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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Enough of the Filipino Claims

 By Anna Von Reitz

The landmass of the Philippine Islands was transferred to The United States of America as a result of the Spanish American War and the payment of $20 million dollars-worth of our gold. 

Once our name and our actual asset money gets involved in a deal, the transfer is lawful, not just legal.  

This is why we fought the nascent Government of the Philippines for fifteen bloody years after the transfer and why we spent endless resources and lives to regain the Philippines during the Second World War. We own the Philippine Islands as a Possession, like it or not.

The Treaty of Manila Bay is a Sea Treaty, not a Land Treaty. 

So, here we are.  By Peace Treaty with Spain, by gold in hand paid, and by victory at arms ---and observing that no superseding Land Treaty exists--- there can be no doubt that under international law, the land of the Philippine Islands belongs to us, The United States of America --- Unincorporated. 

That being true, no Filipino can bring a claim against our material interests, public or private, for lack of standing to do so. And it really doesn't matter if they are descendents of Queen Isabella or the Devil himself. 

It certainly doesn't matter if they are related to Ferdinand Marcos. 

From our perspective, Ferdinand was named as a Trustee-for-Hire over our gold assets which were shipped offshore by the U.S. Navy for safekeeping in the Philippines beginning just after the Spanish American War.  

We have the Navy transport receipts so there is no gainsaying any of this. 

Now, we are not saying that all the gold in the Philippines is ours, but a good bit of it is, and it needs to be returned without any fanciful stories about General Yamashita's war time escapades or claims made upon it by Ferdinand Marcos' seventeenth Cousin five times-removed on his Mother's side. 

Since our public disclosure of who Julius Shiva is with respect to the gold assets underwriting most of the world's central banks, we have yet another Filipino imposter saying that he is Julius Shiva.  

Pay attention to the name.  Shiva is a Hindu God of Death and Destruction. Julius is the King. Julius Shiva. This is the name the CIA gave him when they snatched him and transported him to this country and forced him into the political status of a U.S. Resident. 

What stands to be destroyed by this quiet man?  The central bank system, which has been illegally foisted off on the world, and which has been used for the purpose of illegal confiscation and illegal commodity rigging of all kinds for over a hundred years. 

The destruction, or in this case, the transformation of evil into something good, is a blessing.  

Wake up, everybody.  Everyone in the Philippines?  Stop making these ridiculous claims. Check the records of the U.S. Congress for the year of 1934, and there you will see provision for an "independent Government for the Philippines".  And why was this done?  So that the Government of the Philippines could act as Trustee for our gold.  

The theft, betrayal, breach of trust, abuse, and deceit that the people of this country and many other countries have suffered has to end. We have been kept in the dark and misled to take many actions that we wouldn't have taken, had we simply known the truth.  

Now, know the truth.  The Pope's Municipal Government set up as a commercial corporation in the business of providing government services, and the British Territorial Government also set up as a commercial corporation in the business of providing government services--- have been the problem all along. For everyone. The Americans included. 

They've misled Americans to do terrible things.  They have pulled the strings in the darkness and made sure to place all the blame for it on "the Americans" --- but they are actually the ones to blame. Thanks to their Breach of Trust our poor country has been in the thrall of these foreign mercenary corporations for a century and a half, and the people here never even knew what was going on. 

It's time for the self-interested fraud of the Central Banks to end on a worldwide basis, and it must be so, if the people of this planet are to survive.  We can do this together, and open up an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity for the whole planet, or, we can continue to fund our own demise. 

Shiva must destroy what is evil in order for what is good to thrive. 

So all you Filipinos pretending to be this and that lord and lady and princess and relative of Marcos and so on and on and on --- quit it. 
Just stop. If you want your land and true sovereignty back, if you want to stop playing the cruel games of the Brits and the Papists, stop. 

There are not two Julius Shivas.  There is exactly one.  And he is not a Filipino. If he was, there would be no need for the CIA to snatch him and  cashier him in the role of a U.S. Resident, because as a Filipino, that's what he'd already be. 

The U.S. Navy Division of Fiscal Services was in the process of figuring all of this out when the 911 Perpetrators attacked their offices at the Pentagon and killed the lead investigators.  All that information didn't just disappear under a veil of smoke.  It survives. It has been copied. It has been distributed worldwide. 

So, there is no use lying, twisting, or turning.  This is the end of the Great Tribulation -- as in tribute paid to Rome. It is also the end of the Nazi Resurgence.  


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