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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Replies About Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

Judging from some of the questions I am getting, this whole subject of international banking  is confusing, and that has to change.  You have actually been participating in international banking your entire lives--- it's just something that most people haven't thought about.  So think about it now. 

Here's a series of numbered items I am having to address in question answer format. 

1.  I just got clarity on the ITB. No one person gets personal trade bank accounts. So this has nothing to do with me on this level. 

Wrong.  Everyone gets lawful Master Accounts in the International Trade Bank System.  It will be a bilateral Master Account that allows you to trade or to engage in commerce when needed through the sister Commercial Bank System.  

2.  When will the American State National Blue Dot Credit Union be established?

Technically, our American States and Nations Bank was founded in 2016, but that isn't really the issue.  We are all engaged in a process of deliberate development and a step-by-step process.   First, everyone gets a Master Account in the Bilateral Bank System, from there the accounts migrate to/through member banks at the country, state and local levels. 

There won't be a "credit union" as currently defined in the new system, as all our credit is prepaid credit. There is no need in the new system for us to pitch our pennies together and loan each other credit at interest.  

3.  When will the American Federation $ be worth 10x more than FRN?

Exchange rates unless "fixed" by statute or treaty, etc., are driven by market forces and go up and down each day.  The fixed rate we are owed is similarly dependent on the inflation rate index since 1913.   

4.  Will there actually be a "public debt" and "Private Prosperity" card?  

There will be one Master Account Card with up to 25 separate sub-accounts entered on it.  The card comes pre-loaded with your Master Account already set up with an account for Public transactions (everything that comes to YOUR NAME) and a sub-account for Private transactions (everything else).  You can use the extra 23 accounts for  additional bank accounts, conventional credit cards, bill payments, etc. 

5.  What funds are transferred to the Prosperity Card - for clarity?

The Master Account Card, which we are calling the Prosperity Card, is funded by recoupments, liens, court case settlements, insurance payments, and return of money that you are owed as a result of paying debts you didn't owe, gifts to humanity, dividend payments on investments, etc. 

6.  Why would I set up an account with Liberty Financial Group, to use my hard assets to pay my bills If I have a Prosperity Card?

You wouldn't.  That is, you could, but you wouldn't need to. 

You were really always a creditor, but you were misidentified as a debtor.  You, your parents, your grandparents, and great-grandparents have all paid bills you didn't owe.  

That money plus interest has to be returned to you free and clear, plus interest.

Additionally, all sorts of investments have been made in your name without your knowledge or consent, and the profits from those investments (for example, the CAFR accounts) are due.  

There are also court and treaty recoupments and commercial liens and all sorts of other less obvious assets that are owed to the living people of each country.  Of course, our focus is on America, but don't forget that most of the known world has been impacted by this same system of institutionalized fraud and impersonation. 

7.  I have VietNam Dong leftover.  In the great times, on the market, it was valued at almost one million u.s., will this value remain once the new system kicks in?

New system or not, International Exchange Rates change every day. You would have to look up today's exchange rate on the specific currency you are holding.  What is different in the new system is that you will no longer have to go through any special middlemen to exchange  your foreign currency. 

8.  Should this currency be deposited into my Global Family Account with my social security & my small retirement check?

The Master Account is for you to make payments, both public and private. It's funded separately from any other money you have coming in. If you want to consolidate everything later on, you have space on your card for 23 additional accounts. 

One of those extra accounts could be your existing account at the local bank, which receives your SS and retirement payments -- and when you wanted to use that account to pay for something, you would simply choose that account from a scroll-down list on your Prosperity Card.  

9.  I am about to sell my land, hopefully a cash buy. How is this deposited into the Global Family Account?

I would talk directly to the bank about my options.  Remember, I am a Fiduciary, not a Banker. I do the Big Picture and go after recoupments and settle debts on an international basis.  The bankers develop the transactional protocols and options for deposits and withdrawals and accruals of all kinds.  You might want to put the funds in your Master Account or put them in your regular bank account and add that as one of the "extra" accounts on your Prosperity Card as described above.  It just depends on you.  Likewise, whether you want the deposit held as AFDs or FRNs depends on you.  

The new system is about three different things, so bear all of them in mind. 

First, it is designed to return asset-backed money and credit to you that you are owed.  

You are owed money and credit, both, for a wide range of reasons --- all stemming from the fact that you and your ancestors going back six generations have been misidentified as  debtors, when in fact, you have been creditors the whole time. 

As a result of that misidentification, you have paid a lot of bills you didn't owe and a lot of property has been illegally confiscated under false pretenses.  

These injuries and more are due recompense.  

On top of that, money and property interests you were owed outright were instead purloined and used as giant Slush Funds that were used to do things like buy majority interests in Fortune 500 Corporations and banks -- all ostensibly managed "for" you without your knowledge or consent -- and also without paying you a penny.  

The Bilateral Banking System allows us to recoup both actual assets and credit owed.  Your Master Account will be your means to receive back both actual payments denominated as gold or silver, and prepaid credit. 

The Bilateral Banking System is also the means to dismantle the taxation and mortgage systems worldwide.  

So the first part of the new system is about getting relief to individual people and families who are owed returns they never received.  

The second part is about wiping away illegal and unlawful debt collections and mortgages on land and homes and businesses actually already owned by the victims of this scam.  

The third part is about making banking simple and transparent again, with a clean separation between public and private transactions, and the ability to freely exchange international currencies-- among other benefits. 


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