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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Signed Copy of International Public Notice of Lien

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional International Public Notice of Lien
There is a buzz going on caused by some people filing liens against the Perpetrators and DEBTORS and all sorts of excitement.  I wish there had been any such public support back in 2011 when I began my Lien Process, but alas, it was a lonely and unremarked labor of love.  

If those Party Hearties will now observe what I have done, it will be admitted by all concerned, that I long ago claimed all the property and assets belonging to the NWO factions and the phony corporations serving as governments and the Queen and the Pope and all the rest of it.  

Not only did I claim the assets, I claimed the debts, which of course, everyone else tried to avoid, but which I gobbled up like a snapping turtle having lunch. 

First, I established a trust attached to my Proper Name.  Then I made all the Notices and Liens attached to my Proper Name and the Proper Name of the unincorporated Federation of States --- The United States of America, both.  

In each case, the UCC-1 Notice was served on the parent corporation and all the franchises subsumed.  This then was followed up with specific secondary notices, amendments, etc., and as this happened, each of the assets and liens placed under my Proper Name immediately rolled over into my pre-established Proper Name Trust.  

The Proper Name Trust is good for fifty years from the date of recording and bridges across from the public to the private.  Most of the liens, both non-UCC and Agricultural Liens, are also attached to other trusts, so that, for example, assignment of the land assets was returned to The United States of America and assignment of the soil assets was returned to The United States --- both unincorporated Receivers are owned by the State Assemblies. 

This is not the first Public International Notice, but as the Legal Eagles pursue it further, they will realize that they have no power to set aside my liens as I had already processed the case against them and entered the Divine Province, from whence position I have an unalienable power and right to determine the disposition of the assets, including all the so-called National Debts. 

They will also discover that if I am killed, the whole ball of wax is immediately subject to my published Irrevocable Will.

So, good on those now realizing the power of the Uniform Commercial Code and the way that the Perpetrators set everything up and left it to the Will of God after World War II.  Well, here I am, the Will of God personified. 

It is my Express Will that all this destruction and lying stops, and all the purloined assets be safely returned to their actual owners, that kindness and fairness prevail, and that all the living people recall their own role as caretakers: caretakers of each other and caretakers of the Earth. 

All my liens are cured and all are safely cashiered in my Lawful Express Trust and are served in Public Record by my subsumed Statutory Trust as well.  

So all those now rushing to establish liens against the Perpetrators and their assets can just settle down and realize that all of that work was already accomplished years ago and is safely in hand.

Please note that because I claimed their debts as well as their assets, I am the majority claimant in every case. 

Please note that the National Debts once brought together with the National Assets are, of course, cancelled retroactively to the moment when the debt should have been cancelled. 

Please note that the nature of the debt was fraudulent from the beginning, as it was caused by bad faith and worse bookkeeping.  

Please note that no interest was owed on these artificially constructed debts then or now.

Please note that as our Public Unincorporated Trusts are the public side inheritors and assigns under my Proper Name Trust,  and the Odious Debts resulting from the misapplication of Interest Payments charged on the artificial National Debts are automatically converted into Credit owed to the Unincorporated Lawful Trusts of every nation. 

The corporations accrued and charged these debts against the living people for their private benefit and the people were left undefended for decades--- until now, when all is reversed, and the books are balanced. 

Thus, when I call for the liquidation of the offending corporations and for their illegal and unlawful patents to be revoked, thus preventing them from profiting any further from criminal activities, I do so from the position of the Private Lawful Preferential Creditor of Record and as the Lawful Fiduciary of The United States of America ----unincorporated. 

There is no need for anyone to scramble and think that they have to bring forward additional claims in the UCC venue, as everything has been restored to everyone already.  It's just a matter of working out the technical issues of returning the purloined assets, converting the debts into credits, and delivering relief to the former presumed-to-be slaves.

When I say "everyone", I mean everyone -- not just the long-suffering people of The United States.  

I mean everyone in every country who has suffered the Tyranny of the Corporations and their False Claims in Commerce, especially their False Claims in Admiralty -- which allowed the hypothecation of debt where no debt was possible. 

All the politicians who are responsible for this state of affairs and all the military generals who are responsible for the politicians and the bankers who engineered all this duplicity and who have literally "lived by lying" all this time, need to find other reasons for being.  

Everyone who has been employed supporting and perpetuating this mammoth fraud, and the crime syndicates profiting from it, need to find new work as expeditiously as possible.  And get busy cleaning up the mess they've created. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 27th 2023


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