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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Redefining "Overpopulation"

 By Anna Von Reitz

As a result of many scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, many new technologies have been developed, mostly behind "National Security" veils, and by military organizations. 

These developments mean that both the quality of our health and the length of our lives can be greatly enhanced.  The diseases and injuries and much of the deterioration we suffer as a result of "old age" can be swept away, and lifetimes in excess of 350 years can become commonplace in a relatively short period of time. 

So, you say, pop the corks!  Let the champagne flow like rivers!  Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! 

Yes, and then, you realize --- if we are all living much longer and better, what else happens?  Not as many people are dying, but just as many or more people are being born.....  

There are two ways to face this fact -- with fear or with faith. 

If you face it with fear, as most of those posing as international leaders have done, you immediately recoil and start thinking about how you can -- profitably -- sacrifice the lives of billions of innocent people to suppress the population base and restrict the blessings of health and longevity to just a few elite and "valuable" people. 

To quote Bill Gates, get rid of the "useless eaters" and the genetic "undesirables".  

So it's not just a numbers game, the ugly head of Eugenics is also raised up above the skyline. 

Considering who these Posers are, mostly Old White Men sitting in leather club chairs sipping gin in exclusive all White, all Male, and Mostly Old Clubs,  that means killing off billions of Africans, Chinese, Arabs, and basically anyone with dark skin or differing religious beliefs.  It also means killing off the pesky "white moralists" like me, who object to the slaughter. 

Merely as a practical and selfish aside, the Posers open up DNA-collecting organizations like to collect as much DNA as possible -- quote unquote, "voluntarily" -- so that it can be preserved in Genetic  Biodiversity Banks, without having to preserve the actual donors of that DNA.  How convenient for them.

They get to preserve the biodiversity of our species for later study and use, while killing off billions of us. 

The fear of overpopulation resulting from vastly improved medical technology and increased life expectancy is real. 

But there is another way to embrace this reality, and that is with faith. 

We can make improvements in the environment and environmental technologies  --- and most of all in education, to allow us to preserve life and allow everyone to enjoy the gift of additional and better quality life. 

What action does the Other Answer require? 

(1) End pollution of the environment. This basically means regulating the petroleum and chemical-producing corporations to prevent the rampant pollution of the environment with untested man-made substances that resist natural degradation in the environment --- "forever chemicals" and plastic waste products that can endure for hundreds or thousands of years. 
(2) Develop new technologies using our new understanding of physics and biology, to create new means of waste management and recycling. 
(3) Promote mammoth clean-up projects on a worldwide basis to restore the oceans and freshwater bodies to optimum health. 
(4) Promote mammoth public awareness of soil and planetary-wide projects aimed at the restoration of healthy natural soil biomes.
(5) Educate, educate, educate everyone, everywhere.  Set goals to reclaim dead land, to increase atmospheric oxygen, to reforest the land, and provide the materials and skills to revolutionize agriculture. 
(6) Open up the artificially restricted world economy, 
(7) Develop a worldwide understanding of the problem, the need to restrict new births, and much better means of birth control. 

If we can continue our accelerated development as a species uninterrupted by this insane "kill everyone" campaign, we can find all the answers we need to improve and maintain the Earth and accept the blessings of longer and better quality lives.  

Another benefit of choosing faith over fear is that children will once again be truly valued and carefully reared and the gift of life will be prized.  With procreation restricted, for good and obvious reasons, people will have cause to deeply value the children that they do have. The insanity of abortion will stop.  The destruction of the family will stop.  

With universal abundance available to everyone, and the advanced health and longevity technologies available to everyone, there will no longer be all the other problems we struggle with --- no reason for wars, poverty, illness, ignorance, pollution, and greed.  We will be free to view the world and ourselves and the Earth --- and life itself --- b through a different lens. 

Let a new and better life begin. 


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