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Friday, July 15, 2022

The Final Explanation and Great Britain's Role

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past two weeks has been hectic here and none too happy for everyone all round, simply because of the chaos and uncertainty.  It's a bit like being on a ship and feeling the storm swells beginning to rock everything --- gently, but persistently, and with increasing force, we are seeing the effects of disastrous "Public Policy" on the economy and health and morale of the people worldwide.  It's not just in this country or in yours, though the source of the malaise did probably start in Europe during the Thirty Years War.  

Two very important things happened in the 1750's that continue to rock our world today: (1) Maritime contracts, except for four specialized forms of contracts, became subject matter for the Common Law Courts in England, and (2) Central Banks, designed to control the flow of commodities, were created in Germany. 

Let's deal with the first big innovation, the admixture of land and sea contracts in the Common Law Courts. 

Lord Mansfield, a Scottish Admiralty Lawyer, came to power over the courts in England, and as part of his administration,  Maritime (Commercial)  contract law, was moved into the Common Law Courts.  Depending on how you look at this, this "purified the Admiralty" which was incredibly corrupt, or, it polluted the English Common Law Court System by tasking it to oversee the Law of the Sea as well as the Law of the Land and was bound to lead to various corruptions and confusions. 

Suddenly, Land and Soil Courts dealing with people acting as Lawful Persons and sorting through lawful Business Contracts,  were also stuck trying to deal with Legal Fiction Persons and sorting through Maritime (Commercial) contracts.  

Interestingly (and to show the problem Lord Mansfield was attempting to deal with) this shift of former Admiralty concerns and "powers" out of the Admiralty Courts and into the Common Law Courts, was not entirely complete --- the Admiralty Court continued to exist and four things remained under its exclusive control: 

(1) Seaman's wages and their recoupment.
(2) Hypothecation of debt. 
(3) Naval and Maritime Salvage claims.
(4) Bottomry bonds. 

These four things "just happen to be" the four things that have been used to horn in on our peaceful land-lubbers world with such disastrous impact.  Are you Brits quite sure that your Lords of the Admiralty haven't been secretly at war with everything and everyone on Earth--- including you?  

First, we have the "seaman's wages" which at first glance would not appear to be important on land ---- until you consider that, as we found out from an 1801 Seaman's Manual, "Taxpayers" are Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service.  All "taxpayers", who contrary to most people's assumptions are actually "tax collectors", are "seamen" and their wages are covered by the Admiralty's jurisdiction.  

What, you say, nobody ever paid you for acting as a "Taxpayer"! --- well, you did the job as a volunteer for the good of Queen and Country, you good old sod.  Otherwise the Queen would have to pay you for your services.  

However, as you will see, your "wages" --- or rather, the wages of your incorporated doppelgangers, are mistakenly involved. 

If you are a "Taxpayer" you are British-affiliated, you are acting in the Maritime jurisdiction (Commerce), and your wages are subject matter for the Admiralty Courts, which makes you subject to them.  

That's how they've hooked everyone into not only paying "income taxes", but entering their jurisdiction and acting under their complete control for the privilege of doing so.  But let's consider --- do you or anyone or anything associated with you --- make "income" from commercial activities?   

Probably not, if you are honest.  Your incorporated dopplegangers, Legal Fiction Persons that have been named after you and run for the benefit of the British Crown Corporation,  probably did make a bob or two, and God forbid that the Queen or the Lord Mayor of the Inner City be asked to pay taxes on their profits each year.  

No, that's where you come in and pay their income taxes, as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation. 

Anything that operates in commerce (business between two incorporated businesses) owes the Pope money for the privilege --- "income taxes".    

When the Big Corporations looked at this, they said, well, that will cut into our profits!  Can't have that!  

So, they created "corporate franchises" for themselves-- all named after you, so that you could pay "your fair share" of the taxes they in fact owe to the Pope for making use of his business models. 

But here we have to make an important distinction --- aside from your volunteer occupation as a "Taxpayer" --- you may "benefit" from things that take place in commerce, but you are not a "beneficiary" unless you actually get shareholder dividends or other fat checks, like debentures, in the mail.  

So technically, the average Liam isn't in receipt of any "income" and should not be paying any income taxes, and if there is any blame for taxing the Legal Fiction Person named after you unfairly, it's your own fault and you can be prosecuted for mishandling a seaman's wages. 

Someone stayed up all night thinking this bunk up. 

Hypothecation of debt is another knock you up the side of the head.

Hypothecation --- literally the legal supposition of  "theoretical" debt is one of those subjects that has remained in the baileywick of the Admiralty Courts and it is as twisted as a corkscrew, too. 

How can anyone owe or be owed a "theoretical" debt?

This is a means of getting around the Law of Contracts, and "presuming" a contract to exist even when no such verbal or written agreement exists.  This got its start quite legitimately in the realm of salvage operations at sea.  

Say that you are a fisherman out plying your trade one day and you come across an abandoned ship adrift ---- so you "latch" onto it and tow it back to your own home port to salvage it.  You've lost a whole day of fishing, plus all the work to haul it to port, your crew's time and labor, your boat's time and labor, your time and labor ---- so a debt has been created for whoever's boat has been saved, but there is no verbal or written contract supporting this debt.  It certainly exists as a loss ---or as an investment -- on your part, but it has no verbal or written agreement supporting it.  It has to be "hypothecated" from the circumstance.  

It doesn't take long to derive how "hypothecation" of debt can be abused, especially on land, where such theoretical debt-spinning tends to be far less cut-and-dried in its nature. At sea, the imperative is clear: someone has to take care of the boat, or it will sink. On land, not so much.  

On land, you might just be a busy-body, interjecting your services into a situation where such service is neither wanted nor needed, and that is, indeed, what has happened. 

Click the clock back to 1865.  It's the end of the "American Civil War". Everything is in chaos.  The "State of State" organizations that are supposed to take care of routine business while the State Assemblies aren't in Session are all either ruinated in the South, or bankrupt in the North.  

What's a British Territorial Commercial Corporation in the business of providing essential government services to do? In Scotland a group of investors hurriedly threw together a new corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".  

This just happens to be the name of our unincorporated Federation of States, so they were deliberately infringing on our common law name, copyrights, and trademarks----counterfeiting our Good Name --- and using this deceit, substituting their commercial corporation for our unincorporated Federation of sovereign States of the Union.  

Call that a national-level identity theft and substitution scheme, a fraud of unimaginable proportions. 

They got away with it at the time. 

And they settled in to provide all the services that the American States-of-States had been providing prior to the war, on an "emergency basis".  Someone had to "latch" on to the purported "ship of state" and haul it home to salvage it.... and that allowed them to "hypothecate" debt against the ship's owners under Admiralty Law. 

However, what they latched onto wasn't the "Ship of State" --- it was a completely different entity, a non-commercial corporation operating as the "States of America", and otherwise known as the Federal Republic.  

Our Federation of States was in fact the "ship's" owner, and we didn't need any assistance to haul it into dry dock and reconstruct it.  We didn't need help to provide the services that our own States-of-States had been providing prior to the conflict.  

We weren't broke-- far from it, and we had the manpower and resources to do our own "salvage" work ---- if anyone in Washington, DC, had bothered to inform the people of this nation what was going on....

But mum was the word. The Scottish Interloper slid into position like any Cuckoo Bird, set up new "States of States" --- the State of Vermont instead of The State of Vermont, for example--- forced some very confused people to write new State of State Constitutions to create a contract for themselves, and settled in to act in this unauthorized "custodial" role and, of course, to hypothecate debt against us, the purported "ship's" owners. 

Did any contract to do this exist prior to 1865?  No.  Was any contract ever established between the new British Territorial States-of-States organizations and the Federation of States?  No.  Was any of this necessary?  No.  

This was not a legitimate salvage operation on the sea or the land. 

This was deliberate, deceitful, opportunistic, self-interested malfeasance of the busy-body kind on the part of our British Territorial Subcontractors, amounting to unnecessary interference into the business operations and the asset management of the actual owners who were and are competent to: (a) reconstruct our own States-of-States and our own Federal Republic, if we so choose; and (b) to operate those functions directly ourselves during any interim. 

The Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." ---pretending to represent our Federation of States ran up incredible debts which were hypothecated against us, the "ship's" owners.  The guilty corporation then went bankrupt at our expense and left us as the "presumed" Secondaries to pay their debts.  

Soon after, the Federal Reserve showed up and offered the corporate cretins in Washington, DC, the opportunity to allow them to caretake our gold and silver "for" us.  And other foreign corporations were slid into place to act in this presumed-to-exist custodial capacity "for" us.  Soon, they were all hypothecating debts against us for services that George Washington never dreamed of. 

And they were poking their noses ever deeper into our business and into our personal lives under color of law.  

Using their Admiralty Courts to decide every aspect of the Seaman's wages they exerted coercive force on the lives of millions of Americans who are not knowingly acting as seaman and aren't obligated to act as "Taxpayers", either.  

Using their Admiralty Courts to decide every aspect of the Hypothecation of Debt against the "ship's owners" they found in their own favor 96% of the time, and made sure to charge exorbitant rates for their "services" to do so. 

And this con game was so successful that they applied the same scheme to every country they occupied in the wake of every mercenary conflict they've caused ever since. 

They also found very imaginative ways to make use of their control of "bottomry bonds" as insurance to benefit themselves, too.  

And now it comes down to this --- we have discovered and exposed the Source of all the rot: the Lords of the Admiralty and their misapplication ---by deceit and by misrepresentation--- of Admiralty Law to people and to things that have nothing to do with the Admiralty and any of its legitimate concerns at all.  

The question remains --- what are we, the people of the land and soil -- going to do about it?  

It looks to me like Boris Johnson engineered his own departure in hopes of escaping the wrath of God and it looks like Vincent Keaveny disappeared -- went to ground -- where he is apparently trying to weather it out.  Queen Bess II is unwilling to appear at her own Jubilee Party --- and probably for good reason.  

And still, none of these royals, politicians, and bureaucrats are addressing the actual problem --- the misapplication of Admiralty Law under circumstances and in situations where it does not belong.  

Forcing people to act as "Taxpayers" and dunn themselves to pay the taxes of corporations they don't actually "benefit" from and the performance of the Lords of the Admiralty who have condoned, promoted, and profited from this outrageous con game both at home and abroad-- these are issues that must be dealt with.  


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