to be asserted within the borders of a State or imposed on the territorial jurisdiction within a State.

Ever since the so-called Civil War, the British Territorial Municipal Corporation has been operating the U.S. Army as a Mercenary Force and based on directions left to it by Abraham Lincoln, who was never our President, has continued to invoke an "emergency" and to excuse its Occupation of our States of the Union in contravention of its constitutional duties and limitations. 

The Officers of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation have claimed our "absence" in our faces, misrepresented us as "absentee landlords" and via their own secretive and unlawful conversion of our political status using undisclosed registration of American babies, they have conspired to vacate our land and soil jurisdiction on paper, and then made False Claims on Abandonment seeking to claim our assets for themselves.  

These villains have run our country into the ground "for" us, destroyed our international reputation for fair dealing, embarked on a 160 year-long spree of war profiteering at our expense, and have now committed genocide and made attempts to mischaracterize and enslave millions of Americans as Genetically Modified Organisms, owned by the military patentholders. 

We wish for this to end and for these criminally-inclined corporations to be liquidated without further adieu, and we wish for their assets to be returned to us and to our control as their Priority and Preferential Creditors.  

We wish for them to be gone, for our sakes, and for the sake of life and peace on this planet. 

There are no municipal powers and no territorial powers, either, that can stand against the sovereignty of our States; all fifty of them have been formally enrolled as full-fledged States of the Union since the first of October 2020

Likewise, there are no delegated powers that can stand against the Powers of the Delegating Authority. We re-published our Sovereign Letters Patent on November 4th 2015

All our work has been accomplished in an above-board manner, plainly stated in English; it has all been carried out with Due Process, has been fully disclosed to the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, the Holy See, the United States Secretaries of State and the Secretary Generals of the United Nations, so that nobody has cause to complain, allege any wrong-doing, or suspect any undue self-interest on our parts. 

More importantly, our work has been accomplished without malice, vengeance, or seeking to blame; as dolorous and unjust as many circumstances have been, we have kept our vision focused on peaceful and lawful settlement of issues and debts.  

We believe that our lawful Government has many answers and means to heal the ravages which the Kingdom of Lies has inflicted, and as we have remembered history and learned from our mistakes, we have no obligation to relive them.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 2nd 2023


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