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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

This is Our Proving Ground

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is the time and place we have available to decide who we are, what we value, and how we are going to live. There is only one time to do this, and that time is now.
We have been called to protect ourselves and protect our families from criminals, but in order to do this, we must know ---for sure -- who the criminals are.
The adversaries we have engaged are famous for their duplicity, mental gymnastics, verbal skills, and illusions. They are quite literally magicians and Masters of Deceit.
We can't afford to take anything for granted or make mistakes.
That's why I encourage people to not just take my word for anything, but go look things up for yourselves.
Go get yourselves a Legal Dictionary and see for yourselves how often "legal terms" mean something very different from their common meanings.
When I tell you where to look for things in the public and institutional records, go research it for yourselves. Read it in black and white with your own two eyes.
If necessary, sit there with your Legal Dictionary and decode every single word of what you are reading. I did.
Remember we've already done the hard work of finding the needle-- all you need to do is confirm it for yourselves. And then, you will know, for sure, for yourself, where the bear went through the buckwheat.
You will be able to see through the matrix of lies we've all been living in for far too long.
As Edgar Allen Poe said, "Believe nothing you hear, and only half that you see."
Poe was born in Boston in 1809 and died in Baltimore in 1849 --- right in the middle of the time period and geography that housed both the birth and death processes of the American Federal Republic --- our American Federal Subcontractor.
He spoke these cautionary words because he knew or sensed the thick veil of lies and illusions associated with the times in which he lived --- times remarkably like our own, when the great-great-grandsons of the men who destroyed our Federal Republic hope to take the plum and call it their own.
Remember, always, that a large part of their evil magic is to confuse people, so as to make good men appear evil, and evil men to look good.
Remember our Great-Uncle Clintwood, a civilian member of our Federation Government, riding home to West Virginia with the Great Seals in his saddle bag, attacked by "Union" cavalry in civilian dress, all of them against one man and his little brother, a lad not yet sixteen.
Most of the attackers died or were wounded in the fight. They shot Clintwood's horse. In the melee, he caught one of their loose mounts and rode hell bent for the West Coast where he lived on the run for the rest of his life.
They stole the Great Seals and accused him of being a horse thief.
A lesser man wouldn't have made it out of that ambush alive. There would have been no Witnesses to rise up and warn a future generation.
So listen well, for this is how the criminals always do things. They will try to do this "role reversal" where the victim of a brutal overwhelming ambush is described as a horse thief. Or an embezzler. Or a tax evader. Or a pedophile.
They will also ensnare your attention and rile your emotions with stories and unofficial narratives, spinning dramatic "insider information" tales about sensational subjects --- all to focus your attention away from whatever it is they are hiding.
What they are hiding is inevitably their goal, and this time, what they are hiding are the plans of these rogue Municipal Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, to seize our Federal Republic and operate it as if they were the legitimate American Subcontractors. When they are not. When they can never be.
Yet another British Territorial Substitution Fraud attempt is on the way.
Just as they substituted "a" President for The President, just as they substituted the British Territorial State of New York for our American Confederation member, The State of New York -- the plot's afoot again, to steal by guile what they cannot take by force of arms.
Wake up, America! Your very best sons and daughters have suffered and bled for six generations to bring this message home to you.

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  1. You just described Shelby. Oh, I mean cap'n YouTube and the Dorito Crumb Research Team(Inc.).

    1. Shelby appears to know more than this Anonymous clown who supports Anna any which way till sunday. Waaaaaaah!

    2. i:woman believe shelby has a really high IQ, and doesnt her own research......unlike you, a912am.............. on both counts. :):):):):)

  2. I have found the "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary" Eleventh Edition
    to be worthy at certain level of inspection, and useful.

    You will likely have to look up many words you have never bothered to look-up, and depending upon the depth of your current knowledge, you may find many surprising connections, meanings, etymologies, etc. - enlightenment.

    It is work to attend to it. But hopefully you too, who read Anna's research, may find greater foundation for fact and act as expressed in an overarching truth - an over arching narrative and toward a more singular grasp and song of a uni-verse and toward a more worthy of under-standing?

    PS. - I am in no manner connected to Anna and team. Simply very interested.

    1. friendly tip:
      It doesnt matter as much what the Dictionary says as it does how the man talking/writing uses the word, especially since almost all "Eng-l-ish" words have multiple, often obscure, definitions.

      English is a BastardLanguage anyway.

      It is bits and pieces taken from many languages and jammed together,... which is fine, but makes it even more complex when you have a Latin prefix, a Middle English middle syllable, a High German second middle syllable, and a Greek suffix.
      even though we're in school for 12 plus years, most people graduate without being made aware that, in American common law and/or other, its the man who is the author/speaker that defines what his words mean.


  3. The federation cops should be the ones cruising our towns. Not these municipal sub contractors.

    1. County sheriffs. Unincorporated County Sheriffs.

    2. our own men and women.

      or hire Town Peace Keepers who are under authority of and paid directly by the good people

  4. Gee, good thing all those proclamations have been deferred to and Acted on huh... Not! Hahaha... Keep the Hopium Alive!

    1. Anony{mouse} rat, 9:57 AM
      Pharoah didn't act on Moses proclamations either. lt is written. There's nothing different going on here. Wore him slap out but God kept sending him back in with the same request appearing to be of no avail. Just like Anna. She may have to go in a few more times but you people should know the signs of the times when it comes to being delivered from slavery. God is in control of their stubborness, not Anna, and certainly not you, her duty is to deliver the message/s no matter how many letters and times it takes & let God break their hold on what they stole. Only God can harden the pope's hard heart and break it til he releases his hold on us. But waaaaaait! Egypt had to be destroyed before he would let the people go especially with all their gold. All corporations have to be sent back into the sea and be liquidated just like Legion's demons. All "many in one body"= {corporations} must be sent into the swine and plunge back into the sea {liquidation}. The people weren't allowed to leave there without the last ounce too. So there you go. We're not going anywhere without the last ounce and every corporation destroyed. They have to sign it over to us and they're biting their finger tips off trying not to sign it over but they'll have no choice. The Lord requires it.

    2. if youre going by the bible, then: the bible says those very same people who God delivered were themSELVES also destroyed by God.
      After he full-filled his promises to them, they served other gods, and it says he destroyed them.

      [for reference: Joshua 23:14-16. v. 15, 16 says, in part: "... SO SHALL THE LORD BRING UPON YOU ALL EVIL THINGS, ...then shall the anger of the Lord be kindled against you, AND YE SHALL PERISH QUICKLY FROM OFF THE GOOD LAND which he hath given unto you."]

  5. yes Anna, you are so very correct - i live in the same "colony" with alot of these parasites, serpents, thieves and plain bluntly - horrible individuals/demons!!! trying to stop this has become my main goal but where i live it does not come by to often to have the opportunity to confront and prove the problem before something "naturally" happens, or would so seem to be natural!! this time i have it, the whole damn puzzle! the very link (contract) between USA and England and a certain "little horn" as its "natural corporate soul". owww how deep the rabbit hole really does go....but, how on point you are is incredible and God bless to you! i honestly thought i was the only one to see the very points your making public, i just didnt know how to even start publicising (7 years ago now), how to even express how much corruption, war and unnecessary suffering has happened just wasnt in my grasp, yet - it is now, but it also puts mine and my sons life at risk! why do the ones that want to help are literally placed deliberately on the other side of the world in a totally different culture and "society" uh? strange why that could be so and is in fact true. People say if you have something to prove then prove it.... i believe the "proving" stage has been and gone and so much has happened it is hard for many to grasp, i do believe certain people have been divinely called to this position of understanding and exposing the lies and bringing the truth to light and fruition for everyone. We are very much in the last days in many ways, and soon the name of the LORD will not be our refuge, unable to be called upon as our salvation because of so much false religion and illusionary authority and power that has corrupted the very essence of life, purpose and service! there is no point in proving what we already inherently know is true... we have been drastically lied to and forced in many many inhuman ways that have to stop by coming together and standing united as One!

    1. observations:
      you are trying to imagine a re-Construction of, say, 1640?... say, in the former United Colonies?
      If so, it wont work... it's outside of the laws of nature and nature's create-r. and there is no agreement with the people to Re-Construct any such thing, by any Name.
      "this time i have it, the whole damn puzzle! the very link (contract) between the usa and england and a certain "little horn" as its "natural corporate soul"
      if youre going by the bible, i:woman believe the horns are generally counted to be national/regional leaders....
      if so, then:
      youre saying that there is perhaps a (present-ly seen or unseen) national or regional leader that forms this "natural corporate soul" between England and "the USA" that you comment about?....
      ... you mean like someone who maybe has ancestors from, say, Scotland (or another part of the "United Kingdom"), but who is created from "USA" earthland? ... that, maybe they could be used as a "natural" "bridge"/ "soul", to connect the USA and England into one.... into a single "corporate" "soul" or "body"??... ??

      and your finish:
      " coming together and standing united as One."
      so, is that what all these undeclared, unlawfull, attacks on American people have been about all these hundreds of years? for instance, like was done to Scotland? and Ireland? and others?
      just asking. :) thankyou!


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  7. [tHAts-nICE:dEAR]

  8. I would encourage everyone to watch this video, , where Senator Grassley explains how our current government is run; specifically, how high level Democrats manipulate, make up, and attempt to discredit official Congressional investigations, with the intent to derail probes into the Biden Crime Family connection with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Corruption, at its worst!

    1. Well, look at the Ukraine debacle. Few even knows
      the Obama State Department and NATO thugs overthrew their government and installed puppet Zelensky. Did you see anybody putting up Ukrainian flags back in 2014-2015? Me neither. That shows you how dumb and unaware people are. Idiots. If it's not on CNN or MSNBC the effing morons don't even know it happened.