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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Can It Get Any Crazier?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Look at this one: U.S. prepares for full-scale invasion of Haiti, one of the poorest countries on the planet, our long-suffering neighbor in the Caribbean, plagued with tropical storms, earthquakes, drought, locusts, more torrential rains, mudslides, more drought, more earthquakes.... 

People in Haiti starve on a regular basis, and if we had any sense and if the British Government (which is more responsible for the conditions in Haiti than we are) had any mercy, compassion, or sense, we'd be sending meaningful help. Not plotting out how to do a palace coup proxy war. 

As it is, we send a lot of money-laundering NGO's to Haiti, organizations that steal the foreign aid relief money and send it back to political party PACS and the "Foundations" of certain political figures in this country. 

The recent scandals and revelations of FTX's role in precisely this sort of money laundering scheme designed to defraud investors and siphon away foreign aid to Ukraine is just one example among many. 

And everyone acts so shocked, but it has been going on for decades. 

Remember when that crony pal of John McCain's showed up at the pier in Lagos, Nigeria, with a boatload of moldy WWII Surplus Army blankets? That the American people paid for, plus shipping and handling?  

We are talking about crooks, and not even smart crooks. (If he'd been a smart crook, he'd have dumped that cargo at sea, and the American people wouldn't have had a glimpse of what passes for "foreign aid" and wouldn't have deduced who really benefits from it.) 

Remember, I told you that 98% of all Foreign Aid appropriated by Congress never gets to its purported target population?  Now, you begin to see why.  

And in some cases like the moldy blankets and the twenty-years past the "use by" date cans of military grade Spam, it's a good thing that this garbage we pay for to reimburse defense contractors in the name of "foreign aid" ---doesn't reach its destination. Instead, it's illegally dumped at sea or in landfills, late at night. At public expense. 

How about all the crates of "food" being hauled aboard U.S. Navy ships that are clearly marked, "Not for Human Consumption"?  Care to guess what that's about? 

So, Haiti is among the Top Ten most impoverished countries in this Hemisphere, and the Big Bad Ridiculous U.S. is preparing to invade.

In the name of God, what for?  

To destroy records showing how Haitian children have been stolen for decades, whereabouts unknown?  To overwhelm the Haitian Government and use the island as a pirate haven?   

If the nutcases in charge of the White House Office, Incorporated, go through with this one, nobody will believe a word they say, and nobody in their right mind will support it. 

As we speak, "the" U.S. is trying to use Canada and Brazil (???) to do the invasion for them. They would normally use the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces --- but doing what mercenaries do --- the UN Peacekeepers have been caught raping and pillaging and stealing and causing far more harm than help. And that wouldn't support the narrative that this invasion and overthrow is meant as a philanthropic effort. 

Just like the philanthropic overthrow and invasion of Ethiopia. And Somalia.  And Mali.  And Zimbabwe.  And, and, and.... 

These cretins are always so  busy spreading their democracy that they can never settle down and try for a 51% mandate to do any of this crap, but then, they don't actually practice or respect any form of government. 

Bear in mind --- we are not talking about America here.  America is not a democracy.  America has a republican form of government.  Instead, we are talking about the British Territorial United States Government, and their democracy, which until recently was headquartered in Puerto Rico. 

You didn't know about that, either, did you?  

Yes, Puerto Rico is a member of the Commonwealth.  That's how their IRS had access to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition to prosecute Taxpayers in this country, and now they have moved their operations to the Ladrones, aka, Mariana Islands, in anticipation of doing the same thing to over a billion Chinese from the safety of another misadminstered U.S. Possession. 

Even if you sat up all night and really, really tried.... and yet, it all makes sense if you know the history of the Income Tax --- as far back as 1135 AD.  It's a war tax to help the Church pay for the Crusades.  

If a military invasion is a philanthropic effort, why not just say it's all about philanthropy and send the Mennonites?  Or the Salvation Army?  Why not send in the Army Corps of Engineers with the simple directive: "Drain this lake full of sewage." 

People, we've got to end this romp through Crazyland, USA.  For our sake and for the sake of the whole world. 

So listen up: 

Things got too hot for the British Crown operations here and about forty years ago, the parasites began making preparations to find a new Host in China. They had collaborators in China via the Bank of Shanghai known as HSBC, a Chinese-British Bank.  In 2017, Prince Philip received $950 Trillion in credit for Britain's part in this criminal breach of trust, brokered by the GOVERNOR of OTTAWA --- another "independent international city state" --- and the Vatican loaned our gold to China so that China could buy out the other creditors of the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. 

China bought the brand name and trademarks of the UNITED STATES, INC. and Joe Biden became their puppet manager.  That's why he is called CHINA Joe, peeps.  That's why he does whatever China wants him to do.  He works for them, literally.  

And while it is blatantly illegal for any British Corporation subject to the Companies Act to use assets of the victims to buy out their own interests, the Vatican has no such qualms, limits, or moral considerations. 

As we write, the Nazi UN Corp is on the move again, probably looking for a new base of operations from which to distribute seventeen different kinds of weaponized pathogens. 

Ah, so now we have our answer.  Just like the cretins contracted with a Chinese laboratory to develop the illegal Covid 19 crud, and then attempted to blame the Chinese for it, they are looking for a place to release all those deadly pathogens --- and where better than poor, old, suffering Haiti?

Haiti is already famous for having cases of ancient diseases like bubonic plague as well as more updated plagues of smallpox, cholera, hemorrhagic fever, etc.  If you wanted to find a plausible place to release seventeen vile pathogens at once, without raising too many eyebrows, where would you go? 

Haiti. Nigeria.  India.  In more or less that order.  So, if, all of a sudden, you hear of plagues in these places and the hue and cry begins blaming these victims, you will know what to think.   

Government of Canada?  Government of Brazil?  If you let the rats talk you into participating in any of this, it's your soldiers who will come back infected with this crap.  

Government of India --- you already know what the Raj is like and you've already experienced Bill Gates and his "vaccines".  You know what we are saying is true, and that your people and your country will be targeted if you don't get busy and help stamp out the Vermin once and for all. 

And yes, every American and Canadian who isn't brain dead -- think. 

They want to release these pathogens close to the open American Southern Border in hopes of killing a maximum number of Americans as we are the only ones with a helluva lot of guns and ammo. 

We have a better suggestion.  

Arrest the Lords of the Admiralty. 

Arrest all agents of HSBC.

And shut down the Municipal "World Health Organization" --- WHO, INC. 

These are the real sources of the problem.  If you want this illegal mercenary war to stop, we have to get to the root of it and put an end to it before hundreds of millions of innocent people are destroyed for no reason beyond the greed, power-mongering, and stupidity of the so-called elites. 

No phony war to save the Haitians by killing them. 

No using Haiti as the mule to deliver all the filthy bio-engineered pathogens to the rest of the world. 

No more Satanic bull crap and crime.  

And no more open southern border, no matter what Fruit Loops says. 


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  1. Thank You for informing me i have an idea, to inform YESHUA what i think of this

  2. We have to stop the "White Hats" allowing all this shit. They knew from the beginning that the injections were a bio-weapon, they watched the elections of 2020 and 22 being stolen. And their "Plan" is to let it all happen for our sake - for our awakening. The Plan keeps on rolling out with a second plandemic in the offing. Remember the Deagel report. They projected something like 2 out of every 3 Americans would be dead by 2025. So the White Hats have only one year and four weeks left to achieve their goal. I am sick of them. It is not my Plan and I do not consent! What they are doing is criminal.

    1. That is my sentiments exactly! There are plenty enough people already that are awake and the hell w/the idiots that keep getting the shots/jabs

  3. Really? I thought this was obvious, but maybe not.

    Where's Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) in relation to Haiti?

    What recently happened to the Biden regime/clown act?
    Lets see, how about this for starters:

    White hats bagged a whole lot of them after this gala.

    Oh yeah baby. Hey Brandon it's time to mount an invasion of GITMO to go get our clowns out of there before they sober up, spill the beans and hang. Could the timing be any more coincidental? No time to waste cause JAG is wasting no time and hanging them quick! Gotta git'er done right now!!

    Can the geography be any more perfect? Check a map and see. GITMO is a mere 60 miles from Haiti. Well well what an amazing coincidence!!

    If ever the deep state mounted a lame rescue attempt in total panic this is surely it. Don't know 'bout yous guys but I have a bucket of popcorn ready, my baggy sweatpants and fuzzy slippers are on and I'm ready for this next episode of "Deep State Circus: How Many Ways Can We Screw This One Up?"

    1. By Geowge me thinks uze may be onto sumpin!!! lol

    2. Normal logic suggests things like this not act with a veil
      If it's veiled, its bullshit
      No light, no truth
      Only ones quick to kill without full exposure are ones who are also full of guilt
      Wonder why

    3. RRN is a well known CIA PROXY.

  4. Wake Up America!!!

    1. well now they are making zombie viruses

    2. That would explain the Militaries Zombie Apocolypse field manual FM 999-3 Titled Counter-Zombie Operations at the fireteam level

  5. Well you can bet your ass they can

    Remember how I told you about Medici Ventures and
    Memorandums of Understanding
    New Best-Practices Report for Tribal Treaty and Reserved Rights.
    Today, 17 federal agencies, coordinated through the White House Council on Native American Affairs (WHCNAA), are releasing a new best-practices report to integrate Tribal treaty and reserved rights into agency decision-making processes. This best-practices report was developed in consultation with Tribal Nations and implements the agencies’ Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Interagency Coordination and Collaboration for the Protection of Tribal Treaty Rights and Reserved Rights.

    Now I wonder if ole Patrick here formerly of OVERSTOCK and now with Medici Venutres and the MINISTRY OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES could have anything to do with these so called new 'standards'

    And remember now Medici was created/formed to incubate everything blockchain
    Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as

    Well golly gee gomer land titling and a blockchain LRS graphical user interface web application supplied to the signed up volunteers right here on this sight to 'record' their land records for 'safe keeping'?

    1. A clip of the article

      Tribal Homelands

      New Regulations and Process for Fee to Trust Land Acquisitions. DOI will publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on proposed amendments to 25 C.F.R. Part 151, which governs fee-to-trust land (or “land into trust”) acquisitions that transfer land title to the United States to be held in trust for the benefit of an individual Indian or Tribe, including in Alaska. The process is critical for Tribal sovereignty, self-determination, preservation of history and culture, economic development, and the well-being of Tribal citizens.

      Just like the so called land trust they did back in the early 1900's

      Do you see that 13 BENEFICIARIES
      Effective July 25, 2022, the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) has moved to a new location. ASLD’s new address is 1110 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

      This move is a part of the Governor’s initiative to reduce the footprint of State Agencies. We look forward to continuing our mission of managing Arizona’s State Trust land in support of our 13 Trust Beneficiaries and the State’s future.

    2. You'll notice at the top of the page OBUDSMAN

      OMB is Office of Management and Budget and has everything to do with all things money and international in scope

      Have you ever noticed the forms you get that have OMB on them from the Godvernment

      Also notice above where it states 25 C.F.R Part 151
      That would be the Council on Foreign Relations or I mean the Code of Federal Regulation
      NOW there is an eCFR electronic code of federal regulation
      Gee how convenient that you will only have access to any information as it pertains to their shenanighans now through electronic means

      Another way they hide shit is in their CAFR (CFR) reports where the heist of all heist takes place like clockwork as the slaves toil away believing anything these cockroaches say

      These reports are for every state, city, township whatever and they contain trillions of hidden investments and funds all of which the tax payer is none the wiser

      How the cock roaches stole the city of Detroit blind and left the residents for dead as these cock roaches choked the life out of the city

    3. What does this say about Norfolk Naval Base?

    4. Wind energy is it

      Or a target zone

      You'll notice not too many camps for the kids to play in in the 11 western states

      Whole bunch of them east of the CONTINENTAL DIVIDE

      The great basin where the sick bastards will wash their hands of their great work and build back better
      The great salt lakes
      Where man will be returned to being the salt of the earth

      The heaver dam will play a big part in washing alot of the deplorables away - they recently had an 'incident' there

    5. Wearing a mask for the last few years was a sign
      Fallout from yellowstone will be immense
      The lands in the west were set aside for just this event
      There is no tellin what these cretins have set up and ready to set off out there and blame it on mother nature and climate change

      BURNING MAN - military planning and the First Earth Battalions

      Burning man and it's relation to Nevada

      And this statement is the crux of their overall CON
      When jesus was crucified, he was pierced in the side and out flowed water and blood. This is symbolic of red and blue, but when mixed together, they form purple. So, to the royal reptilian thinkers, this symbolic piercing and flowing of purple is the death chaos that must be created throughout the world in order to bring about the raising of a new world order. This is what they really mean when they say that christ will rise from the dead and that the saints will reign with him for a thousand years.

      You can have this warped world, I want nothing to do with it
      And yes that means I face certain death but is sure as hell beats the alternative

      Banned from heaven means earth

      This is where the 7 NOAHIDE Laws will be enacted revealed

      Many of them entail being put to death/banishment from heaven aka earth
      Hence their PROGRESSIVE commercials where they are singing
      We'll make heaven and place on earth
      Did you read that

    6. Now just think if you crack the entire continent up as in along the CONtinental divide then you would get something that looks like this

      With millions of deaths and the need for UN peacekeepers to aid and assist in clean up efforts - say like what happened in HAITI

      Recently Google was laying 'cable' all along the west shore
      Comms cables or something else to help mother nature along

      Denver airport from above appears like that of the felopian tubes of a woman
      4:35 seconds
      The VAGINA where a baby is berthed/birthed from
      Birth of a new world the Earth Federation and World Parliament

      Blame it all on Climate Change CC = 33

      Another interesting shot is this one

    7. Right at the mouth of the Golden Gate Bridge and just outside where the Presidio sits

      The Presidio where Gorby has been held up since his infamous tear down that wall skit with Reagan

      Remember now I told you that just outside of Fort Worth is a shopping plaza situated around the Golden Triangle and Alliance Blvd named the PRESIDIO

      World Parliament documents and Presidio/Presidum written all over them

    8. And right in the range of their target zone for WIND FARMS

      Part of USNORTHCOM planning maps

      Almost as if they know what to expect IS IT NOT


      Because they want everyone to think it is mother nature and climate change
      Or God is mad at us because we are deplorables and that the earth needs cleansed of the dung like the queeney and all these other inbreds decree all the rest of us to be

      In her video she mentions half moon bay, hmm what else is half moon shaped with a sickle in it

      Well what do ya know
      The RITZ Hotel and Half Moon Bay
      Ruins right off the beach

    9. The dead whale is most likely from sonar and electromagnetic toxicity

      800 dolphins and 5G SONAR

      Very powerful message in this one

  6. All of this horseshit reminds me of the movie
    or kept sleeping, coached and kept busy and out of the way all the while actively participating in the CONS piracy

    1. and you can tell they dont know what to do with a whole PLAN IT full of man who arent Following The Influencers like theyd p'LAND IT.... its kind of like theyre stumping around on their broken legs.

    2. 12-7, 9:34am is mine.


  7. For the love of God, Anna, you are still clinging to old news -- virology is a fraud. There is no evidence of human pathogenic viruses! It's clear as day. You haven't done your homework on this one, my dear, sorry. Germs don't make people sick, poisons and lack of nutrition do. Gain some insight from Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. They have almost single-handedly demolished the study of virology. Virologists have done the rest. Patents are NOT evidence of real things.

  8. Next up, your pets
    Must be part of the UNONEHEALTH one size fits all plan for the animal kingdumb

    And I kid you not I know someone right now on life support that they have asked the question of the family if he lives near or on a farm or around farm animals - they are currently testing his blood for a CONnection for some abnormality in his blood that they just can't seem to put their finger on
    They have already put this shit on the books in their 'coding manuals' and set the parameters up to 'IDentify' where the problem is and set the 'revenue' billing code up to bill for such a 'disease'

    In fact they added to this very coding manual the 'revenue' billing code for beheading whereas it was never a 'billing code' before

    That goes with this 'banished from heaven aka earth aka gaia' reQuirement here coming from the chosen ones in their hasidic interpretation of the bible

    The WHO and these billing codes
    This so called Godvernment body of sick mother fuckers meet in
    The original membership of the WHA, at the first assembly held in 1948, numbered 55 member states
    NOW IT IS 194

    Interesting information here on how (who) they got to working on the problem immediately to put all their puzzle pieces in place as the plandemic shew genocide moved forward
    2021: Seventy-fourth WHA
    The 74th World Health Assembly took place virtually on 24 May-1 June 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 event focused on the theme, "Ending this pandemic, preventing the next: building together a healthier, safer and fairer world".[38]

    2021: WHA Special Session
    The WHA gathered for a special session (only the second in the history of the WHO) on 29 November 2021, to draft and negotiate an International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.[39]

    Hows this for divide and conquer
    Different blood banks vaccinated versus unvaccinated
    Ahh and lookey it's a META verse Community screw the real community, form one on line works well with their plan

    I've read that the hand sign he is making in his thumbnail picture is a free masonic one

    Hey how many of you eat at SONIC

    So while you play patty cakes here with grandmama their plans move forward unabated

    And for heavens sake donate all you can to grandma and the wicca or I mean wiki because they could not do any of this without you

      For over 33 centuries, the evil nation of Amalek has been locked in mortal combat with G-d’s chosen nation, the Jewish people. The Jews have brought the world G-d’s Word, in the form of the Bible and the Holy Talmud; Amalek has retaliated by creating the satanic Occult, certain false religions, history’s bloodiest wars, and left-wing revolution.

      Jews And Hasidic Gentiles — United to Stop Amalek (JAHG-USA) is the first and only Hasidic/orthodox Jewish movement to unite Jews, who must follow the 613 Biblical commandments of G-d’s Law (including the “Ten Commandments”), with gentiles who abandon false religions to follow the Seven Laws of Noah, in a common war against Amaleki revolution and subversion.

      And WHO is Amalek you ask?
      Check out the ads at the right of the page
      Ole Mikey needs you to fight back and buy anything and everything you can from him
      Just like the prick from OVERSTOCK who stepped down but now heads up the MINISTRY OF LANDS AND NATURAL RESOURCES at Medici Ventures where they are working on EVERYTHING
      The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as

      And did I mention that the CEO of Medici Ventures now heads up OVERSTOCK, they just traded places

      And don't forget to check out Zelenko's miracle cures on the right side ads either

      Well golly gee gomer amazing how it all fits together like a hand and glove as they work their magic on the dumbed down populace

      So while these cock roaches smother your asses with mask and this freaks PILLOWS and stuff they move ahead with their sick world plans and all of these mofo's are in on it

      And by the way '71' judges of the Sanhedrin
      The First Zionist Congress was the inaugural congress of the Zionist Organization (ZO) which later became the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1960.

      From 1948 through 1960
      The original membership of the WHA, at the first assembly held in 1948, numbered 55 member states

      The First Zionist Congress was the inaugural congress of the Zionist Organization (ZO) which later became the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1960.

      Then came their Regional Planning ACT of 1965
      *********** The private associations/groups below are implementing the UN agenda which falls under the World Parliament Earth Federation of DEMOCRATIC BULLSHIT*********

      The Regional Planning Act of 1965
      670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

      Methodically thought out usurpation step by step drop by drop for them to get the people to do the work for them so they could rule it all

      And just the other day the THREAT to ANNEX orgainzations by ANNA means what

      Definition 2
      To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city.
      To make it appear that she will do something she puts out the stupid articles to string you along when in REALITY

    2. 1960
      The First Zionist Congress was the inaugural congress of the Zionist Organization (ZO) which later became the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1960.

      Interesting is it not that when you reverse or mirror ZO you get OZ as in The Wizards of OZ
      Ounces of Gold (oz as in ounces)
      Follow the yellow brick road
      YELLOWSTONES role in all of this

      NOAA or NOAH and their new 'laws' to follow once they have washed the world clean of the masses

      And KEY placement of their agents in specific locations
      Alaska and Montana

    3. And keep watch for some fake ass a liens and some heros in the near future if these hollywood sick mofo's can pull the shit off

      I call them Dirty Harry and fake ass JFK Jr clooney

      And what do ya know they all join together for some human rights shew and competition
      Why is the picture so blurry?

      Check this out
      And Delores Cannon as he pictures in this video is someone that Naughty Beaver on youtube uses alot for his stuff and the fake Nostradumbass profitseas
      Now I've read that ole Harry is actually Ron Howards son and not this hewitt guys and this fake ass affair that the so called princess had with this other fake guy is yet another of their long line of story telling?

      And be sure and donate some of that cold hard cash to ole Harry's FOUNDATION of stashed cash for future projects
      It's a 501c3 NON profit by which they can take all your cash get loads of cash through the ACTS they put through CONgress and bada bing bada boom tada like magic all is still well in their la la land while the masses are screwed every which way but loose
      Funny Dirty Harry ole Clint Eastwood did a movie called
      Every Which Way but Loose

      They are masters at it
      Almost everyone he looks at they all come up as Senators Congressman and so on

      You think they can't pull this off on the internet or what has now been REBRANDED by Mark Zuckerberg as the METAverse?

  9. And I think this one is gold

  10. Do you remember the other day I posted about the so called new deal (The Green New Deal as in ENVIRONMENT) being made with the natives
    Here is a REMINDER

    Well I suggest you sit down and watch this

    And you can bet your ass that the new deal being made with any natives is genocide and the forever stealing of the lands they now inhabit for the UN sustainable development BULLSHIT

    You think these lying thieving scum bags are going to honor anything?




    They have dumped probably 50 plane loads of chems across the sky in a checkered board pattern all around the entire north Dallas Texas area today
    Already forecasting that within the week this area and all areas east of here will be hit with massive tornadoes and very severe weather

    Ya'll ever heard of the shew

    How about the shew

    Did you make a deal?

    1. On the shew DEAL OR NO DEAL the host of the shew even consults with the hidden banker to negotiate with the contestant if they would like to take the banker offered money and go home or continue to play in hopes of winning a million dollars

      Howie Mandel(la) actor/charater is the host of the shew

  11. This ones a gem too

    And just in case you think the internet is on the so called up and up have a listen


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