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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Straight Talk to David Straight

By Anna Von Reitz

This is part of what you are not grasping, so let me ask you --- is it possible to be "at home" and "away from home" at the same time?  

Can you be on a ship at sea and ploughing a field back home at the same time?  

No, you cannot --- and it is the same way with the different apples and oranges we are discussing. 

You can be born in California and declare that you are a Californian by birthright and you can be recognized as an American State National ---- that is your nationality

But when you adopt a foreign political status, we are no longer talking about nationality.  We are talking about citizenship or non-citizenship.  

Citizenship is a vocation --- a job in which you serve the government.   

Just as you can choose to be a bartender or not, Americans have the right to choose whether they are "citizens" or not.  

They also have the right to choose whatever citizenship status they adopt, if they adopt any at all. 

This is not true worldwide.   

Many countries, including England, maintain that citizenship accrues to you at birth and you have no choice but to serve the government all your days. 

As an American you can: (1) choose not to be a citizen and just live your life as a Free Man;  (2) adopt State Citizenship and serve your State of the Union; (3) adopt U.S. Citizenship and "serve abroad" in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a British resident;  (4) adopt Municipal citizenship of the United States and "serve abroad" in the jurisdiction of the air as a resident of the District of Columbia; (5) potentially, once the American Federal Republic is restored, you could adopt United States Citizenship (different than U.S. Citizenship) --- there is a lengthy process to do this described in the old Naturalization Acts --- and "serve abroad" as a Resident of the Municipality of Washington, DC.  

So there are five (5) possibilities: 

1. American Free Man, Non-citizen (no government job obligations at all) 
2. American State Citizen (State of the Union job)
3. U.S. Citizen (foreign British Territorial Admiralty job)
4. Municipal citizen of the United States (foreign District Maritime citizen job) 
5. United States Citizen (American foreign service job requiring Municipal residency)

Notice that --- U.S. Citizen, Municipal citizen of the United States, and United States Citizen are all foreign citizenships from the perspective of the American Free Man and the American State Citizens.  

That is, U.S. Citizen, Municipal citizen of the United States, and United States Citizen all work for foreign governments and operate in foreign jurisdictions of law. 

Many Americans find this hard to comprehend. 

They think of that thing in Washington, DC, as "their" government because it is supposed to do work for them under contracts called "constitutions", and because many District Employees were born in this country, they additionally believe that these governments are American --- but they are not. 

The only quasi-American Government that is supposed to be in Washington, DC, is the American Foreign Service which we intended to administer through the original Federal Republic --- but that hasn't been possible since 1860, so the work got reshuffled and the Pope's Municipal Government simply usurped those roles intended for United States Citizens. 

Thus, our country has been commandeered by foreign powers since 1860, and all the while, Americans have thought that everything was hunky-dory. 

When Americans join the military services they unknowingly adopt the U.S. Citizenship political status, and unless they inform their Branch Commander otherwise once they are discharged from the military, they are presumed to voluntarily retain that status forevermore. 

U.S. Citizenship is a British Territorial job and as a condition of your continued volunteer job you are considered a Subject of the British Monarch, a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust, collateral (together with all your property assets) for the debts of the United States of America, Incorporated, and an Indentured Servant for the duration of your service. 

You also lose all Constitutional Guarantees owed to Americans, can not actually own land in this country (only a British Trust "title" to land, which the Queen holds "for" you), and as a tenant on (what used to be) your own land, you have to pay property taxes, easement assessments, etc., etc., etc.  You also become subject to the Queen's law in your country. 

So, here you are, going around, teaching everyone that it's okay to be a U.S. Citizen --- and it is, but..... there are downsides.  More recently, you have even been suggesting by reference to 8 USC 12 that it's even possible for them to be "United States Citizens", apparently because the British Territorials are preparing to front a British Territorial version of our Federal Republic and confuse everyone some more--- though we won't allow that.   

The problem, David, is that you aren't telling people what U.S. Citizenship actually means and what they give up in the course of adopting U.S. Citizenship.  And as far as all this talk about a "new" Federal Republic, you aren't telling people that this could only be a British-affiliated entity calling itself "a" Federal Republic --- if it comes to pass, it won't be American. 

The American Government is run by Americans adopting their own citizenship --- which is American State Citizenship.  And it's only the American State Citizens who actually have the authority to reconstruct both the Confederation of States and the American Federal Republic.  

In the meantime, our venerable Federation of States is the only American Government operating in international and global jurisdiction, just as it did from 1776-1781.  

If you and all the other U.S. Citizen volunteers really want to do something to help America and your fellow-Americans, and actually want to help restore the American Government and do the right thing, then the first thing you need to do is come home.  Resign your job as a foreign citizen working in a foreign jurisdiction of the law, and if you want to serve, serve your own State Government instead.  


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  1. Luke 13 6-9
    The Universe is God's garden and cleansing natural law

  2. in a Federation [of States], those "Member States" give up their free and independent "state" and are "subsumed" by the Federation -- like Russia -- which is a Federation.

    Ive read that Russia claims it can attack Ukraine because Russia never acknowledged that Ukraine left their Federation, so Russia says Ukraine is still part of the Russian Federation, so Russia can attack Ukraine since Ukraine is, according to Russia, supposedly "going against the Russian Federations rules".
    [i am not taking sides -- dont know whats really going on over there--, just using it as an example of what a Federation might sometimes claim it can do to its "Member States".]
    continued below

    1. so, here is a perfect, quick, AND EASILY PROVEABLE example of the difference between what is in these Articles and what actually *is* true about our country and our States:

      this Article's next to the last paragraph:
      "In the meantime, our venerable Federation of States is the only American Government operating in international and global jurisdiction, just as it did from 1776-1781."

      it will take less than five minutes of your time to look up the last paragraph of the Declar of Indep and see for yourself that the INDEPENDENT STATES
      have full Power to:
      levy War
      conclude Peace
      contract Alliance
      establish Commerce....and more
      "...may of right do".

      this shows that the united States of America has always been a CONFEDERATION, and still is.
      the intent is crystal clear;
      and then follows up with further clarity in the Articles of Confederation where-in immediately the several-ness of each State is recorded:
      art 1: confederacy
      art 2: sovereignty, freedom, and independence
      art 3: states hereby SEVERALLY enter,... (meaning they entered SEPARATE-ly, NOT "AS A FEDERATION!!!")
      art 4: the several states...
      and more.
      continued below

    2. continuing:
      Therefore, any Thing set up and using our country's Name(s) that is calling itself a Federation/other is NOT what was created using the just powers that were and are derived from consent of the governed.

      thats just the way it is.

      saying something else over and over and over doesnt change it no matter how many times its repeated.

      and it is so.

    3. the problem with what anna says and this rambling novel here of things strewn together is if all the evidence one is using to prove a thesis is erroneous, then you get what that entails right? ALL history you've been miseducated to be true has been inverted and whitewashed. timelines and names changed to prove their lies and deceit. do more due diligence on the true history of Amurica/Atlantis/The Old World what this continent truly is and how we've all been lied to before writing novels that from their inception are false. the illuminatus, black sun cult has lied to us all those little Saturnian devil worshippers of satan and lucifer, ie., pope, catholic church, queen and little italian families, until we get down to the truth of history its like trying to prove the new testament without knowledge of the old testament. it just dont work! read when rocks cry out, the letters of george washington to the sultan of morocco and numerous congressional records (new york/new amsterdam/morocco) and you will begin to see the tip of all their lies and deceits. think of it this way, tribe of judah, udah, utah? mormons, Moor Man, chosen land? chosen people? Curiouser and Curiouser...

    4. anonymous fred b:

      the men and women who read pauls blog know i have not tried to "lead" them anywhere; i search out PROVABLE FACTS and present them to people or else share what i believe.

      my simply suggests people look AT THE WORDS FOR THEMSELVES!

      Thats fair.

      whats your problem with it?

      No man should be telling free and independent men and women what to think.

      These people can think for themselves

      if you believe something different than me, fine: Post it.

      if you want to bring your PROVABLE FACTS and debate me on here, fine, i would love it.
      i welcome it.

      until you do that, i continue to share what i believe be true.


  3. The Federation is Not American.. A Fiction, A Farce and A Fraud ! Otherwise they would not want us agree to it.

  4. Awesome Anna, you could not be any clearer, same as are you righteous or not (can't be both)!!!

  5. She, Anna is clearly self- righteous and an open book about it. Strange you find clarity, I witness no clarity whatsoever. She is all over the board and on others Boards at the same time , most all the time. Of course this is what I Witness , and we are all endowed with the lower to choose for ourselves what we choose to see and believe. And on the Federation of states deal.. We don't need no stinking Federation and we don't need no badges either.

  6. Robert-leroy:clanjacksonMay 27, 2022 at 7:17 AM

    Listening too all this it is confusing, so I wondered is there ever an answer,
    Then in psalms 39 I found an answer
    I am a stranger and a sojourner On egrets(earth) as all my fathers
    I do not consent to fraud I seek first the kingdom of prime source Creator

  7. To David Straight - Does "Come out of her my People" mean you get to go back every now and then and Diddle her?