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Monday, July 24, 2023

De-Construction Before Reconstruction

 By Anna Von Reitz

Rebuttal of “Crown History in America”


There is a popular history that has been spread among patriot communities for many years that has to be annotated, regurgitated, and largely rebutted.  I have fainted before the task not because it is difficult, but because the premises against which I must contend are so consistently wrong-headed and confused.

Even though this work is properly titled, “Crown History in America”, it promptly veers into making all sorts of claims and suppositions that are incongruent with the Title.  Crown History, by definition, is not American History, yet the Author(s) constantly confuse the two. 

1.       Simply because something takes place in America does not make it American.

This misleading history concerns the life and times of a British Crown Corporation calling itself “the United States of America”.   This corporation has long been owned by British interests, first as an unincorporated trading company, and later as an incorporated Municipal Corporation owned by the British Crown. This entity has suffered many reorganizations and bankruptcies and redefinitions of which we, the General Public of this country, are not aware. 

1.       Our country is not rendered bankrupt because this foreign corporation (in any of its iterations) is bankrupt.   


2.       Our individual sovereign States are not eligible for bankruptcy of any kind and our country is not eligible for bankruptcy of any kind, so let’s dispense – once and for all time – of the pernicious idea that America is bankrupt.   

Why should we be aware of the internal workings and conditions of a foreign corporation that is owned and operated by a foreign government? And which is only here on our shores for the purpose of providing essential governmental services?  Answer: we wouldn’t be aware of such information and would not naturally be interested.

That accounts for the pervasive ignorance of our General Public regarding the status of any iteration of the United States of America, Incorporated or USA, Inc. (one of the other names it runs under as a Successor Corporation).  

The USA, Inc., is not our business.  It’s the British King’s business.  And if he runs it into the ground, it’s still not our business.  


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