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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Land Swindles and Swindlers

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past week a growing number of State-of-State Legislators and members of Congress have awakened to the threat created by allowing foreign nationals and Governments to buy land in this country.  They are mounting a joint effort to prevent this and many people are justifiably alarmed.  

Actually, though, it's another British Double-Cross.  These people, foreign nationals and foreign corporations, are coming over here and buying what they think is land in America.  

But what they are actually buying is nothing but a foreign British Territorial "Title" which amounts to a copyrighted description of someone else's land. 

The only people who can actually own land in this country are the American people. Anything else amounts to a swindle of one kind or another. 

This most recent British La-La Palooza Scheme is classic. 

A young girl working for a foreign corporation parks her car by the side of the road and stands there looking at your house, garden, lawn, garage, etc., and out of the blue sky, she jots down an arbitrarily chosen street number and street name and attaches this "handle" to your property. 

According to her and her employer, your property is now called 4900 Mockingbird Lane.  Or it's known as Lot 5, Block 10, of the Riverside Subdivision, Fourth Palermo Recording District, Sunnyville, California. 
Or it's Plat Number 1146 - A10, Page 1290001, Lester County, Nebraska. Or its Homestead 54-96-11, East half of the Northwest one-quarter of the Southeast one-quarter of Section 10, R4E,T6N, Racine County, Wisconsin. 

All these different copyrighted systems of land descriptions are essentially dishonest means to "attach" or "latch onto" your property assets and assert a public or corporate franchise interest in your property without the benefit of your consensual agreement.  

They simply start using these systems to describe your land and people (even you) start using these descriptions as "land titles" that are not actually land grants and which have no particular meaning or value apart from the purely "descriptive value" of the copyright.  

So how will it be when all the people of America and all the Chinese and Korean investors who think that they have bought land in this country suddenly discover that they've been hoodwinked?  And what they've been sold (at a very hefty price) is nothing but the copyright to an artistic creation --- not the land, but a description of the land. 

And this description has been provided by HRM's employees, pretending to have an ownership interest in land and soil that was never theirs to begin with.

Reminds me of a Slim Picken's movie, in which Slim is leaning on the rail of the paddock of a horse stable in the Old West.  A Dude newly arrived, walks up to Slim and is admiring a beautiful horse in the paddock. Also in the paddock is a broken down old mare, minding her business. 

The Dude says, waving his finger, "I'd like to buy that horse over there." 

Slim nods, "That's ole Lightning Bolt. Never was a better horse. I can see you have an eye for such things, Stranger." 

Dude says, "Yes, I do.  How much for Ole Lightning Bolt?"

They quibble. They strike a deal.  The Dude pays.  Next morning he comes to get his horse, but the beautiful horse is nowhere to be seen and when he says he's there to pick up Ole Lightning Bolt, the stable boy nods and brings in the old mare. 

"That's not Ole Lightning Bolt!" the Dude splutters. 

"Sure is," the boy replies. "I've known this horse my whole life!" 

It's only then that the Dude realizes that Slim was talking about a different horse the whole time, and that Slim has made an exceptionally good deal for himself, because it turns out that Slim didn't own Ole Lightning Bolt.  And he hasn't paid Widow Johnson, the actual owner, a dime.  

Turns out he's skipped town on the evening train. 

And that's what the British Territorial Government Corporation and the Pope's Municipal Government Corporation, both, have done here. Just imagine Pope Francis and King Charles wearing battered old cowboy hats, leaning on the fence, looking at other people's horses. And other people's land. 

They swindled the Americans and now they've swindled the Chinese and Koreans, and our job is to make sure that everyone knows that the only way you can actually own land in America is if you are an American and claiming your birthright political status as an American and claiming your land grants and patents, too.  

That's the only way that you belong to the land, and then, as a result, the land belongs to you. 

I am afraid that the only happy -- and ironic -- part of this story, is that the Chinese who have been defrauded along with the rest of us, are also the targets in a much larger fraud scheme being promulgated by the Vatican and the British Crown against them, and this just might be enough to wake them up. 

The immensity and meaning of this land swindle might even wake up the Zombie American Apocalypse, when all the Baby Boomers and Flower Children and Gen X and X Gen and Millenials and Snowflakes and Indigo Children and Transhuman Snake Hybrids wake up and go, "OMG!"  


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  1. I remember the hysteria in the 80's when the japanese were buying up everything including Pebble beach golf course. Dutch I think "bought" the Empire state bldg. Just laughed. The can't take it home. But they are only buying a legal title NOT the metes and bounds soil.

    1. right.
      only the Made Up Title, not actual physical land. exactly.

  2. only man can own land.

    man IS land.
    we are created from the earth and we are the only ones who can own it.

    no government can own land, no corporation, no American birthright Political Status... just man.
    and, again, what man or government is going to "Grant" land? it doesnt belong to them.
    man makes his claim on land.
    how are you going to Patent something that already exists?

    1. It's not so much that it exists, but that you didn't invent/create it.

    2. yes, i see the (technical) point youre making. anything else?

    3. What else is there to say about it? Lol. You can't patent anything you didn't invent/create.

    4. Oh! Almost forgot! You can't patent snake or shellfish venom/toxins either. So, none of that is in the vaccines...sorry.

  3. Where is monday call?


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