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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Answer to "Satan" About Mr. Lincoln and the Results

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lincoln, being misrepresented as The President of The United States while acting as President of the United States, was the lie and so are you, The Lie, personified, by your own admission.  You have called yourself Satan and so it is. 

You deal consistently in half-truths, from Eden to now. 

It's true that the Southern States-of-States didn't engender the illegal Mercenary Conflict by walking out on the last meeting of the Confederation and leaving the original Confederation without a quorum.  That was no act of war, but a business decision and, in view of the deceitfulness of Lincoln and his cohorts, a moral decision as well.  

It's true that Lincoln, acting as "the President" of "the" United States of America, Incorporated, issued an illegal "declaration" and ordered his Mercenaries to attack Fort Sumter. 

But then, virtually everything Lincoln did, from his election as the "president" of a privately owned foreign British Territorial corporation calling itself, "the United States of America, Incorporated", to his deceitful declaration of "war", to his "emancipation proclamation" emancipating Southern slave owners and his issuance of General Order 100 --- was all done in fraud and deceit and Gross Breach of Trust. 

Everyone then and everyone now has cause to know that Mr. Lincoln had no power to declare war, and yet, he issued his personal declaration which appeared to do so. And trusting folk, thinking that he was their President, obeyed him. 

This demonstrates the value of knowing your Constitution and holding anyone appearing to be a public official accountable. 

But his deceits then do not excuse yours now. 

The Confederation, which was an instrumentality of the sovereign States -- North and South --  operating in Martimine Jurisdiction as the States of America under The Articles of Confederation implemented March 1, 1781, owned and operated the Federal Republic instituted as the American Federal Subcontractor in receipt of the enumerated Delegated Powers under The Constitution for the united States of America, as a further instrumentality, and both were destroyed by the rift that started in 1860.  Their "perpetual Union" was broken and has never been reconstructed by the States of the Union. 

Those are the facts and no matter how you try to twist the Truth, they remain. 

When Jefferson Davis and his compatriots formed the new organization known as The Confederate States of America they combined the assets of the Southern State-of-State organizations doing business as The State of Georgia, The State of Virginia, etc., they created their own new "Confederation" as is made obvious from the name change: it was no longer our original Confederation "the States of America" which included both North and South, it was "The Confederate States of America" to which only Southern members belonged.  The North, meantime, formed its own "Union Confederation" and then, in common parlance, started calling itself "the Union" to promote confusing it with our actual Union of States. 

Jefferson Davis was fully aware of all this and often commented in his books and public speeches and appearances after the armed hostilities ended that there would be a reckoning.  So if you are trying to promote yourself as a friend of Jefferson Davis and the Southern Cause you should be pleased that I am paying the Liars out --- but you're not.  Instead, you are a Liar  trying to chisel an advantage out of the misery of our Forefathers. 

The creation of the original Confederation in 1781 self-evidently did not replace either the United States (original Union formed in 1776, and operated as "the United States" from 1776 to 1851, when the name changed to The United States) or The United State of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.  Both the United States (The United States after 1851) and The United States of America were in full operation before, during, and after the so-called Civil War. 

Anyone with a brain should know that sovereign entities and direct Agents of sovereign entities CANNOT be incorporated by foreign governments and ARE NOT eligible for bankruptcy protections, and yet, you are trying to convince your Followers otherwise, trying to confuse them and claim that the Federation is or was a "Federal Subcontractor", which it never has been and could not be, because the Federation and its member States are the Principals on the paying end of the Federal Constitutions. 

We're the Employers. not the Employees. 


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  1. Signed, seal and delivered chump. You got served.

  2. everything after the original Articles of Confederation was done "Under Color of Law":
    1. without consent of the govern-ed
    2. did not secure the rights of the govern-ed
    3. un-secured the rights of the people.
    so ALL is null and void.
    writing more Articles about it wont change it.

    1. That's a bold statement. Proof? Facts? Your comment/lies should be pulled... Faker.

    2. ANON, dig into the founding, read the documents
      Articles of Association primarily
      Clause 2 followed up by Clause 14

      So Why did article 1, section 9, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution (a Statist Document, spoken against by such great Americans as Patrick Henry, of which the people are not party to) protect something they ended, and found inimical to liberty?

    3. beautiful TRUTH.

    4. Neither one of you idiots has a clue what you're talking about, lol. Blah, blah, blah. That's what I think of you.

    5. The projection is real
      I even gave you the document to go figure it out for yourself
      So yeah
      Blah blah blah
      Like a phonecall in a peanuts cartoon

  3. [that”s”-NICE:dear]

  4. She's explained this numerous times.

  5. Our government goons are out of control and it’s high time a second revolution takes place to remove the sewer and satanic rats infesting DC. How do we start taking back what was stolen

  6. One huge clue , the founders drafted a document that stated plain as day, and
    our posterity ? That in fact expressed the exclusion of non bloodline heirs..
    Are you a blood relative of any of the founders ?
    It's been researched and proven that every president except one is related by blood. So please make your own conclusions about who are ? ( We the people ) ?

    1. excellent comment! making such good points. and there seems to be no known definition for their phrase: "We the People" either. without a definition it is, in actual law, just worthless words scribbled onto an equally worthless Dock- U -Ment.
      and Thank You God! us free and independent man under authority of the common law for man on our land (that itself is under your gracious and protective authority) are not part of the abomination they created for THEIR families and have tried to foist off onto us!

      you can tell our two papers (Unan Declar and Art of Conf, Per Union) are under authority of the common law for man upon our land under our creator, because they require ***man*** to agree/ consent before they become lawful.
      On the other hand, Their "Constitution", is ORDAINED, so some claim of Priestly-type authority is used to place it OVER their Posterity.
      wow, their whole shitshow is unraveling very quickly now.

    2. Exactly ! These puppets and their overlords have used paper and ink to enslave the masses ...

  7. Jesus the Christ started the Christian Church you dumb witch Anna. the Simon says Simon Magna's that you stated started the Christian Church is a demon and is your Magician who is demonic,,,Folks , this woman needs a padded room, she don't know true history and is clearly a lost soul , as is anyone who follows her and her.

  8. Does this “color of the law” as it were and is effecting both Southern and Northern states of the Union or does it only affect the Southern states which changed their name? Also under this dutification, is everyone (all races) included?


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