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Friday, July 15, 2022

The People Farmers

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you are going to live on this planet and have the peace and joy and plenty that is your birthright, you have to develop your Shinola Sensor. Have to.  You have to become both skeptical and circumspect, or you will be cheated and fleeced and beaten like an abused dog. 

And the people that you trust and employ to protect you will be the ones beating you.  

All right?  This is your Grandma telling you the truth and I have no reason to lie.  

There are families and institutions on this planet that have herded all the other people around like cattle for centuries.  They do this by telling Big, Fat Lies.  And they farm us just like animals, too. They plot out your life cycle and "monetize" and "securitize" every asset you have for their benefit, just like a rancher maximizes the value of a steer.  They even refer to us as "livestock" at their cocktail parties as they lounge around their ill-gotten swimming pools. 

These People Farmers are called "Slavers", too --- and its both illegal and unlawful for them to do what they are doing to people, so they decided to misrepresent you as Persons/PERSONS, instead.  It's "legal" to enslave Persons/PERSONS --- not men and not women --- so they created corporations named after you and prosecute these counterfeit "Legal Persons" as if they had something to do with you----when they don't. The Judges and Prosecutors in these courts never "technically" address you as a man or woman or even as a Lawful Person.  They address "Legal Persons" named after you.  

Look at this, kids --- this is how they control and seize upon you and your assets --- by pretending that you are a franchise corporation and prosecuting these phony baloney corporations. 

State of Texas, Inc. 
Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 
Bank of Fort Worth, Inc. 
LaVinia Marie Snodgrass, Inc. 
Joseph Louis Parker, Inc. 

Get it?  Your Proper Name has been "mirrored" as the name of a British Territorial Corporation technically designated to be a "U.S. Federal Public Person".  

Now look at this:


You've been mirrored twice.  First, they created this phony baloney U.S. Federal Public "Person".  Second, they created all these Municipal PERSONS named after "him".  So now you also have a bunch of Municipal CORPORATIONS named after you.  

And all these "courts" are constantly, consistently, misaddressing these Things/THINGS as if they were you or had anything to do with you, when they don't.  

It's con.  It's lies, smoke, and mirrors.  And they are 100% personally and commercially liable for this. 

So how do they continue to get away with this?  Your ignorance and trust in what you have mistakenly believed was "your" government.  

They have "legalized" their patently illegal and unlawful activities by offering remedies and guarantees that they hide from you and deny you.  

The British Territorial Officers owe you their good faith service and remedy at 18 USC 241 and 242. 

The Municipal CORPORATION OFFICERS owe you remedy under various iterations published as "Regulation Z" attached to legislation like the FEDERAL HIGHWAY SAFETY ACT of 1956 (Regulation Z) is the remedy for being forced to register your car as a Motor Vehicle.  Regulation Z is the remedy for being forced to pay for a mortgage owed by a defunct federal corporation franchise.  

And they all owe you the guarantees of the Constitutions, both Territorial and Municipal, because their Congresses have covered their butts and placed special language in the Enabling Clause of every Act of Congress since 1860 clearly stating that whatever their Act does, it does not change any right or interest established prior to it.  

Got that? Your rights and your Great-Grandfather's rights are all "grandfathered in" and can't be changed by any Act of any current Congress.  

Have you got this information fully, completely, once-and-for-all-time in your mind and firmly fixed?

Until you wake up and turn your Shinola Sensor on "High", you are a cow. And what happens to cows?  They get milked.  And then they get turned into shoe leather. And their bones get turned into fertilizer.  

If you want to be treated as a man or a woman, and not a cow, you are going to have to use your brains --- not my brain, your brains --- stand up on your two feet, and back these white color criminals into their respective boxes.  

Not just you alone, but all of us together, can get the job done and it won't take long.  

Once the American people wake up, nothing will stop us. 


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