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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

American Farmers To Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month

There are no laws requiring informed consent for vaccine food


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  2. That way, you’re not just jotting down everything he says, but you’re making an effort to really understand the material.

  3. I work on a farm. They're already jacking animals up with garbage. They have been for years. Vaccines are 100% fraud. It's ridiculous. Just go back to hunting and fishing if you can. It's the only shot you've got. Unless you move to a country that has banned all that crap. Supposedly Russia did, but you really can't believe anything anymore. The sad part is it could all be stopped if enough people would wake up, but I just don't see that happening. People are too far gone. The needles eye is small. I know what that means now. You can be the most humble, kind soul that has ever walked the earth and still not make it through the needles eye. It takes awareness to make it through.

  4. I call bullshit on “ no law for informed consent” if you put something in a food product that is or becomes harmful or fatal you have crossed into harm. Harm is against both the public law and statutory law.
    The most screwed up part of this is the secrecy and after the fact harm and genocide this will cause. I have always advocated “ self defense “ and yes if you are being threatened or harmed , deadly force is prudent and lawful.
    Wake up

  5. This is a declaration of war, to which there can be only one response.
    While negotiations and diplomacy have gotten us nothing and nowhere, we have no choice must now but to annihilate them all, starting with the Vatican and all the rest of their war games and genocide will then collapse.
    I appreciate the efforts of the Federation, but when our food and water is being used to force a bioweapon, then being peaceful is seen as being weak. We willnevwr receive restitution until we TAKE it back by LETHAL FORCE and NOW!!!

    1. no, it isnt a declaration of war. so please quit falling into using thair false rhetoric. heres why imo:
      because now THESE LIARS turn your words around and say that YOU declared war on THEM, and then use that for an excuse to say YOU RE DANGEROUS, and proceed to use that as a FALSE EXCUSE to beat the everlivincrap out of you.

      what it is is a continued unprovoked attack on us...
      this time theyre coming more out into the open.
      theyre running out of time.
      theyre weak.
      theyre losing.

      so call it that, so thare are no "mistakes";
      war is only authorized when peace is broken upon the land. and we havent broken peace upon the land.
      they have.
      but more people need to become aware of the attack on us by our "Friends" .
      and to be very very indelicate, but to drive my point directly home:
      THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE J@CCING THEMSRKVES auf so hard trying to conjure up. us starting a "War".
      dont let them. let them keep jiccking.
      they're impoent and have EE dee. weaklings. wobbly-legged skinniepant'd JuerkAufs.
      as my Dad used to say: MONKEYNUTS.

      watch some champion boxing knockout punch videos?
      they aint got what it takes to land the knockout punch.
      i will try to post some favorite boxing video refs again for if anyone is interested.

      we are winners.
      wo-man:janmarie :) .

    2. I saw a lot if great boxing matches back in the day. A lot of historic fights. Glad to have those in my memory banks. Even the Boom Boom Mancini fight that ended up being the death of his opponent. That chills me a bit. Duku Kim. I'm not spelling that correctly so forgive me.

    3. Looks like I did spell it right. Fuji Kim was a South Korean fighter. He was winning that fight too until Ray went Rocky on him and sent him to the canvas. Tragically Kim died later on from injury sustained in the fight.

    4. very unfortunate part of learning to be safe.
      Rest in Peace DukuKim.

      here is a clip i just noticed on: utub: Top Rank Boxing 2.08M subs
      15 Greatest 1st Rd Knockouts:

      at 9.09 Vargas "legs are gone"; he is still off the floor, but its all over but the cryin'...
      thats where this whole TakeOver Nonsense, if any, is right now imo: at 9.09. knees buckled, keyster headed for the floor...
      at 9.11, Jose hits the ropes. ko'd. its over. fight lasted less than two minutes.

      big ole butterbean is up next:
      jumps waaaay up in the air 10.19:
      looks like opponent only threw one punch, didnt connect. bbean beats the whey out of him. fight called...not a sno'ball's chance ...

    5. Fuji Kim, Rest in Peace.

    6. Duku Kim. The Google keyboard got me.

    7. Those telling us to stand down in the face of forced bioterrorism are naive and dangerous. They are the same kind of people that allowed the Nazi troops to invade France without any resistance. Wake up and get off your convenience couches. No one will survive this attack if we fail to fight back. Diplomats have good intentions, but they are doing us a great disservice by not responding with force at this threat.