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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Guest Post from one of our readers -Paul Stephen Schaffrin

 Paul. Please if possible and only if you feel my comment appropriate and of benefit would you post it for me. I have been recovering from a near fatal condition and my mind is still not back from what it once was. Thank you. I thought the first part of this, might make for a 'this is where I come from' but edit it for better readability. I can only imagine how busy you must be, so only if you think it worth while. Thank you.

I have followed this site for five or six years,  During this time I have only posted 2 innocuous comments offering sincere appreciation and support to Anna and her team for having the courage, dedication, and skill but mostly the love for the people living on the land and soil of our union of states. I once possessed a smaller portion of her talents as I might offer evidence of when in high school I came home and opened a rejection letter from Georgetown. Entirely without arrogance, simply motivated by an un-jaded history of youthful accomplishment, I asked my mother an AA employee, for a non-rev ticket to DC because I needed to immediately inform the University president of the mistake that they had made. Armed with a flight pass and the thus far unblemished confidence of my youth I was on my way to Georgetown to fulfill my mission. By 8:30 the next morning I was sitting in the crimson adorned offices of Fr.Timothy S. Healy, President of Georgetown University.  

After an exciting and successful meeting being told that I was definitely "IN" , Fr. Healy called in the President of the Alumni Association to take me to lunch and a personal tour of the town. The first place we stopped  was a very old brick hall type building with a long flight of matching brick stairs to climb, and my escort became very serious. As we entered the foyer I was instructed to stand straight, smile, and limit any answers to a single word before he then opened the foyer door to the hall and to a small group of ancient looking men, and announced that  Fr. Healy had instructed him to introduce me to them as a future senator from the great state of Oklahoma. 

Upon hearing that introduction I fell into a state of shock and don't remember anything else of the day. 

I have lived an interesting life becoming acquainted with top business men and politicians from my state, until before the 2000 election when everything seemed to be presented on a platter, and it appeared to be "My Time". I could do no wrong. Opportunity was everywhere. The political arena was luring me. But then it happened and I thank God for gifting me with solid integrity and strong critical thinking skills. 

Something didn't feel right. Soon everything didn't feel right. Every opportunity came with a hidden cost. Most with the cost of a compromise  Very few were really significant but as a whole it appeared as if it was designed to make me a different person than who I was, and to make me generally disregard the principles I believed in. 

I rapidly began  to see with opened eyes the control and corruption of governments and the world around me  I maintained an open mind and I am blessed with the ability to see things from multiple perspectives.  I also have the habit of treating everyone, even those with whom I disagree, with respect. But the stress took its toll on my body. I withdrew and observed. 

On Christmas 2013 I was taken by  ambulance to the hospital.   I was in septic shock, and they were going to amputate both legs to the upper thigh. It was determined that the infections were too far gone and I would not survive the operations. I was given three to ten days to live and pumped full of pain killers.  The stress had essentially destroyed all of my adrenals and my whole body was filled with strep and MRSA. My body was being consumed with osteomyelitis. I would have died. All of the doctors and nurses look at me in amazement. Instead of laying on my death bed filled with hate, anger, resentment, fear, envy, jealousy and so many of the other destructive vibrational frequencies, I am still here. The main thoughts that occupied my mind were deep gratitude and appreciation for the gifts and talents I had been given, and the wish that I had put them to better use in my life, along with acknowledgment of God's love for me.  My body began to vibrate literally vibrate with incredible healing power.  I can walk again,
I can breath without an O2 tank.  My jagged bones no longer cut though my skin. My mind is improving every day. I know I will live a long life to make up for what I almost lost. I say all of this to introduce myself and share my hope that we can make this world a paradise if we can come together with respect for each other and realize we are not enemies of each other. The real enemy seeks to divide us and to separate us. Even on this site people say some truly horrible things about Anna . So far I am not aware of any one working harder, and giving more of themselves, than Anna. She has a plan. It makes more sense than any other and even in my long struggle to regain my health I am preparing myself for the new year to offer all the support I can.  I hope everyone here will as well, and stop any more trolling or condemnation. If any feel they have an objection then fine, do something better, but don't  attempt to destroy what is being built.  Jesus came to unite the Church not divide it. Let's follow that example.  We can disagree respectfully but we must do it in love for one another.