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Monday, March 27, 2023

To the Office of the Judge Advocate General

 By Anna Von Reitz

March the 25th 0f 2023

To the Office of the Judge Advocate General 

1322 Patterson Avenue, Suite 3000
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5066

Dear Sirs: 

Since 1864, your Office has been operating under a foreign command merely presumed to have authority based on the British Parliament's Naval Agency and Distributions Act; this has led to inappropriate Legal Presumptions and individual acts of impersonation, barratry, extortion under color of law, and attacks against members of the American General Public carried out in pursuit of illegal commercial mercenary actions and hypothecations of debt and phony salvage operations carried out by the British Territorial United States Government operating as a service corporation based in Puerto Rico. 

In May of 1865, the "Rump Congress" of the same British Territorial United States --- soon to begin operations as a Scottish commercial corporation infringing on our trademarks and doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" in 1868 ---- established ten unauthorized military districts and equally unauthorized military district courts in eleven Southern States.  

These Carpetbagger Courts were organized for the purpose of collecting War Reparations and were supposed to sunset when our civilian courts resumed operations (Ex Parte Milligan, 1866).  Instead, the American Public was kept in the dark and you fellows expanded your illegal and unauthorized "military districts" to cover all the States of the Union, and you began a campaign of commercial terrorism that has continued unabated to this day.  

We are requesting the liquidation of your corporations and the liquidation of these unauthorized courts and foreign military districts.  It has never been our intention to be "occupied" by foreign commercial mercenary forces in our own employment.  

While the American People have been owed The Law of Peace this entire time, we find that you have instead endeavored to mischaracterize and falsely register Americans under color of law as "U.S. Citizens" and then also contrived to construct additional false identities for us as Municipal Corporations operated under various phony NAMES --- for example, JAMES ALLEN ROOT, a phony Municipal ESTATE trust, or JAMES A ROOT, a phony Municipal Public Transmitting Utility, or ROOT, JAMES ALLEN, an intestate infant decedent estate, or other variations designated as "Special Purpose Vehicles", etc. 

It's all nothing but constructive fraud, fraud, and more fraud against your employers. 

This has been done to create "implied" public trust interests for yourselves and to allow yourselves to concoct non-consensual "services" allowing hypothecation of debt under Admiralty "salvage" rules that do not and cannot logically apply.  These acts of theft and force against your loyal employers are made the more disgusting by your long-term intransigence and refusal to correct your operations. 

We demand the removal of the Civil-War Era Military Districts from our States of the Union and the closure of the associated quasi-military "district courts" which have been liberally misaddressing members of the American General Public "as if" we were British Subjects or Municipal CITIZENS or otherwise obligated to serve you in a citizenship capacity. 

These gross acts of criminal malfeasance and misadministration are in violation of international law and the Treaties of Vienna and are being carried out by your offices as cloaked commercial mercenary operations on our shores.  

Members of the Bar Association --- a registered theater and entertainment company -- have been employed to provide an "appearance of justice" while you have continued to act as inland pirates and privateers against your own employers. 

These ridiculous entities operating phony courts on our shores have a conviction rate of over 96% and are continuing to try to foist off "the Fourteenth Amendment" of a Scottish Commercial Corporation "Constitution" as the basis of their authority --- more than a hundred years after that same Scottish Commercial Corporation went bankrupt. 

They get kickbacks to their CRIS pension fund for every conviction.  

Apparently, we keep you as ornaments to sit on your rumps and bilk your employers?  Is that your theory of how things are supposed to work? 

The Privy Council, the Government of Westminster, and the British Territorial United States are all in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of your presumed-to-exist commercial services contract.  

You should all be shamed worldwide and in public.  Everyone everywhere should know just how dishonest, irresponsible, criminal, and lawless the British Government and in particular, the British Admiralty, really is. You should all be embarrassed to the core, stripped naked, and paraded through the streets. 

It is the responsibility of the Provost Marshal (never intended to be a JAG Officer, but nonetheless now part of your self-assumed responsibility) to protect the interests of the American civilians who are non-combatant, non-debtors, who have been mercilessly attacked by a plethora of unauthorized and fanciful foreign "courts" exercising legislative prerogatives that are supposed to be limited to the internal operations of these these same "service providers" and their corporate officers and personnel. 

Instead, you've let these petty dictators and commercial concerns run rampant, as if they were the government of this country and as if everyone here was subject to your "discretion".  Time to wipe that idea right out of your minds, right now. 

There isn't a single thing in any Constitution, Treaty, or Commercial Services Contract anywhere providing you or your "government" with any right to misaddress Americans and issue mandates related to our private health, our assets, or anything else. 

What we are, Sirs, is fed up, in Session, and we have our civilian courts in order, ready to prosecute. 

You need to correct your own erring employees and provide them with sufficient and correct instruction, so that we don't have to continue this conversation. You need to shut down the CRIS System and the kickbacks.  You need to send the Bar Associations home before we catch up to them.  

We are your Employers, not your Subjects or "Mates", not Municipal CITIZENS, not anyone or anything but Americans in full possession of our history, our individual written Express Trusts, our published identity, and our Public Law. 

Any misunderstanding about this needs to be cleared up immediately and The Law of Peace universally imposed upon every court related to your offices and operations. Your JAG Officers need to hit the streets and close these phony courts down without further adieu, and you need to work with us to do it in a peaceable and responsible manner. 

We are standing right here, four-square, in your faces--- and we are ready and able to answer any questions you may have about who we are, what our authority is, and why you need to straighten up your operations on our shores. 

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America (and no, we are not incorporated now or ever.) 
Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 



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  1. Stripped naked and paraded through the streets. Hear!! Hear!!

  2. Saddle up the Palomino. It's posse time.

  3. repeating for new readers.
    "... you need to straighten up your operations on our shores."
    •• shores? no....theyre on our land.

    theyre not the American peoples EMPLOYEES.
    •• You be their Employer, we are NOT.

    "...we are *re-quest-ing* liquidation of the Municipal Corporations."

    •• no.
    that would collapse the infrastructure and kill even more people. you dont want to be responsible for that if it happened do you "anna"?
    i:woman say:
    1. the Corporations be changed to state-owned businesses for the good of the people, like theyre supposed to be.
    2. remove the mans who are harming man and replace them with state nationals who agree to serve God by serving man, and work under authority of the laws of nature and natures God like our ancestors did.
    3. the Services remain up and running, serving our people.
    you could kill people if you just sWITCH off the peoples' Services. whats the matter with you?


    1. You w:j and your persistent contention instigating comments and remarks surpass the pinnacle of pathetic ! You bitch, moan and groan and play the ad hominem game and really never communicate anything of beneficial value. Many of your comparisons are ludicrous, at best, and 'you' have not notably provided or even suggested any viable alternative or alievient for the issues of concern. You mostly just exibit yourself a wannabe holier than thou, hipocrit penwiper, a most obvious low budget Troll that could easily be assumed to not know their ass from a hole in the ground, even if they were comparing pictures of them side by side. The best suggestion for such a one, frankly, would be, just STFU !!!

    2. Actually, you are in error. She DID offer viable alternatives. Suggest you speak truths.

    3. yes, just keep everything running for the safety and well-being of our people, but CONVERT from ["de facto"] Corporation Business Model to the ["de jure"] state/people-owned Business Model we are supposed to have.

      Replace the Undeclared Foreign Agent FICTIONS who are British "Residents" with our own law-fully recorded American state nationals/ State Citizens.

      Set up our American common law trials, that we have right to hold, to try those who have broken the laws of nature and natures God/ cause harm to man.

    4. It would be great if those in power and the illegal justices would apply the letter of the Law, but with the Deep State would, I am sure resist, and that would, or could, end up in violence and civil unrest/war. I would love it if it could be enforced, without violence. We are not dealing with rational people here, we are dealing with evil, satanic criminals.

  4. [fi!du!ci!a!ry!-is-such-a-big-WORD:dEAR]

  5. I do hope that the JAG office is having an "oh, shit" moment at this point.