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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Two documents for help with the so called COVID problem

 Anna wanted me to publish these documents for your benefit.


  1. then "anna" is admitting that "she" is obligated to their system's rules, right??

    1. i mean, there is no reason to REQUEST an Exemption from someones Private Rules without it being true that you are under their authority, being a part OF that system .... then you are therefore either;

      1. obligated to follow their Private Rules, or

      2. obtain Permission from the Masters of the Private System to NOT follow that Private Rule...

      3. you will be Punished... true?

      therefore, you who are part of that Private System are required to Ask Permission to be excused from the Private Rule Your Masters tell you to do, correct?

    2. when you know you are (a) free and independent man living under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator, you never have to "Opt-Out" of anything because you are never "in" anything that you did not agree to be in in the first place.

      "Opt-Out" Requests to another man are for man who are NOT making their own decisions, but have some other man telling them what they have to do to please that other man.
      to me, that sounds like a very cringey dynamic to have going on between two men.

    3. and yes, we who ARE NOT in their Private System under any lawful and true obligation are still being ACTED upon AS IF we had actually intentionally joined them, when we MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!
      SO, yes, it is still dangerous and yes, the STUPID MINIONS are still STUPIDLY carrying out UNDUE SEVERE PUNISHMENTS on us for not following their OWN Masters' Private Rules that were not lawfully obligated to... i mean how the hell else are these WORTHLESS FREELOADERS going to GORGE themselves on the fruit of your and your family's labor?

    4. however, the upside, if there even is one, is that they, and i:woman, and many many people:man, woman, sons daughters, know that they owe us full restoration for all of the trespasses.
      And thats not going away.

      American common law; they were on our land.
      and so it is.

      woman:called by janmarie. :):)

    5. oh now lookee at what today brings from the panicking(?) Foreign AgentFictions working for the failing Foreign CorporationFiction that has a Signatoryless, worthless "Constitution"!!:):) ...and pretended like we agreed to be the slaves of its Titled MenFictions!!? (serfs in their white slavery feudal system/ other that it looks like theyre trying to RE-CONSTRUCT here and elsewhere using the Term 'Federal' now to replace their old Term: "Colon"-ize/ Colony?):

      gateway pundit has a STORY headline:
      "AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers:"New Declaration of Independence" - 92 Legislators From 31 States Sign Letter Calling For Audits In All 50 States And Decertification".

      big deal! :)

      they can write "New Declaration of Independence"s all they want but: IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE TRUE AND ORIGINAL ONE, OURS, FROM JULY 2(TWO), 1776 IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER AT ALL... :):)

      In the STORY, the "New" one is put into place by the Fictional PLENARY POWER held by the Legis-latorFictions who scribbled something on it (*a* "name" perhaps?)...
      'Plenary' means: absolute, unqualified power (see: merriam-webster dict.)...

      that means they have no qualifications for using this absolute power that they MADE UP for themselves and secretively put "you" under ...
      without telling you about it!!
      ...the power they gave themselves is without qualification...
      and its limitless too!...

      so... they gave themselves unlimited, unqualified power, over other people, didnt tell said other people about it, and then attack everybody who says "No" to them concerning these trespasses?
      in the STORY it says they did it for the citizens of the United States!
      well, thankfully for us, that is not us! and thankfully too, were not anywhere near as dumbed down as they might have hoped!
      so, if youre interested:

      by contrast: IN OURS IS WRITTEN THAT (PARA 2, around the middle)
      the god-gifted rights belonging to the people are secure using Governments that DERIVE their JUST POWERS from the consent of those people who are governed.

      iow: no man has plenary/ plenipotentiary power over a lawful and peaceful man!
      we have no kings or emperors or potentates and i havent seen any lawful and verifiable proof as yet that we ever agreed, without any threat, duress, andor coersion and under full disclosure, to participate in their FICTIONS at all.
      And so it is.

      woman:called by janmarie.

    6. it seemed like before one of the big pushes was to get everybody to look for an alien invasion; that failed.
      now though, alot of the ones who say they get "intel" have l, pretty much at the same time now, switched over to 4th dimensional ascension jibberings.

    7. the THE CATHOLIC ETHICIST and President of the National CATHOLIC BIOETHICS CENTER LIED on EWTN CatholicTV Network and told the trusting Catholic people that the vakks does NOT use aborted babies cells.
      But a whistleblower shows emails about being told the company (Pfzr) doesnt want it to get "out there" that "fetal cell lines" are used in testing.
      he is Dr. Meaney.
      Yes! MEANIE!! ...Dr. Meaney.

    8. you know that the "4th dimension" is a DISEMBODIED SPIRIT, dont you?

      why the hell are they trying to get people to "ascend" to a dimension where we no longer have physical, land-based, earthen, bodies?... thats the dimension of THE FALLEN ANGELS according to The Book!!

      chgeez,... these people.

    9. i believe the bible is true but has been messed with:

      1. so, then the Fourth Dimension is the Dimension of DIS-EMBODIMENT/ of having no physical body:
      2. and is also the INVISIBLE Dimension; (refs: for #1&2: Hebrews 11:1-3):
      3. the "AnointedCherub" had A BEAUTIFUL PHYSICAL BODY (ref: Ezekiel 28:13-19): but was cast as profane out of the mountain of God
      (both: ref: Jude verse 6.


      them saying everything BACKWARDS, then just maybe FourthDimension is actually LOWER than ThirdDimenson? :):):)

    10. then in (ref.: jude 9):
      it talks about the devil (the FORMER Arch-Angel who was the FORMER Arch-Angel/Cherub that Covered) CONTENDing/BATTLING with another Arch-Angel, Micha-el, in a DISPUTE over the PHYSICAL BODY of Moses! when Moses died'.

      if true, why?
      why would 'the devil' want the dead earthen-BODY of a man?
      Anybody got any reasonable ideas?

    11. if the *FORMER* Anointed Cherub had had a physical covering made out of PRECIOUS STONES and GOLD, and same had fallen from heaven (ref.: isaiah 14:12) and was now with*OUT* a physical body, would it be trying to RE-CONSTRUCT a physical body?
      it would be made of GOLD :)
      and PRECIOUS STONES :).

      are they "mining the hell out of the earth?" [ref: shelby]
      are they trying to gather up all the gold?
      are they trying to "remove" people from the livingstateofbeing?
      would their bodies then have some kind of value deemed to be worth
      1. contending for; and
      2. putting in a dispute for possession of?
      like the body of Moses, if true?

  2. "We were never to truly awaken to what these psychopaths are doing

    They wanted us to follow the fake awakening ...."

    Yaaaaass!yaasyaaasyaaaasyass :)!!!
    omgosh! that is a true rib-tickeler!
    lolololol!!! lol! lol! :):):) ahhhhhahahahahaha... haha hah ha oooooooweeee!! :):)

    when the shitpie they made and threw at us does a u-turn in midair, chases them down, and splatts them in the face, it is like watching TweetyBird and Sylvester cartoons!
    "i taut i taw a puddie tat!!"

    1. Waukegan, Illinois then;
      Waukegan, Illinois now;

  3. Good correlation in post; "ShelbyOctober 12, 2021 at 3:01 PM”
    Labron however opted to locate himself on the outskirts of the city of Akron in Bath Township (Montrose/Fairlawn area) at 4157 Idlebrook Drive. This whole area got built up big time in the last 40 years. The two hospital clinics on Rt. 18 a stones throw from labron’s house were built in the past 10 years. This whole area is where most of the “big money” people reside in northern ohio.
    Why didn’t he buy any one of the nice homes on Rose Blvd, or the next street over Sunset View Drive where Brennan lives(Who President Bush Sr. would visit, and throw horse shoes in his back yard)? Or better yet Merriman Road? These streets and the surrounding areas are more “diversified” than Bath Township. Maybe it really has to do with the newly built hospital clinics?
    When you say that they are all in it together there is no doubt in my mind that this statement is a fact. From early childhood grooming, to even US that unknowingly are playing some part.
    Problem, Reaction, Solution. Or is it really Solution, Reaction, Problem.
    Also in post; "ShelbyOctober 12, 2021 at 5:08 PM”
    List of Quantum Leap characters;
    Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett (Bakula, who also narrates the episodes in character) is a quantum physicist with six doctoral degrees. He grew up on his parents' farm in Elk Ridge, Indiana, with an older brother (Tom) and a younger sister (Katie). Sam's idol is Albert Einstein.
    Albert "Al" Calavicci, USN (Stockwell) is a womanizing U.S. Navy rear admiral and Sam's best friend, who grew up in an orphanage and was later active in the civil rights movement. At the time of Sam's leaps, Al spends his free time with his lover and the project's medical technician Tina Martinez (played by Gigi Rice), who appears in the fourth-season episode "The Leap Back".
    Ziggy (voiced by show introduction narrator and co-executive producer Deborah Pratt) is the self-aware artificial intelligence "parallel hybrid computer with an ego" that runs "Project Quantum Leap" and helps Sam throughout his leaps. Pratt also appears in person as the title character in the season-two episode "A Portrait for Troian". The character and episode were named after Pratt and Donald P. Bellisario's daughter Troian Bellisario.
    Irving "Gooshie" Gushman (Dennis Wolfberg) is the project's often-mentioned head programmer, who is said to have bad breath. He appears in five episodes, including the pilot and the finale.
    Dr. Verbena Beeks (Candy Ann Brown) is often mentioned as the project's psychiatrist. She appears in two episodes throughout the series.

    Notice how the names of these characters have striking attributes to what is being considered the norm today.
    Quantum leap Season 3 episode 5 “The Boogieman”, “Sam” has a harrowing life, or death encounter with the “Devil”. This episode is one that stuck with me the most from 30 years ago.

    1. What would be most advantageous is to find out where all these “Actors” get their calling orders from. Some underground “Firm” with a huge quantum computing system that has been manipulating, and creating a false reality for over 50 years(Cern)? However now with the whirled’s population being so large even this computing system has reached it’s upper limits, and everyone involved knows it, so that’s why "their" only option is to reduce the numbers in order to make it more manageable(controllable, easier) on this computing system.

  4. oh mi'gaaud!...and according to them they *OWN* *EVERY*THING!!! :):)
    oh yeeeeeeh, uummhuuum, yup, thesunthestarsthemoon. oh and the COLORS*... OHyeh, the colors too. all of 'em. The Rainbow. yup.... and if you use one of THEIR colors on your property, welp, you used *THEIR* "SYMBOL" and its just *PRESUMED* that you were *GIVING* your property to them since you used *THEIR* COLOR on your stuff. :):)... oh, yeh, and when you use their COLORS on your oroperty, then you are also agreeing to be presumed to be their property too... NOT!!! NEVER!! and NOT AT ALL!!

    1. oh, and all the lines, curves, squuggles, sounds, numbers too.

    2. and all the minerals, land, air, and water.

    3. and all the people too.

    4. and the chipmunks, babboons, daisies, orchids, corn, blueberries and so forth.

    5. and all the mops, tractors, shower curtains, bars of soap, jockstraps, old socks, bubblewrap, soup, tape, bug spray, pencils, tires, fishing bobbers, flipflops, junk mail, antique dishes, paper sacks, chewing gum, hairspray, cardboard boxes, grape juice, lightbulbs, and so on.... according to them, its all THEIRS... an' you dont get any unless THEY say so.... ya got that??! :):)

      No, i:woman dont "got that".

    6. they own, have, can use:
      NOTHING of mine that i didnt INTEND and knowingly agree to allow them to claim, have, use.


      absolutely NOTHING.

    7. they are profoundly inferior to us in every way.

      physically, mentally, morally, more.

    8. the actual reason they probably be stayin in their own families for that:

      ... nobody else will have them! :):):)

      We all know theyre WEIRD!!!!
      Think about some of the people in high schoool!... like: nobody talked to em, nobody asked em out, they never knew the answer to any of the questions, they usually stunk, the school just passed them to get rid of them ... im guessing:
      THOSE are the ones recruited to "be over" everybody now!!!
      i mean, shit, theyve got nothin to lose anyway. :):):)

    9. i bet i could go thru my elementary school yearbooks and just about pick out the people who are cooperating with the supposed "take down of america"!!!
      the dorkus-magoos!!!!

      what? hiding behind computer monitors!!? surely not!!
      heres them??: ....
      " **Ive** got'a *CON*-TRACT wit'da *MIL*-A-TERRY!!!!

    10. to whatever extent our way of life is or might be being damaged, ITS PEOPLE IN OUR OWN HOMETOWNS WHO HAVE THROWN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS UNDER THE BUS.

      "george soros", if he even exists, really, can only *recruit*.... its YOUR OWN NEIGHBORS WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SELLING YOU OUT, if that is going on.

      deep down, most of us know or at least sense this... thats what makes it so damm difficult to accept... that many people you actually KNOW,.. people who ACT like they are friendly, caring, a part of the goodness of the neighborhoods,... must be DECEITFULLY and KNOWINGLY participating in INTENTIONALLY HARMING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY if this tyoe of thing is getting "traction".

    11. when you know you are (a) free and independent man living under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator,

      this was always masonic goddess of reason, lady liberty.

      the truth is america has always been luciferian, denied christ was god (philosopher jesus, part of "the creator" goddess of reason)

      see ecclesia and synagoga, wikipedia. 1805 napoleon.

      people (goode2boots AND anna, and many others) still haven't figured out "the creator" of declaration of independence is the illuminized "goddess of reason" which replaced grace/ecclesia/christ/new testament.

      it will (america in particular) remain as it was, is, and always will be: masonic/illuminist/rosicrucian heaven on earth, hell on earth for anyone who is not in league with antichrist.

      law of conservation of energy. can something come from nothing? this is the freedom of religion "secular state" scam.

      this is luther's 2 kingdoms, which james madison based things on.

      in private, there is no such a thing, they know who "the creator" is, and that it destroys christ. they know 2nd coming "their lord and his christ" destroys christ, for 1000 years of lucifer in "new jerusalem" -- so-called "jewish jesus" son of david only, no more son of joseph.

      in public, the opposite story: freedom! "the creator" laws of nature, "secular" government. where does this "secular" come from?

      it is against the "laws of nature" to have an imaginary secular "the creator" who only rules over "nature"

      where does nature come from? the laws of nature are for animals, beasts, the spiritually dead. that was illuminism -- reduce everyone to goyim, animals, blind and dumb beasts.


      yes and no, the NWO was 1805 when ecclesia/grace/new testament was murdered and replace with goddess of reason.

      novus ordo seclorum, as the seal says. it has been in progress already, at bare minimum, for that long. since the past 2000 years there have been attempts to overthrow christ as god.

      novus ordo seclorum, goddess of reason, "the creator" was direct opposite of catholic trinity see catholic encyclopedia, trinity, mystery, trinity as a mystery, well known phrase of jerome.

      "this eliminates all belief systems no creator no god no satan no neaven no hell no rime no space"
      no. new testament was always hermes "as above, so below" whatever you bind. there are 3 that testify in heaven, and 3 that testify on earth.

      there is only one way to eliminate all belief systems: eliminate all people.

      this is NWO "equality"

      the problem is, there are no rights without authority. all governments claim "god" in one form or another gave them "rights"

      without this, you dont get "elimination of all belief systems" you just get "man is god" -- which is illuminism/perfectibilism, exactly the "illuminist" plan, exactly the "goddess of reason" plan.

      this was luther's 2 kingdoms as well -- private conscience.

      this doesn't solve anything, just fractures/shatters things into 10 million infinite "one man religions" or "one family religions" as it were. a different religion for everyone and every family.

      this doesn't eliminate "belief systems" it expands it, so everyone has their own "religion" with themself as "god"

      for any "law" someone is in the "right" and someone else might "tresspass" or infringe on that.

    12. there is no "law" at all without some definition of "right" and "wrong", which is all "satan" and "god" is.

      also, "the creator" was not even old testament yahweh/jehovah/lord of hosts/etc.

      the "10 commandments" garbage will remain in effect as well.

      actual enlightenment/illuminism would be less bad. instead, america will always get a 1/2 and 1/2 illuminized christianity, an imaginary "1/2 god, 1/2 satan" luciferian testament.

      and, the "secular" side some imaginary "laws of nature' -- pretending this is not goddess of reason/illuminati goddess. always has to pretend to be "secular"

      no, illuminism will always win when people keep falling for this "secular government" lie.

      this is how illuminism has won, precisely by convincing people there is such as "secular" -- something from nothing. its how we get goodE2boots "laws of nature" "the creator" she will not say, that is illuminist goddess of reason.

      its how we got state assemblies "10 commandments" -- not a real testament, jews never mandated that, neither did thomas jefferson "the creator" -- but its some imaginary testament somehow "everyone" agrees on -- secularism. even though new testament is direct opposite/transfigured it.

      and its how we get shelby's "no belief systems" -- something from nothing? that is a logical impossibility, against all reason, against every law of nature, and against the law of conservation of energy.

      no, illuminism will remain in power.

      we have anna, state assemblies, shelby, goodE2boots, paul, cardinal vigano "light and dark" letter to trump (manicheanism jesus was a favorite of illuminists, because it was the serpent who gave ppl knowledge)..... trumps "noone has done more for freedom of religion than me"

      the UN "build back better" the vatican II pushes...

      no, illuminism is all around. they are doing just fine.

      illuminism is simply opposite of: was, is, ever shall be trinity.

      instead of mystery: reason
      instead of permanent, temporary seasonal, 2nd coming
      instead of christ is god, trinity, philosopher jesus
      instead of no worldly kingdom, new jerusalem kabbalistic ages of the world millenium
      instead of no such as secular, something from nothing, big bang

      illuminism is all around, is doing just fine.

    13. so then, theres:
      1. the "EL-ites"
      2. the "EN-forcers"
      3. the CRYBABIES, snitches, TATTLETALES, informants = life's losers!!: in your own neighborhoods TRYING to get the advantage...


      AND YOU DO.

      They wouldnt be. :):)

  5. "in august, the univ. of Pittsburgh effectively made a horrifying admission... with the help of area plan. parenthd. abortion providers, was "allowing be delivered alive, and then killing them by cutting their kidneys out.""
    it says that the kidneys must have a fresh supply of bluuud at all times so they usually do a CAESAR-ian, and then WITHOUT ANESTHETICS *FOR BABY*, while he or she is still alive, they cut its little kidneys out. so they can go do their "research" with the kidneys...and it says they dont use anesthetics because that would lessen the quality of the kidneys.

    ---gateway pundit oct 13, 2021:
    Exclusive: Pfizers Nervousness About the COVID Vaccines Origins Conceals a Horror Story.--
    it seems that, supposedly, the "Catholic Church" is involved in okay-ing '...used cell lines from aborted fetuses in...research and production process...' for perceived emergency through something called Catholic Churchs Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, along with "Pope Francis".

    so, it looks like they all knew.
    it says this type of thing has been going on since the 1930s and this certain line, HEK293, was created in the 1970s.
    thats 50 years ago.

    1. shelby,

      do you mean you dont believe b'b'sorgans are being "harvested"?

    2. "...the more gore and grotesque the story the Illuminati owned media can come up with..."

      yes absolutely.
      ... trying to frighten people into feeling hopeless so they will feel "its no use" and helplessly "surrender".

      theyll just have to dream on ...:) purtty dang sure thats not gonna happen!

    3. omgksh shelby!
      ... had to laugh when i saw your best.seller. hoaxes. blog!! what a hoot these doofuses are :)
      oh suuure, it figures! :)... *now* that the disclosures of what theyre saying theyve been doing didnt mentally and emotionally and morally and spiritually incapacitate the fine, healthy, normal, morally-sound people that such disclosures were perhaps designed to destroy......*NOW* those disclosures were all a hoax huh!??


      :):):) lolol

    4. No again!

      looks like theyre just doing their "INVERSION" *magick*thing!:

    5. that is:
      if they put their armees of DOOFUS co-OPERATORS into FICTIONAL POSITIONS OF *POWER* for the purpose of pushing disclosures of their monstorous evil up into our faces; AND then kept telling us over and over that we are stupid cows for not knowing what they were hiding; while at the very same saying we knew, AGREED, and FINANCED IT ALL.... then, ohyeh,... suuuure, *AFTER* THEY REALIZE THEIR PSYOP OF FEARMONGERING, NON-EXISTENT LAWFUL AUTHORITY, AND DEMORALIZATION DID NOT WORK, what are they going to do??... well, theyre going to INVERT IT of course!!

      just INVERT the narrative!
      NOW say the disclosures were a hoax and that the people who BELIEVED it are the StupidCows!!!

      two heads on their phoenixbird logo.

    6. set up a false frame-up, like the supposed *WARS* we were all supposed to have been fighting against ONE ANOTHER in???
      • control/FINANCE both sides of the "WAR"???.. like theyre trying to do now perhaps???

    7. that ole double head on their phoeni[can]xbird is there for a reason, no doubt?

      cant lose!
      flip to flop
      dark to light
      you want:
      mock-rs or publicans for ur "leaders"?
      you want phoenicianblue or communered fer ur *colors*?... (we already done got ridda that nasty ole "DARKBLUE for Fidelity" nonsense for'ya)
      u want comm: '-unISM' or '-ERCE'?
      the Vatican-backed "govt" running things or the Vatican-backed "corp-ses"?
      take ur pick!...iss'supp'ta you!
      that might be the perfect election system perhaps....?
      letting people go through the motions of choosing, while giving them NO CHOICE at all?

    8. the mental image i have of these STUPID DOOFUS REJECTS is like the cartoon about the monkey who stuck its hand through a hole in the wall to grab a coconut but WAS TOO STUPID TO FIGURE OUT that a 16inch coconut couldnt be pulled through a 4inch hole!

      gAWd theyre STUPID!

    9. ....or a chimpanzee in an ruffled apron baking a birthday cake, with cake batter slung all over itself and all over the kitchen!!!!...:):) okayokay! i will quit now!! but im serious!... i presently believe this is the level of LACK OF NORMAL MENTAL FUNCTIONING that were being forced to put up with, while we diligently try to make some sense out of what theyre doing!!!

      God help us.

    10. they're losing.
      And they know it.


    11. [test]

      is this their FLUNKIEFALOOZA?

  6. heyyouguys!
    what happens when just a FEW more people find out THERE AINT NO MASXVAX *LAWS*????? :):):)

    oh. my. *GOSH* :):):) loololol!

    Whats gonna happen when the people figure out that a MAN DATE, er, i mean, MANdate, 'AINT NO **LAW** at all???? :):)
    .... that its just some "nobody" gettin' a st*ffd*ck watching everybody hop around being afraid??

    im guessing: thats a'comin'. :):)


    are they are CONSTRUCTING IT now?!

    THEY WANT CONFLICT?!: supposedly unvakkxed German people can be kept out of grocery stores!!...
    at the same time ships are sitting at sea!!...
    and dockworkers, truckers, AND airline employees decided to simultaneously strike all at this same exact time?? :):):)


    Next thing we know will they be saying it was all a HOAX??:):)

    these *people*!

    1. what this would be is not even
      (Roman) Rule of Law,

    2. hire those who are the LIFETIME FLUNKIES in your own NEIGHBORHOODS?
      and put them together with LIFETIME FLUNKIES they ship in who are REJECTS IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS THEY GREW UP IN?
      Give em all contracts?...
      funded by whats been STOLEN FROM YOU?!?

      to make up tattletale reports on you!!? for promotions?!

      hey!!...have they been told *THEY*RE IN CHARGE NOW!!?... :)

      are they havin' a FLUNKIEFALOOZA !!!!? :):):)

      They think its

    3. Is this their FLUNKIEFALOOZA?!?:):):)