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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Death of the Dollar and all Paper Currencies World Wide

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 21, 2023 - The COLLAPSE of the dollar-based international monetary system is now IRREVERSIBLE

Dr. Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity talks with Mike Adams about currency, ENERGY, supply chains and how this chapter of history ends in catastrophe

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Paul Stramer


  1. Paul....
    What happened to the 3rd "Reconstruction" article that was posted after part 2. l know, l read it and while l was trying getting to the comment board it disappeared. Was it posted premature or taken down for editing? l pray y'all repost it. Just making sure you are aware that it is gone on our side.

  2. Have a listen

  3. A 501c3 non profit continuing the saga
    A foundation to help them get the props all set up and the audience will come and doenate/doughnate

    My grandparents lived at the base of a hill like this with a creek that ran down the front of their property in their front yard in the hills of west virginia
    Their cellar was built into the hillside which is where they kept their canned good and a pump for the well water
    The hill behind my grandparents house went straight up which is why the cellar was built in to it
    And we're talking 1950's here
    Their garden was right on the bank of the creek
    They had a bridge that you walked across to get to the house and a bridge that crossed over the creek to the garage at the outer edge of the property that bridge was made of pipe to handle the weight of the vehicle
    My grandpa was born in 1920
    I grew up visiting my grandparents all throughout my childhood
    The schoolhouse down the road from where they lived is still standing and they hold events in it or they used to
    The schoolhouse is named Mobley Schoolhouse in Mobley West Virginia
    My grandfather worked for Pennzoil Corporation for 30 years running dozer, truck and runnin the hills all around drillin for gas and oil
    He retired damned near dead and broke
    His retirement was $200 a month

    Pennzoil is ROCKEFELLER
    Murphy's gas stations today is ROCKEFELLER
    Every gas station on this plan IT is Rockefeller/Standard Oil
    Just like SONY is Standard Oil of New York

  4. Looks like those coins just came right out of a collectors case
    Not been in the ground for decades IMO
    Thats how easy it is to be fooled by all of this bullshit
    You know they were so rich that losing coins was common place

    Can't copyright the name but they can because it's not yours

  5. And the Jason Aldean shit
    Don't forget he was the performer on the stage in the Vegas incident

  6. Inevitable eh? The only thing inevitable is that some clowns will try to profit off Anything.

  7. Robert David Steele said to Simon Parkes that ‘‘Summarize the (lengthy) talk into 5 minutes’’.

    (Robert David Steele must have been murdered.)

  8. Thx Anna for all wisdom essays.
    Thx4postting those info-nuggets of Wisdom, and all esseys.

  9. This platform offers valuable insights into the patriot movement in America, featuring perspectives from influential figures like Oathkeepers, Anna Von Reitz, Constitutional Sheriffs, Richard Mack, and more. With over 8400 articles to explore, readers may encounter diverse opinions, but all share a common concern for America's future. Looking for reliable assignment help uk review Search no further! Find authentic evaluations and recommendations to assist you in making informed decisions.

  10. Jesuits’ IHS.
    I : Isis
    H : Horus
    S : Seth

    1. Exactly
      Their symbolism shall be their downfall

  11. Is it just a few of us who notice that a very small group of people are telling us what is coming next, what the future will look like, ect, etc, ect....What's coming next Anna? Sometimes your timed orders contradict some of your past notes? Do you too believe that we don't read? Do you get your notes from a pigeon or does it wash on your shore? What are your sacrifices? My GOD in Heaven, will supply all my needs.

  12. Ones related to Rothschilds.

    Klauss Schwab is a Rothschild on his mother's Side

    Greta Thunberg is a blood relative of the Rothschild Clan.

    (Jewkraine puppet) Zeronskyy meets with Greta Thunberg to discuss the war’s effect on ecology - YouTube

    Rothschilds Have Had 'Fantastic Relationship' with Ukrainian Gov’t Members, Prank Call Reveals

  13. I will go back and watch or read every link and video after I express my view and hope it's not taken out of context.
    I spent my whole life selling my labor, getting into and out of jams that me sitting on the fence created. My prayers were answered, and the trap door bottoms of life finally ended at 40 years old and I totally accepted the creator as my savior. Everyone has a story, so you will have to by the book, or sit around a campfire to hear mine.
    I have been injured, disabled, and betrayed many times, but I am the only one still here, although in great pain, I just want to help and learn, with the time I have left, and silver and the manipulation of it for the industrialists, and it's many interesting properties, drew me to it in 2013 I think, just as the banks were still in the beat down of the 2011 spike and seeing how rigged the Stock markets were, I made on little hit on a stock that looked like it failed, but sold at $3.50 and from 0.30 went to almost 9.00, but I waited a long time. It was day trading that told me to get out! Fresh out of jail and didn;t lose my job, I started with silver, and listened to all the pumpers and watched the COMEX! That's what you need to do is what the billionaires do, not what you think! You can make a lot of dollars watching new mines and get in before the drilling results, but dollars are what you should be spending on prepping and some silver and gold, even platinum if my hunch is right ,at 30xmore rare than gold, but you can't eat any of that, so get set up while you can! Gold will help if things settle down, but history and resets happen way more often than you think! Just look at old maps and architecture of the past, or just look under a golf course , other cities, amusement parks and wonder how it could be done in the 1800s with horse and wagon, but silver is the topic, and if you want to know the complete history and truth check out a website owned by Charles Savoie , who was a top 5 expert until blackballed for truth. He has a couple short PDF books with everything in them, names dates, all of it back to the Opium wars, I think it's silver stealers, or silver squelchers. org or .net .
    Back to now, if you intend of using it for trade, big shinning rounds or bars might get you killed. Our original 90% coins didn't use troy ounces and were 27.25 grams per dollar, almost 4 grams less, plus wear you pay $40 a ounce, but they sell by face value. The price will go up at the end of the July deliveries, (Monday) as the COMEX is drained of it's registered silver and with the price suppression mines are only processing the high grade ore to stay open, as it takes years to reopen, and even longer to start a new mine, over a decade, and there are just a couple primary silver mines as 80% neighborhood is a by-product from gold and base metal mine who don't care about the price, but for a younger person silver and some patience is the best for saving for your future. The mountains of lesser grade ore will be processed later when the first rise and selloff are done and then silver will have it's day and the ratio of 9:1 to gold could make it an investment rather than a store of wealth as there are no reserves, it's not money, so industry will just have to pay more for the tiny amounts it uses, and are even buying their own mines. Right now for every ounce in your hand, ETFs and other banking tools have it leveraged at 28:1


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