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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Second Comment on “Bank” Panic

 By Anna Von Reitz

Nobody has come forward with any actual evidence of wrong doing on the part of Hunter Aki and I do not respond well to gossip.  Remember? Facts and Law? Innocent until proven guilty? 

I have talked to Hunter and he’s disappointed with the people involved but not worried about returning their money.  This makes sense because all that happened was a change in what the “digits” mean—- from meaning “fiat money” to meaning “lawful money” in the overall accounts registry.

And now I want to address some other facts. 

These people creating this  — as it turns out, Credit Union panic, not Bank Panic— committed themselves voluntarily to the premise of banking built on sharing and love, what the South Africans call “Ubuntu”.  This concept has been explained by Hunter and by Michael Tellinger and can be viewed at length on YouTube. It is part of a worldwide movement.

But the moment that a clever professional banker with a conflict of interest appears and starts dropping crumbs of doubt, they clump together like sheep and stampede away in fear—— which is precisely what the conventional banker wants them to do. 

They don’t even have sense enough to know where he is coming from and why he would want to undermine their efforts. 

Those raising all these “concerns” created and joined a Credit Union sponsored by Global as a separate project. 

We have posted the Universal Bank Charter so everyone can see what it says — and doesn’t say—- for yourselves, and I trust everyone knows the difference between a credit union and a bank? 

They are talking up their “concerns” about a Credit Union THEY created and they are deliberately misleading people to think that we somehow chartered their Credit Union as a “bank”. 

Do the words “Credit Union” appear anywhere in the Universal Bank Charter? 

Is my signature or the signature of any Federation Officer on a single piece of paper related to this Credit Union?  


So the perpetrators of this hysteria are trying to bad-mouth Hunter, and by association bad-mouth me, when (1) they have shown no evidence of any wrong or harm to date; (2) they are complaining about a Credit Union THEY built and which the Federation did NOT charter, and (3) demanding that I conduct a “forensic audit” on a Credit Union that they created. 

I’m sorry, but the law makes them responsible for what they create.  It does not make me responsible for what they create. 

The Federation has created a new banking system. Every bank in that system works the same way and is obligated to function as stipulated in the Universal Bank Charter. They are also required to agree to the stipulations of the one page Bank Treaty in order to be part of this new bilateral banking system. 

These are old-fashioned banks of the kind our great-grandfathers used.  Any bank acting in violation of their charter and treaty  is also by definition acting in opposition to the Public Law — not the “private law” of the corporations. 

If you are scared, don’t be.  The great King Rat Franklin Delano Roosevelt said something I happen to agree with —- “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”  If you are going to spend your lives in fear, how much is life worth living? 

Joe Biden has already announced his plan going forward. 

He has hired 87,000 new IRS Agents to fleece the Public, signed an “Executive Order” allowing the use of “digital currency” —-that is,  keystrokes entered into a computer ledger backed by the “good faith” of a foreign Congress with a bad track record, and admitted that the inflation of the Federal Reserve Notes will get much, much worse. 

Inflation is just another kind of tax being levied on you. 

So Joe’s entire plan — as already announced—-is to spend the fiat currency into oblivion and tax you and tax the “Federal currency” for his spending. 

What this means, folks, is that the legal tender you have been forced to use “as” money is losing all value as you stand there in wonderment looking at ten dollar loaves of bread and fifty dollar chickens. 

And the man masquerading as “your” President is not only doing nothing about it, he is assisting this process and preparing to use armed force to seize your assets including the increasingly useless fiat scrip. 

You can’t beat them. It’s their “legal tender”. They can destroy it if they want to. And that is what Joe Boy has announced that they are going to do.

What you can do is to: (1) raise your voice against this criminality, (2) create a public record of your actual political status as an American — not any kind of Federal citizen; (3) join your lawful State Assembly and get organized, (4) buy extra food, water, fuel, medications, and trade goods you may need; (5) sock away lawful money — gold, silver, gems, etc. (6) support your actual American Government, our Federation of States, working in international jurisdiction at this time.

Hunter has been working around the clock and so have many others in other corners of the world, trying to give you an exit from this nightmare.  It’s up to you if you have wisdom or fear in your kit bag going forward. 

I have been working around the clock to focus public attention of the theft of private assets, including those private assets — the Global Collateral Accounts — that underwrite the banking system worldwide. 

We are the Donors.

We, acting as the Donors, have issued a direct order to the Trustees of the Department of Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements, seeking to straighten this Mess up, because we are the only ones who can straighten it out. 

The alternative is having Joe Biden and Thugs whipping and beating you and stealing everything that’s yours, to pay debts you don’t owe. 

Throughout this long process — and it has taken two decades — we have seen many self-serving, diabolical, and compromised people come past our doors.  They have sat down at our tables, threatened us, tempted us, spun us many tales. 

Always we stick to the truth. 

No gossip, no lies, no self-service. 

Not about banking and not about anything else. 

We have clung to the proposition that life and love are the only true values and that the only true job of a government is to protect the living people and their assets. 

If you agree, then don’t turn back from the work set before each one of us. As John Adams said, —the only man worth a damn, is a man who has commitment. 

Our Assemblies have been correctly and lawfully constructed to stand on a firm foundation. Our people (and everyone else) are being educated about their true history and returned to their true political identity, to stand as the living population of their State of the Union. 

As a result, the rats are scrambling hard, trying to confuse issues (Public Banks v private Credit Unions, District “Assemblies” v State Assemblies, American State Nationals v US “State” Nationals, and so on). 

They are also lying about everything and everyone on a 24/7 basis. 

I will give you the message of the True God, the message of the whole Angelic Host that stands as Gideon’s Army:  “Fear not!” 

Guard yourselves against being used by Evil to promote evil.  Spreading unsubstantiated gossip is one of the ways that good people are ensnared. Pride, greed, fear, and misplaced values are the enemies of us all. 

As things stand, the “dollars” in your pockets are worth less than two cents each in 1913 dollars. Over the course of the next two months— unless we can get control of the runaway train—- the prices of everything you can think of will double and a great many things will be unavailable. 

There will be all sorts of unsubstantiated bills addressed to your ACCOUNT that you will not be able to pay. The amount of these purported IRS bills will astonish you—- millions, even billions of dollars of purported debt alleged against your NAME.  

And after that, they have planned to send armed mercenaries to your door to collect on these debts that you don’t owe. 

This is the truth about the situation. 

Pray, therefore, that we succeed and the Law, not merely the “Rule of Law”, is honored by Mankind. 

Pray that men like Joe Biden and George Soros and Bill Gates are exposed for what they are. Pray that the shadowy “Trustees” of the Department of the Federal Treasury hidden inside the Bank of International Settlements are compelled —one way or another— to do what is right. 

Pray for our brother, Hunter, who has suffered this assault against his character from people who should have known better. Pray for me and for Julius and the eighteen Trust owners who stand against this evil.  Pray for our unincorporated Federation of States and pray for peace among the nations. 

Indeed, there is no reason for anyone to fight or go without all that they need.  We can have the end of taxation and enslavement and many other evils, if we just wake up and commit ourselves to right action, no matter what. 

For those who are confused by all the similar names deceits, please go to Youtube and watch the first one hour installment of Granna’s Bites, which explains the structure of the American Government and its relationship to the US Federal Government . 


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  2. I'm armed. Come and get it Sea boy.

  3. Again where is the link to the proof of the story you are telling?

    1. There is NONE. Anna is a dangerous and evil minded woman that is revengeful and full of caca.

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  5. Thank you Ms anna von! Drop movie resources please! Sup paul.

  6. I’ve been reading the writings of Anna on and off for a while, trying to discern if she’s a complete nutcase or speaking the truth. Her writing is always tortuous to read and comes in the ambiance of riddles and wild claims. This doesn’t mean she’s nuts or incorrect, but I reserve judgment while being mindful she is a papist and so committed to Antichrist (the papacy), or at least to his Whore (the Church of Rome). One thing is evident: she’s a theological charlatan.

    1. Another government agent speaks
      Have you heard of GFY
      Scum need to get back to your cave)
      While your there, release those kids.

    2. Your on and off reading has done nothing for you. Your claims against Anna are bullshit. She's not committed to the antichrist and not committed to the church of Rome. You sound like a Reign Of Heavens Asshole. Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  7. proofs?
    "anna" is Acting As "Sovereign" so she makes her stories up as she goes

    1. above comment got interfered with, that was supposed to be:
      "anna" is Acting As "Sovereign" so she makes her stories up as she goes?!!? :):):):):)

    2. There are men,women,children,and country,only stories made up,are from evil criminals,like, Rocafella Rothschild,examples,and there minions insects

    3. :a-body. "woman:janmarieDecember 11, 2022 at 12:55 AM
      "anna" is Acting As "Sovereign" so she makes her stories up as she goes" When you see the janmarie - keep this in mind - Its easier to destroy than create. To destroy one must only find fault, and this is why people destroy - to be considered right for that quick rush of chemicals . To create takes time, money, experience and knowledge - with no guarantee. I've been reading these boards for over two years. In my opinion the avatar claiming to be a women, known as janmarie, is a destroyer.

    4. a858am
      if woman:janmarie is your focus, youre worrying about something you have absolutely no control over: me.

    5. I agree, Anna acts more like a NAZI sympathizer PROMOTING ignorance and throwing those "followers" under a freight train. She is a WICCAN WITCH practicing majick and casting spells on the ignorant "american citizenry" of which she is a PART.

  8. My shineola senser is not that great, but even I can tell that these trolls are disgusting spoilers. I wouldn't doubt they're the same ones living in there parents basement sending out viruses.

  9. Interesting when you start looking these up

    Look at the second link associated with a death of someone named the same name

    Eugenia is from ATLANTA GEORGIA

    Non violent civil disobedience legislation

    Make note
    The last statement reads as follows
    Nothing less than the fate of humanity and our precious planet Earth are at stake. We invite your participation. We invite you to a life of “civil obedience.”

    World Legislative Act #44
    Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Act
    Number 2 says the
    And just what might those properties be
    Something like say the 'white house'

  10. Now this would be a BIG BANG now wouldn't it

    CONtinuity of GODvernment is already in place hiding out in the ROCKIES


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