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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

I Can't Know, Not Really

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I got a call from an old friend, a man whose courage and gallantry drew me from the moment I met him.  His name is Steve, he's a Vietnam Vet.  Without a thought for himself or the dangerous nature of what he was undertaking, he stood up and did something that will change a billion lives or more, forever.  

And I, realizing exactly how dangerous his action was, nonetheless rushed to his side and signed the dotted line, because I would not let him stand alone. 

It was as simple as that, and many years ago.   

Steve has since suffered everything a man can suffer at the hands of the unreasoning beasts, false arrest, vicious beatings, false charges, prison --- all of it, everything they could throw at him.  Even "mental evaluation". 

And I plodded on alone. 

Today, we had that kind of talk that comrades have who have passed through the same storm. 

The battle we faced together was here at home, where we should have been safe from our own public employees, and not on some foreign shore. 

Inevitably though, one struggle evokes the memories of others, and he remembered Vietnam and that horrific trauma hit him like a black cloud over the sun and I heard myself saying, that no, I couldn't really understand what he went through. 

I was one of the girls who stayed home and waited for a man who would never return, and that was bad enough for me. I wouldn't have survived what Steve went through. 

All I could do was wipe tears away and think of Steve fifty years ago and all the other gallant young men, tossed so thoughtlessly into that meat-grinding mess, by the members of a "Territorial" Congress, representing the interests of a filthy Municipal Corporation in the business of providing "governmental services".  

No, I can't know what he went through or what my husband went through, either, but I can stand like a Bull Mastiff in the door and make sure that an end is made of the enemy within, and that is what every one of us must do now, to make sure that justice is done and that all the nightmares are ended for everyone. 


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  1. ChatGPT at work? "Thoughts and Prayers"... :P

  2. Is/are AI bots doing all the thinking for governmental service corporations?

    DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentIn - WeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples-DNA,PleaseFreeDOMizeTheWorld'sNationsAnd
    TheUnitedStatesOfAmericaOutOfSynagogueOfSatan,AndOutOfBrainWashedYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSercoGroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHidden underUN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesGenocidalDogma.
    Thus, DearHeavenyFather
    "We wish for these offending Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndTheRestOfTheMoralyLivingAndThinkingWorldWillFollow. m

    P. S.
    " On March 30th, the Vatican renounced the Doctrine of Discovery. It was a once in 500-year news event that went almost completely unreported in either the corporate or alternative media.

    This doctrine -first put forth by Popes in 1452- allowed Christians to murder, enslave and steal the land of non-Christians around the world. It led to over 500 years of relentless wars of conquest and pillage by the West against the rest of the world."

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