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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Non-Federal Licenses, Bonding, and Permits

 By Anna Von Reitz

I just wrote a brief Article for you on Federal licenses which typically involve health care professions (Uniformed Officers as defined under Federal Code Titles 11 and 37)  and some kinds of real estate, securities and insurance licenses--- also shedding some light on what counts as "Federal Income" and how "licensed professionals" can structure their businesses to pay less Federal Income Tax or even no Federal Income Tax. 

If you get funds from Federal Workers, you get Federal Income.  If you get funds from making use of a Federal License, you get Federal Income. 

But what State-of-State Licenses? Bonding? Permits? 

Remember that in this country at the current time, all "States of States" are business franchises of foreign Federal Corporations, so these "State Licenses" issued to contractors, bankers, securities brokers, and some kinds of healthcare professionals, real estate vendors, insurance vendors, and others --- are not really State Licenses.  

They are being called "licenses" but in effect they are permits to do business with Federal Citizens, including Federal Corporations, and those permit/licenses guarantee a certain level of professional competence and/or agreement to adhere to certain published standards, and like bonding, are designed to provide a basis for consumer protection and damage claims if work is substandard. 

These provisions are not there for the benefit of the General Public.  Those provisions and "requirements" are there for the benefit of Territorial and Municipal Corporations, their officers, employees, and dependents--- and that's all that they apply to, too. 

In other words, if you aren't applying for a Federal or State of State franchise contract you don't need to have any permits, licenses, or bonding.  

The situation is exactly analogous to the earlier discussion about Federal Licenses, because in fact, the State of State licenses are just another form of "Federal Franchise License", and they all work the same way.  

If you are doing a job for an incorporated business, especially under contract, they will require you to be licensed and bonded and get all the permits to do the job.  But, do you do business with a lot of Federal or State of State Corporations, or do you do business with unincorporated Mom and Pop businesses and other men and women?  

A great many licensed and bonded contractors and people in the trades --- plumbers, carpenters, millwrights, machinists, etc., etc., etc., --- have fallen into the same trap of assumptions that doctors and nurses and dentists have accepted, and so, they believe that they "have to have" a license and they "have to have bonding" and so on, which isn't necessarily true.  It depends on who or what your clientele is, and what you are willing to put up with, and how you choose to structure your business. 

Occupational licenses like Professional licenses are conditions of employment if you want to provide services to and do business with these foreign corporations and their personnel.  

During the Covid Madness I advised small businesses all over the country to post disclaimers openly saying that U.S. Federal Public Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS and their Employees and Dependents are entering the premises (of the bar, restaurant, hotel, retail shop) at their own risk. 

What does that do?  That puts the whole issue of doing business with Federal and Federal franchise corporations and their employees "on the hand that fits".  It tells them flat out, well, if you want to do business with me and obtain my services, it's on my terms.  Otherwise, hike down the street and find someone who will pander to your mandates, licensing, bonding, and other "requirements" to do business with you.  

As long as your business isn't incorporated, it's yours.  You get to determine who you serve and what the terms of service are.  

If you aren't particularly stuck on serving the 10 to 12% of the people who are Federal Workers, you don't need to be licensed or bonded or anything like that to provide services to the rest of us ------or to them, if they are advised of your terms of service and decide to "waive" their "requirements".  A simple disclaimer given to each and every potential customer either as part of your initial intake paperwork or posted in a prominent position in your place of business, places the entire responsibility for accepting or not accepting your services on them.  

Now you may encounter some Ninnies and some Ignoramuses who look at you wide-eyed and say, "But, but! --- It's the Law! Arizona Statute AS 101.22.333 says: blah,blah,blah, blah, blah...."  

But no, occupational licensing is not the "Law" for everyone, it's only the "Law" for those wishing to contract with U.S. Federal Public Persons (Territorial U.S. Citizens) and Municipal CORPORATIONS, their employees, and their dependents. This is part of what was brought home in the recent U.S. Supreme Court Case, Virginia v. EPA, which reiterates the findings of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v Shelby almost a century ago: Administrative Law does not apply to the General Public. 

If you aren't a corporation and aren't working for a corporation and not seeking to contract with corporations, it doesn't apply to you at all. It's not your law. It's their law. And you can happily tell them that they are welcome to it.  

The same considerations of Federal Income apply.  If you go to work for the State of Utah, you are working for a Territorial United States (USA) Federal Franchise Corporation and adopting the role of a U.S. Federal Public Person and as such, you are receiving Federal Income.  It's "franchise income" but it is still "federally connected" income, so you still pay Federal Income Taxes on it.  

If you have a small unincorporated retail business called "Nancy's Nifty Nook" and you post your Disclaimer behind the cash register or similar obvious spot, and a Federal Worker has the temerity to do business with you (say that despite the fact that you are an American Philistine, your donuts and other pastries are too good to resist) the "gift" of any "Federal Income" is on them and thanks to your Disclaimer, you are free to presume that only Americans operating in their private capacity are belly up to your bar hogging down those fritters. All you need to do to close the loop is to redeem the fiat notes and checks as lawful money as provided for by Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act by making the proper notations for endorsement on the checks ---and for cash, on the deposit slips. 

So do you need (or want?) an "Occupational License" to be a hair-dresser?  It depends entirely on the clientele you want to serve and what you are willing to put up with to provide such service.  Licensing usually carries with it additional, sometimes hidden, obligations, such as requirements that you file Federal Income Tax forms or you go back to school for training for three weeks every year or, or, or.... and again, it is entirely up to you and your situation whether the customers you gain by accepting a license is worth the cost and "voluntary" regulatory obligations the license carries with it. 

This applies in the same way to "Business Licenses"  which allow your business to do business in a foreign Territorial State-of-State with their officers and employees and dependents.  Or, in a foreign Municipal STATE OF STATE, serving Municipal CORPORATIONS and their officers and employees and dependents.  A Business License of this kind allows you to do business in their jurisdiction, under their rules, and lets you provide services to their Corporations/CORPORATIONS and their citizenry, as a non-resident alien.  

This is all very odd because they are in fact the ones intruding into your space and doing business in your State of the Union--- but, from their perspective when you elect to do business with them and their employees, you are entering their turf and subjecting yourself to their rules by "voluntarily accepting" a Business License from them.  

You could just as well stand on your two little feet and ask them where their license to operate in your State is?  When you do this, you will cause a great deal of bureaucratic consternation.  They will cast about and mumble something about the State of State Constitution, but no, while the State of State Constitution allows them to provide certain services, it isn't a Business License.  It's a Service Contract.  

No Federal or Federal State of State Franchise has any authority to regulate you or your business or license you with the following exceptions: they do have the authority to regulate the interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  Otherwise, they are just bluffing and racketeering and getting you to "voluntarily" comply and pay them for a license to do something that you have every right to do anyway. 

The practice of law, medicine, banking, barbering, and numerous other occupations that have been subjected to "voluntary" licensing, are in fact occupations of common right that anyone can engage in with impunity, leaving nothing but proof of your own skill to decide whether or not you can make a living at it.

By these incremental and insidious impositions of private corporation codes, regulations, ordinances, licensing obligations, and statutes misplaced upon and enforced against the General Public, these "governmental services corporations" and their franchises have been able to gradually usurp against the Public Law and enforce their "standards" and "requirements" on everyone else with no granted authority to do so.  

Just as they have imposed Professional and Occupational Licensing using private Administrative Codes and Legislative Statutes that apply only to their own corporations and personnel and dependents (collectively called their "citizenry") they have imposed and illegally enforced Motor Vehicle Codes and Internal Revenue Codes and Real Estate Codes and other forms of Administrative Law on members of the Public.  

This is now, finally, coming to a halt and being recognized and reversed.  The only question that remains is ---- are you a member of the General Public, or are you a Federal Employee?   If you are a Federal Employee or a Federal State of State Franchise Employee, or you wish to contract with these characters and their corporations, you may need an Occupational License, a Professional License, a Driver's License, a Business License, and probably, before long, you will need a License License.  By accepting a license you accept whatever obligations the license requires.  

Or, you can stand under the Public Law as a member of the General Public and Populace and carry on your own unincorporated business with none of this foreign regulatory clap-trap.  


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