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Monday, June 6, 2022

A True Treasure

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am often asked to give direction finding resources to study the American Common Law and I have only recommended Brent Winter's books and courses, which is more about the history and structures of Common Law, instead of the nitty-gritty, and I know that doesn't fill all the needs people have, but I have been at a loss. 

There are good resources out there, but most of them are very expensive "pay for play" organizations that average people can't afford or sinister private membership associations that have convoluted and potentially dangerous contracts aimed at fleecing the members.  I just have not found a simple, honest, reasonable, effective study course that I could recommend -- until now. 

Go to: The Sovereign's 

I checked out their contracts and they are safe and pristine.  Their fees are affordable.  They are spot on.  And they tell it like it is in simple terms anyone can understand.  I was so grateful to find this website and their instruction course --- thankful because they are there doing this, and because they are doing it right, and grateful that so many people can now have the support they need to learn what they need to learn to defend themselves. 

You can learn at your own rate.  You can go back and repeat lectures if you need to.  The exhibits are easy to read --- no tiny blurry print--- and they leave the definitions and other information up long enough to take notes!  Wahoo!  Jump up, it's the Jubilee!   

Speaking as a now-66 year-old woman, who has sat through decades of lectures and videos about these subjects, I am in love.  This is the "Dutch Uncle" course I have been dreaming about, the one I can recommend whole-heartedly and to everyone of every age without reservations about the presenter's motives or fear that it will cause more confusion. 

What a birthday present! ---for all of us, worldwide  -and especially me, because I can cross the need for an effective Common Law Course off my list.

God is good. 

Everyone who is currently engaged in any kind of "legal" conundrum, please run (don't walk!) and get started learning how to defend yourself and put your claims before the court instead of letting yourself be misidentified and railroaded. 

Learn your Law and learn to use it.  And start winning.  


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