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Monday, March 27, 2023

Federal Employee Notice

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have been occupied by our own military since April of 1863.  

Instead of doing the honest thing and fully informing their employers, the officers of the Union Army decided to go into business for themselves and to continue their mercenary operations on our shores and elsewhere.  

They used a species of Admiralty Law which allowed them to "hypothecate debt" against our assets and to "presume salvage rights" in exchange for their unauthorized and unwanted and unneeded services--- to fund their operations --- and the British Parliament aided and abetted this every step of the way. 

See their (British Parliament) Naval Agency and Distributions Act of 1864 to get a taste of how HRM's Government worked to undermine and commandeer our Government and steal our assets, and how the British Territorial Office of "United States Secretary of State" was used to commit heinous crimes against the American General Public. 

Our worst enemies have appeared, to the rest of the world, to be our best friends.  

The U.S. Army meanwhile morphed into the (Territorial) Department of Defense and then later additionally spawned the Municipal Umbrella Corporation everyone knows as "the DOD" operated by the Pentagon. 

This foreign commercial corporation now owns --- literally --- the Territorial Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury, the CIA, DHS, FBI, SEC, the preponderance of the "State" and local Courts (which are all operated within unauthorized "military districts" overlaying our States of the Union), the DOJ, the US Treasury, and virtually every other apparatus of "government" in this country.  

And it's all illegal as a three-dollar bill. 

While presenting itself as the "honorable soldiery" of our nation, these treasonous bastards have in fact been operating as mercenary forces for hire ever since the 1860's--- all without telling anyone, of course. 

While hypothecating debt against our assets at home via unnecessary and unwanted "salvage" operations, they've self-generated more than two hundred and fifty armed mercenary conflicts in which they have waged war for profit using American assets --- our lives and natural resources --- to attack and pillage other nations that posed no harm or threat to us. 

They made a mockery out of the word "defense" and the only authorization, mission, or contract they ever had was to defend this country from attack.  

Throughout all of this, they have used a process of establishing "Territorial Custody", that is, armed occupation by British Territorial United States Mercenary Forces,  under the False Presumption that either the civilian government was in disarray and under "reconstruction" --- the excuse they used for their actions here in the States --- or, that no civilian government existed, which is what they did in Australia and elsewhere once the nasty old Colonial Commonwealth System was supposed to be dissolved, but never really was--- thanks to them. 

Now, it's all coming home to roost, flat on the Pope, "King" Charles, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and most of all, the DOD, INC. 

The world can now see just what lousy, dishonest, self-serving, dishonorable, violent, greedy, and criminal elements have infested the British Privy Council and Parliament, and foisted themselves off as our "Presidents" and members of our Congress. 

The important take home point is that they never really were acting in our Public Offices and were never any sort of "honorable national soldiery" at any point from 1860 onward.  

The DOD, INC. is a rogue Municipal Corporation, pure and simple. 

It's owned and controlled by the Pope and the Roman Curia, and it's their responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate it  -- permanently--  for Cause. 

The Cause is innumerable unlawful acts of fraud, violence, pillaging, privateering, inland piracy, armed racketeering, impersonation, barratry, conspiracy against our Government and our Constitutions, human trafficking, political misrepresentation, malfeasance, war profiteering, illegal hypothecation of debt for non-consensual "services", phony salvage claims in Admiralty venues, false claims of custodial interest, promotion of unauthorized military districts and military district courts functioning as clandestine for-profit private bill collection agencies, fraudulent misrepresentation of private corporation elections as public elections, theft and commandeering of American assets under color of law, extortion, direct illegal occupation of our States of the Union and over two dozen other sovereign nations, including Japan and most of Western Europe and the former Commonwealth nations. 

This foreign commercial corporation in the business of providing mercenary services for hire is what we have had squatting in Washington, DC., stealing us blind and pretending to protect us as "our" Department of Defense/DOD.  It is totally responsible for the illegal proliferation of bioweapons and their deployment against innocent civilian populations worldwide, the illegal and unlawful and unauthorized "opening" of our Southern Border, the unauthorized "North American Union" and an endless litany of evil, foreign, un-American, and unlawful activities designed to pillage our States and our people.  

At no time has the Municipal Government had any authority to do any of this under any Constitution or Service Contract or Treaty allowing its existence.  The intent of the provisions allowing a plenary oligarchy to exist in the Municipality of Washington, DC, was clearly stated and debated in public.  

There can be no doubt that the members of any "Congress" acting as the government of the Municipality of Washington, DC, are obligated to provide a neutral meeting space for the conduct of business, no more, no less, and while they were afforded a great deal of latitude in the accomplishment of this duty, it is nonetheless less a duty and not a privilege or prerogative allowing them to establish an independent, international city-state on our shores and use it to wage war and cause trouble for their employers.  

No such independent, international city-state was ever authorized by the States and People of this country and no contract allowing its existence on our shores exists; instead, the members of the Territorial "Congress" have largely overstepped any authority ever granted to them and the use permits allowing the existence of the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC, have both been violated.  

Whereupon we are calling for the absorption of the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC., back into the States of the Union from which they were set aside and permitted to exist.  Such provisions for a  "Federal Government" which continue to exist can be provided by our unincorporated Federation of States, directly, as it was from 1776 to 1781.  No custodial interest by any Territorial entity, much less any Municipal entity, can be justified under the present scenario. 

If the Principals responsible for the existence and operations of these "governmental services corporations" cannot operate them peacefully and honestly and within the confines of the stipulations originally granted, then they all need to clear off our shores and consider themselves what they are--- foreigners engaged in illegal commercial activities, subject to immediate arrest,  deportation, and deprivation of any property rights or service contracts.  

The Residence Act of 1790 is subject to immediate repeal.  

The January 6th Prosecutions, aka, Witch Hunts, are illegal, immoral, and unlawful and must be brought to an immediate and voluntary halt.  The prisoners must be released and all untoward and hostile activities hosted by the "DOD" and its adjuncts including the "DOJ" must cease and desist. 

Unlike the looters and destroyers of the 2020 riots who have yet to be addressed for their crimes against this country, the January 6th protestors destroyed nothing and had every right to be present in "their" federal capitol. 

Release those political prisoners immediately.  

We have no interest in the politics of our Employees and could give a fig about Donald Trump or Joseph R. Biden, both of which are treading very thin ice; but we do care about the rightful functioning of our subcontractors and the proper use of our assets for their appointed and proper purposes.  

Any "federal" employee, including any General or Admiral working for DOD, INC.,  who doubts who is Boss around here needs to get an earful --- any eyeful --- right about now.  The States of the Union are in Session. 

We wish for the FBI Agents and Capitol Police who infiltrated the crowd and encouraged the so-called "capitol breach" to be arrested and prosecuted for entrapment and for inciting a riot that would otherwise not exist.  

It's the members of the "Territorial" Congress owned by the DOD, INC. that have no right to sit in those chairs under False Pretenses, and no right to attack, prosecute, or inflict any deprivation of rights under color of law against any American using private police "powers" that don't exist and which were never granted to them.   

The intent of the existence of the District of Columbia and the Municipal Government within it, is to provide a seat for our federal government operations that is neutral and readily available to the subcontractors and to the foreign governments of the States alike. It is not to create a separate country within a country within a country, all run by commercial corporations that have no right to do any of this.  

We deny any claim made by anyone anywhere that our States provided more than a Use Permit with clear stipulations as regards both the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC.  If the denizens thereof think that they are in a position to prosecute and deny the contractual guarantees owed to their Employers, it's time for them all to vacate and consider themselves unemployed. 

This is being plainly stated before our federal employees and the governments of the world and all the commercial corporations that are subject to our liquidation demands.  

No commercial corporation including the "DOD, INC." has any standing to misaddress the American States and People, to impose any condition of "war" upon us, to presume against their employers in any way, or to assume any custodial interest related to us and our operations not specifically granted in writing.  

This means, among other things, that no, we don't have to register our private cars and trucks to please anyone or provide collateral for "government operations".  We don't have to apply for any Driver License or Marriage License or Medical License to enjoy our freedom to travel, to establish family relationships, and ply our professions on our own soil ----and anyone who thinks otherwise is due for a Pink Slip. 

These matters have already been decided by the United States Supreme Court and there is no other "interpretation" or "discretionary" power available to the DOD, INC. or any of its subsidiary organizations, including the FBI, INC., otherwise.

To all former U.S. Veterans and members of the "DOD, INC." including the members of the Territorial Congress --- if you can't do your jobs and do them honorably --- go home and stay there.  

We note that the "FBI"--- which is just another private commercial corporation hiding under the DOD, INC. Umbrella --- is hounding people in Montana for not registering their private cars and not accepting "Driver Licenses".  And stupid men hired by private corporations as "Sheriffs" when they are not actually Sheriffs at all, are preparing to assault these Americans.

Note that you, Federal Employees and federally-connected Employees, too--- all corporate franchises of the DOD, INC.,  have no power granted to any of you to comment on our private property assets, much less presume to enforce the rules of your commercial corporations on people who are NOT your employees or dependents within the borders of our States.

You need to keep your noses clean and do your actual jobs or we will liquidate every single commercial corporation operating under the DOD, INC.Umbrella and send all of you home, not eligible for rehire.  

Also note that all questions related to "Driver Licensing" were resolved in the favor of the people of this country by the United States Supreme Court over a hundred years ago and nothing has changed.  It's not your business, not your cars, and not your right to say or do anything about our private use of public roads and other facilities that we own and that we paid for. Period. 

Is that clear enough for all would-be petty despots in the employment of a foreign commercial corporation dba: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE? 

DOD, INC. as the owner-operator of the DOJ and the FBI needs to  properly instruct these franchises and their operators, including the Territorial State-of-State Governors and members of the Territorial  "Congress" ---regarding the rights and prerogatives of the American States and People. That is the very least that it can do while awaiting its well-deserved liquidation. 

We are not putting up with any more stretching of the meaning and intent of the interstate commerce clause, no more forced "registrations" of anyone or anything, no more unauthorized operation of the Municipality of Washington, DC, as an independent, international city-state, no more deprivation of rights under color of law, no more phony corporation elections substituted for public elections, no more illegal foreign Territorial military "occupation" by our own employees, no more false claims of phony commercial "wars" against this, that, and the other thing on our soil,  no more exercise of merely-presumed-to-exist "discretionary powers", or "emergency powers" and no presumed-to-exist custodial interest in us, our States, and our assets. 

It's over.  The Great Fraud is done for.  We claim all assets of the offending corporations and demand their immediate liquidation in our favor as the Priority Creditors and Primary Secured Parties since 1776. This is being addressed directly to the Principals responsible via the Vatican Chancery Court. 

This Notice is also being provided to all Territorial and Municipal Employees and members of their "State of State" governmental services corporations by Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for the unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.  Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  

If you have any questions, call or write: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  2. Paul, why do you allow this trash talk garbage by Anglia?

    1. I have talked to PAUL and there is just so much to do, and there is only 24 hours in a day, and only so much can be done in a days time. I would like to MOD and said so, I am now waiting for an answer. I would also ask again you and everyone, PLEASE to get a real nick instead of using ANONYMOUS....this would help us in doing what your now asking!
      HOWARD and am down here in SUNNY FLORIDA!

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    5. I am reply to this, "AnonymousMarch 28, 2023 at 9:50 AM
      Freedom of speech is rough huh... you have to be allowed to say what you want while allowing others to say what they want. Only Halfwits and Morons require some to be censored so their own inanity can be heard."
      First off, trying to get everyone to use a real nickname is low on my list, and as it should be, problem I have is with the SPAM comments, etc., and if someone is doing just that, a warning first, then go from there, Which I happened to think is reasonable. If this is what your talking about, and if it is not, than you mean people here cannot get a real nick, and should not have to? HHO

    6. SPAM backwards is MAPS
      Interesting to note that MAPS is part of their process

      Data mapping is big business

      Like CMAP in Chicago

      See the link on to 2050 tag in the list
      That is AGENDA 2050

      And this stuff is going on all over the country/whirled under the watchful eye of world parliament

  3. again i am unable to sign in: from annie mcshane, delaware;

    this is all true information, but this lacks the instructions to begin to enforce the removal of these pirates from office. want some instructions on how to bring them down, visit and learn the powers of the constitutional Militia. when they summon the man to a court of congress (legislative Article IV) we can only be in the position as Militia. as a member of a well regulated Militia, chosen from a pool of able-bodied men (now all inhabitants) we, the people, are the only ones who can execute the laws of the United States as conscripted Militia, to put down the invasion of pirates; learn how...

    1. You are unable to sign in, and you say that you are in the USA? perhaps you could get some assistance in signing in, that is if your having trouble doing so, perhaps it is an enduser, or software problem, and perhaps someone on the phone with you as your doing it could help? just saying, PAUL has there been any others that claimed they were also having troubles signing into this site, and from the DELAWARE area? Maybe this site doesnt like those in the Delaware area? Have you thought to use a VPN, on the opera I use it has the ap to do that already, a real VPN! virtual protocol network!

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      l have never had to do anything out of the ordinary to get my name to come up and l have always chosen my name. Anonymous never came up.
      They must be missing this option.

    3. Karen Gore: really not sure how it works, and if I do become a MOD, ill be sure to find out exactly how it works! The aim being here would be simply for me. get rid of all of the useless SPAM, and attempt to keep everything here civil, as in, treat everyone as you would like them to treat you. AND i believe this is reasonable! I believe in what ANNA is doing, and I think she has a heart of gold. And if rules are set up here, then I would ask those rules be followed, with of course some exceptions, there are always some exceptions, nothing in this world is absolute, as in nothing is perfect. So here we are in our endeavors to take our great nation back from those that would have no pause in killing to keep us from doing just that, I think!

  4. this man going by the name (Louis)? Hermes, he's on a Truther-type tour and guess what!!... he says hes changing the date!!!! ----NewYearsEve on March 31. a Truther. A Patriot. AprilFoolsDay follows, doesnt it?

    i looked up HERMES and its the god of
    commerce, cunning, HOSPITAL-ity, THIEVERY, and rascals.
    and wikipedia
    HERMES is also a "soul guide", a conductor of souls into the afterlife !!!!!
    he is regarded as the Divine Trickster.
    his main symbol is the Caduceus, a winged staff intertwined with two snakes copulating.
    caduceus: seduce us? snakes?
    (on michaelj5326 channel on rumble, michael jaco, a cia remote viewer... ex-, *EX* CIA that is.)

  5. Paul ...if comments cannot be cleaned up ....including no more use of "anonymous" should simply be turned off.

    1. Quit trying to control other people.

    2. I am just curious if those people have actually received those notices yet or about to be in the process to! be given notice!?

    3. Anna has in deed hereby given published public Notice as example one can agree with and also serve to one's state and local officials 4 further notice via e-mail or fax or verbally or mail.
      I like to add my byline and copyright All Rights Reserved with Registered Mail sticker and 2 cent autographed stamp placing notice in global international jurisdictions, in deed giving my 2 cents worth for my court of record, noting served methods and keeping copy, also in my accountable mail book record (for Postal Court jurisdiction). One can multiply reach of Anna's notices 4 maximum effectiveness this way. Blessings to All BEing and DOing 4 Highest Good of All. FreeMom7 :)

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    6. To Unconscious,
      You mean turn the comments off since inconsistencies are detected?

    7. Yes, people are pointing out some inconsistencies in what Anna says.

  6. [tHATs-nICE:dEAR]

  7. From the article
    unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America.

    dba, DBA

    Somewhere along the line I have read that this dba is also
    Delaware Business Alliance

    Nothing about being UNINCORPORATED using a dba that I could find

    Like I said I've read somewhere that it has been relabeled as
    Delaware Business Alliance - see if I can find the reference but don't count on it

    This is all shit to keep the CON going as far as I'm concerned
    It's a slow and steady tranceformation in to their
    Earth Federation and World Parliament

    While they kill off the herd like they just did in Mississippi as they did with Katrina and others
    When they 'name' the storms they can place their 'Chicago Climate Stock Exchange' bets

    Registered mail - the post office is a BANK folks

    Like I said the other day, HOA's being built out the wazoo around here and they no longer have boxes at their individual homes there are mailbox bank deposit and withdraw boxes placed at the front of the complex and all who live in the HOA must go the the mailbox bank to retrieve their mail

    Your 'residence' is now identified with GLC (latitude and longitude) coordinates linked to a GEO code
    4 days ago
    Geolocation refers to the identification of the geographic location of a user or computing device via a variety of data collection mechanisms. Typically, most geolocation services use network..

    Another clip
    The HTML Geolocation API is used to get the geographical position of a user.

    And remember the other day I told you about sequel query lanquage used to extract data from the database tables

    In ecommerce we had mailbox banks set up for cutomers (trading partners) to send their ship manifest data and pick up their shipment status and invoice data documents
    They could also send their invoice data via electronic payment

    All linked to the TRADING PARTNER

    If you do not understand how these computers work you will never get this

    It's headquarters identified by latitude and longitude right on the page

  8. Have you been to a Walgreens lately and gone through the drive through 'window, portal' to pick up a script like you do at the bank?
    Walgreens now places your debit/credit card in a bank envelop when they return it to you through the window, portal just like they do at a bank.

    If you are using their SCRIPT whether it be paper, coin, silver or gold then you are participating in commerce

    Using these very devices whether a home station or a mobile phone all of it is tracked and traced and is defined as COMMERCE

    Electronic COMMERCE

    ICANN and the mapping of all LOCATIONS by electronic means
    You might be on land but the COMMERCE you are participating in is IN SPACE and functioning behind the curtain

    It's not artificial intelligence it is all based on the end user and the commerce they participate in IN SPACE


    Scan those codes at the right of the page and doughnate
    You think that doughnation does not link to you the end user?

    I've worked the 'IT' FIELD/PLANTATION since it's creation/conception folks and the birth of the new world order hinges on this very infrastructure

    It's why they make sure that everyone is LINKED IN and addicted so now they can launch their medical codes to the ICD-11 and the use of digital media to your 'mental problems'
    Couple of FACTORS that the 'profession' known as 'Psychiatry' are working on/in PROGRESSIVE mode

    And a commentor on here yesterday defined my comments as being therapuedic
    You see that, therapeudic as in mental hellth therapy to help cure what ails me - nothing that a 'professional psychiatrist' can't fix with a telehealth ZOOM (spell it backwards MOO flip the Z and you get MOON) CONference call appointment and a 'prescription' can't 'fix'

  9. WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments

    Tranceformation of the courts to digital courts so you no longer have to cross the bar in the physical court room
    Your digital aka avatar/picture is there in the meta verse court which CONstitutes your CONsent
    The ANK le bracelets they placed on probation subjects was a test run to virtual prisons as they monitor and track their every move to identify a breech in the protocol set forth by the court

    It's all in here including your role as a self governing subject as you doughnate your dough as the world parliament will not incur one red cent towards it's implemetation -- that will come from the volunteers who sign up and work for the common goal of world enslavement as they round up the herd through the use of their magical climate change weather warfare on the unsuspecting masses as they build the human habitat SMART Urban settlement villages/zones to house them all in
    The human animal farm complete with Zoonotic diseases and the Swissy land defined Interntional Classification of Diseases marches on to define whatever ails you

    The grey state hence the use of the gray AMAZON trucks with a smile on them labeled with the name PRIME (anagram that word and you get EMPIR minus an 'E') HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

  10. Meanwhile you can visit the portal of

    It's a GLOBAL ANIMAL PARTNERSHIP Corporation selling you beef that otherwise
    They fart too much and eat too much grass and even that herd must be managed and maintained by the SINDICATE to ensure it's effocacy

    Like the Land O Lakes butter reads on the bowl
    When you buy this butter you support the 1000 glow ball farmers and their families

    Hmm sounds like that 1000 points of so called light that poppy Bush exclaimed in his new world order speech

  11. "And it's all illegal as a three-dollar bill. "

    Thats funny. It used to be as Fake as a 2 dollar bill in the 80s. Then the central banks issued 2 dollar bills. Hello!?!? McFly!?!?!

  12. And just in case you don't know or have yet to see their latest school incident be aware that even in podunk schools out in the country have the entrance doors locked and you must buzz the front office to obtain entry to the building

    This is part of the CONditioning the new world order serfs to the glow ball order of things
    Kids today have a picture id hanging around their necks of which I am pretty sure these id photo tracking devices must be scanned at entrances and other in order to gain access

    They used these types of entry passes in buildings such as FedEx and in healthcare processing facilites as you could not come and go without scanning the badge to enter
    In one instance after I was hired by a company they did not issue me a badge for weeks
    The girl that let me use her badge to reenter the buidling was actually breaking protocol as no one else should ever use your badge to gain access

    See this was part of my conditioning as far back as 2001 when I joined FedEx one of the first things they issue the employee is a BADGE containing your PICTURE that you carry around with you at all times and they must be used to gain access to the facility or you cannot get in

    And Anna's Avatar is used on every article
    Pauls Avatar is used on the right of the blog

    This shit is not rocket seance folks it's everywhere

    Hence the Destiny or I mean DISNEY movie AVATAR

    1. the lanyard and name tag are from the SlaveEra.
      they where hung round slaves necks.
      the slave owner taught their slave a trade, then sent that slave into town to do business. the lanyard had a name tag hanging on it, as now, bearing that slave's owner's name: telling the buyer of the slaves services who they owed money to.
      usually such bookkeeping was done for the people at the GeneralStore/other.
      oftentimes, the slave owner would give the slave a tiny portion of what the slave earned and it could be spent at the GeneralStore, as the slave desired.