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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Politicization of Science Has to End

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are reposting yet another handy graphic to hand to all your climate-crazy friends who are believing the so-called experts.  Last week we reposted the actual graph demonstrating falling temperatures and fluctuations --- all ultimately trending to lower not higher earth temperatures.  

Here's another nail in the coffin of global warming and climate change activist "narratives"----and as you can clearly see and as I quote below, the Antarctic Ice Sheet is increasing overall, not decreasing.  The red areas decreasing are, like all similar instances worldwide, associated with increased volcanic activity--- which is most obvious along the mid-ocean ridges and the Ring of Fire.  

We wish for this lying and narrative-spinning to end and for the misapplication of funding in support of these activities to stop.  No more ads and documentaries supporting the notion of "human-caused climate change" please.  And no more interference in farming other than to encourage and support organic, regenerative farming practices. 

All the members of the WEF and the various corporations posing as governments need to stand down or be liquidated immediately.   

We do not believe that fluctuations in the Earth's climate and volcanic activity, which are natural and which have been part of the Earth's rhythm for millions of years, are any cause for alarm --- and are even less cause for political nonsense aimed at coercive control by corporations that have no natural right to exist. 

Humans and human activities are not causing Mother Earth's cycles. 

Humans, for example, are responsible for 0.00034% of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  If anyone needs us to explain it further--- all our activities from the moment humans first existed until today, have caused less atmospheric carbon dioxide than one big volcano erupting for a week. 

It is mindlessly stupid and egocentric to imagine that curtailing human activities or draconian suppression of activities that produce carbon dioxide, will have any appreciable effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide whatsoever.  

So let's stop the lies and the "programming".  Nobody with a brain believes it and increasingly, nobody believes any of the bought-off, dishonest, obviously ignorant "news" anchors, actors, and promoters. 

The lies and the narratives have gone way too far in pursuit of excuses for coercive non-consensual control and rationales for additional "taxes" -- and it must be stopped.  

The corporations promoting all this idiocy need to be disciplined, both the mainstream and public media corporations, the BBC, and all the rest of the mindless "repeaters" parroting the self-interested "climate change" nonsense along with the bought-and-paid-for university programs that are in undisclosed conflict of interest --- all need to be punished for gross breach of trust in violation of the Public Interest.     

"The area of the Antarctic ice shelf increased by 5,300 square kilometers between 2009 and 2019, satellite data clearly shows.

Blue color - increase in the ice shell, red - decrease.