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Tuesday, October 5, 2021



  1. Say What?

    1. Says the article written by Mike Baxter
      Hmm would that be the fake Mike Baxter aka Danny Bon a douche bag that plays the role of Mike Baxter in Colorado in the tel lie vision sitcom of Last Man Standing?

      They're all in it together folks and they are all hidden HOLLYWOOD douchbags on the world stage

    2. what if their "LesserOnes" are just now discovering that theyve been LeftBehind?

      what if they participated like they Oathed they would do in MakingItHappen in ecchange for Privileges and Immunities in the NewWirld they were UsheringIn ... only to be realizing right now, that they arent going anywhere... they helped MakeItHappen, but Nobody'sComingForThem?

      what if they were promised that they would be getting the ImportantOnes off-shore First and then their own EvacOperation would take place next after that?... but they are realizing its been too long? and somebodee shoulda come for them already?.. and theyre getting scared that nobody IS going to come and RescueThem like they were promised in ecchange for helping the ImportantOnes escape?!?!.. and theyre just going to be left here on this land???

      im just speculating here....

    3. whatif they believed LIARS were telling them the truth.... but the LIARZ were LYING to Them too????

      ummmmmm um um um.

    4. yes, that's the nwo in a nutshell goodE2boots you win :)

      hooray! doublecross averted.
      they helped MakeItHappen, but Nobody'sComingForThem
      yes rapture/millenium is a kabbalah made-up idea. they get "raptured" to hell. see saint jerome unsettled christianity quotes "your fable of the millenium" "heresy of millenialism" -- the meek who missed out on heaven inherit a cursed earth. earth is bad in alchemy. least volatile, least heavenly, least pure. those who did not make the cut.

      yes, doublecross. see transcendental magic, eliphas levi, solar lamb, temple of justice -- replaces the mysterious tree at the 4 streams. pantacle of ezekiel. has some excerpts, search engine is probably easy to find them

      the mysterious tree was our lady/grace. that was new testament. see louis montfort (spelling) rosary things. tree of life, christ was the fruit. trinity was a mystery. only divine wisdom knows. who took solomon's throne for new testament transfiguration? its a mystery, see catholic encyclopedia, trinity, mystery, etc. another quote from jerome, the true profession is to own that we do not comprehend it.

      see ecclesia and synagoga, wikipedia. 4 different testaments: old (law, synagoga, with spear to stab christ with) new (grace) goddess of reason, left v right, conservative v liberal and vatican II try to merge law and grace.

      goats on left, sheep on right. where do jewish queens sit? see psalms. where does synagoga sit (see picture on wikipedia, thats 10 commandments, see galatians)

      see also vatican II huxley "evolution" has quotes, as does wikipedia UNESCO "synthesis" of opposites. heraclitus, unity of opposites. his "evolution" was religion.

      as far as "the rapture" and "2nd coming" goes, you are exactly right goodE2boots.

      actual new testament trinity, litany of saints: was, is, ever shall be. don't call it a comeback, can't call it a comeback if you never left lol

      actual judaism: use

      kabbalah, has wrought this. completely kabbalistic.

      goodE2boots wins the didnt fall for 2nd coming award.

    5. wow xerces,
      there is ALOT there in your comment... ive written down the references and over time will be seeing how they tie all this crap together... just for the simple reason that they try to pull US into it without our agreement.
      as for there being a/many rapture(s)/ no rapture... im just not *counting* on it.
      mainly because:
      "...can't call it a comeback if you never left lol".
      ...i agree.
      because on my i:woman level, i understand that:
      "...the kingdom of god is within you.",
      iow, imo, that speaks of mans responsibility to look around themselves, see what is going on, NOW and figure out how to do what is right-eous, right now, right here. And if one doesnt do that, then theyve missed the whole point!
      i was though, with the "....they helped MakeItHappen, but Nobody'sComingForThem...." comment:
      talking about alot of those man who "sign-ed up" with the cabal to backstab their neighbors.
      what i am seeing/sensing is that THEY are realizing that they have been LeftBehind and
      that NobodyIsComingBackForTHEM.

    6. I agree whole heartedly with all of it

      There are many of them thinking holy shit batman right about now

      I've never faltered, I've stood my ground just like goodE2boots

      Granted there is no prize for being on top of all they have planned

      It took hours of research and uncovering the lies but I would not change not one thing I have done to reveal these lying ass pricks for who and what they are

      xerces I also commend you for your input it had guided me in more ways than you know

      As I have stated couple of times my career was in data analysis and I have dug and dug and dug and used that knowledge and know how to uncover this master plan of theirs without accepting one dime and I will continue to do so until it's time for me to go home

      As I have shown you in this mans blog over and over again they got a plan for that second coming and some alien visitations too you know to make it all look real and CONstitute the fake existence of the SPACE FARCE up at the Thule Air Force Base out of Greenland


    They're all nuts I tell ya

    GITMO is cover bill gates is a fraud does not exist never did

    GITMO and the EARTH Federation BULLSHITTERS
    World Legislative Act #36
    Mundialization of Guantanamo Base
    Earth to United States:Notice to Quit Guantanamo Bay
    Short title “Guantanamo Bay”

    It's a way for them to get their accomplices and hidden family members out of the way of the genocide and hide them out under cover, most likely behind another mask as is with billy goates here


  3. Meet the fake Clintons

    So real raw news is fake fake fake

    They getting their kids and themselves off the stage and to safety before they launch their final blow

    1. So while they claim ole Chelsea here is on trial the real actress parades around on the stage as Megan McCain

  4. Oh and did I mention today is World Mental Health Day

    And our very own papa bush put shit laws on the books decades ago to have us all mentally evaluated by their experts

  5. They'll get by with a little help from their fake friends


      Meet the fake dead beatle and monkey

  6. look at wikipedia "ecclesia and synagoga"

    this tells the story

    new testament: ecclesia/grace/trinity/christ is god

    synagoga: 10 commandments "lord of hosts strikes the shephard" has her spear to crucify christ with

    previously, these were separate, back when christ was god.

    in 1805, culmination of french revolution, enthroned "left" and "right" and goddess of reason replaced with ecclesia, synagoga was restored

    vatican II -- tries to merge them together as well (luciferianism, god + satan == lucifer, actual new testament was "light only", old testament is "the lord creates the light and the darkness")

    one can see why there is no life in america -- synagoga replaces christ, despite the facade and mirage of opposing the masonic statue of liberty (goddess of reason) and vatican II -- same exact lack of christ, lack of trinity, lack of actual god underneath the veneer of a "new day"

    and, you can see paul for example "lord of hosts" -- that struck the shephard, is obsolete. why is "traditional catholicism" pushing 2nd coming garbage?

    litany of saints, was, is, ever shall be. there is no 2nd coming, that denies the trinity.

    who does do "the father" sends out new messiahs periodically? rosicrucianism. see montalk "the gnosis" re: secret doctrine of the rosicrucians, also re: this false "demiurge" fake "father" usurping the throne.

    same old rosicrucianism and synagoga. nothing actually changed, still no life or christ in america. replaced with 10 commandments/synagoga/lord of hosts strikes the shephard (this already happened, there is no round two except antichrist tries to scatter the new testament flock)

    all the history of the NWO: (old testament the law, new testament grace, masonic left/right and goddess of reason, and now vatican II tries to merge law and grace for luciferianism, the "love" child, fruits of spiritual adultery, the fruits of the "left" and "right" synthesis) is contained in that "ecclesia and synagoga" wikipedia page.

    4 NWOs. new testament never got restored, christ remains replaced by antichrist since 1805.

    what matrixes/world orders are permitted, since christ is disallowed?

    synagoga (not actually jewish to demand this of everyone, made up testament, this is not old testament).

    goddess of reason (anna pretended to oppose this, but "left" and "right" is the same)

    luciferian vatican II, try to merge the two (law and grace) together. as seen by paul "lord of hosts" which is old testament and obsolete -- supposed "traditional" "catholics" deny the trinity, "was, is, ever shall be" and wait for "2nd coming" of "THEIR lord and his christ, apocalypse"

    christ is gone, since 1805. nothing has changed here. with friends like these, (anna, paul, state assemblies) pushing synagoga "the lord" "lord of hosts" instead of ecclessia/grace/new testament trinity/christ is god, america will remain dead.

    galatians also explains this. synagoga is cursed/damned. "the lord" is cursed and damned. "lord of hosts" is cursed/damned and isnt "catholic" by any stretch of the imagination -- no trinity, no christ is god, actually "the law" struck the shephard, is being used to attempt a repeat to scatter the new testament and destroy it once and for all, and it denies the litany of saints, which has the actual trinity "was, is, ever shall be" -- there is no 2nd coming.

    "their lord and his christ" of apocalypse is antichrist.

    1. and goddess of reason replaced with ecclesia, synagoga was restored
      typo, should read: and goddess of reason replaced ecclesia, and synagoga was restored

      should be noted, despite the fake opposition to masonic statue of liberty and the goddess of reason -- this was enlightenment, "illuminization", america and state assemblies and anna keep this, despite fake opposition to masonic lady liberty.

      see 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, has it, 1916. page 31/23: the philosophy of the illuminati is the absolute and undeniable philosophy upon which these united states are founded.

      since we have a fake "father" entity trying to overthrow the trinity, america remains under rosicrucian control. again, see montalk "the gnosis" about secret doctrine of the rosicrucians, and the "father" ushering in new ages -- the world soul, etc.

      see also page 53/45: 2nd coming, antichrist is supposed to rule the world form america for 1000 years. america as "new jerusalem" -- this is all worldly kingdom quasi "jewish" nonsense.

      america remains under rosicrucian control, with

      paul and his non-trinity non-catholic antichrist "lord of hosts"

      anna and here "synagoga, 10 commandments"

      and countless other zombies ushering in the vatican II NWO, trying to merge "law" and "grace" -- galatians says this cannot be done, anyone who attempts this merger is cursed/damned.

      the story of the NWO is on that "ecclesia and synagoga" wikipedia page. you can see it all around. trinity is gone, litany of saints, was, is, ever shall be, is gone.

      synagoga reigns supreme. christ is gone, the new testament was overthrown in 1805 and never restored. antichrist reigns supreme, from sea to shining sea (pun intended) same as america always did.

      despite opposition to "the illuminati" and "goddess of reason" -- the "left" and "right" (same "dispensation) continues, as does enthroning "synagoga" and denying christ/ecclesia/grace/trinity.

      it remains, occult theocracy, under direction of rosicrucianism (regardless who is directing these things -- it matches the rosicrucian "new age" antichrist script exactly)

    2. america will remain dead, because it is still based on rosicrucian "the father" ushering in antichrist.

      paul "lord of hosts" -- the veneer of "traditional catholicism" is on the same rosicrucian antichrist script. christ is not god, cerinthus heresy. instead, "the father" lord of hosts will strike the shephard a second time, "their lord and his christ" actual christ is out, anti christ is nigh.

      anna/state assemblies "10 commandments" -- has the spear in their hands, ready to stab the new testament, just like "synagoga", goats on the left.

      both of these, fall into the category of vatican II merging "the law" and "grace" together.

      with friends like these, who needs masonry? exact same rosicrucian script.

      so much for "flipping the script" -- rosicrucian "father" "lord of hosts" continues to try to overthrow remnants of "was, is, ever shall be" new testament trinity back when christ was god.

      all that is going on, is contained inside that "ecclesia and synagoga" wikipedia page.

      you can see paul, anna, the state assemblies, all lined up with their spears to attempt to overthrow the trinity and christ.

      since 1805 it was officially a done deal, nothing has changed.

      "life" never got restored. it remained synagoga, to this day.

      because of this infiltration of the churches, replaced with "synagoga", the only remaining new testament/christ is god, is outside the "churches".

      this is also exactly what matthew 24 warns about. people are supposed to flee judea (have nothing to do with these fake churches) from this abomination of desolation

  7. I keep getting a pop up too from McAfee about my virus software

    The message reads

    Together there is power

    Hmm McAfee reminds me of Danny Bon a douch bag too

    On your mark get set and go now
    Gotta dream and they just know now
    They're gonna make their dream come true
    Doing it their way
    There is nothing they won't try
    Never heard the word impossible

    Tellin ya it is one big fucking Hollywood Hills (HH = 88) lunatic bunch out to own it all and make you a serf

    From their earth federation planning hideout in Colorado on the Ponderosa Ranch

    Their committee of 300 masked actors planning the future of the world hidden behind a mask
    Dr John Coleman aka Gary Collins ( I TOLD YOU I WOULD FIGURE OUT WHO HE WAS) the faker behind this Committee of 300 report
    All brought to you by Hollywood folks


  8. Funny thing too no one seems to get this whistleblower shit either

    Black and White referee gees how stupid are you

    Set up whistleblower lawyers to represent their fake whistleblowers and split the cut from the loot they steal from your state or local treasuries
    Geez it's a win win all the way around for those in the know

    They are blowers alright blowing smoke right up peoples ass is what they are

  9. I wonder if this RENZ is related to JEFF RENSE (you do know he is some kind of hollywood producer right)

    The internet is nothing but garbage from wiki to the friggin dictionary

    And if you believe her civil war bullshit then have a look at some of the other bullshit they are telling people all over the world

  10. I've heard that they are getting ready to lock bank accounts

    No purchases over $600 and tracking your accounts

    1. Martha Stewart aka Janet Yellin is playing her part in this massive psychological operation and the deliberate crash


    3. Under this one
      it states the following

      all of the heads of corporations are played by actors, this is a common practice to keep the people who own the company, the shareholders, out of the public eye, you notice that you can't find out who are the shareholders for the fed? they use the actors to avoid accountability

      the federal reserve is a corporation, so the chairmans are actors
      the vatican is a corporation, so the popes are actors
      the military is a corporation, so the generals are actors
      the crown is a corporation, so the royals are actors
      NASA is a corporation, so the astronauts are actors
      every country is a corporation, so every head of state is an actor

      the real people in charge are the shareholders and the board of directors

      Basically they are permitted to lie to their audience as they plunder the entire world hidden from view

      So it doesn't matter that these folks are lying to the audience at all they made it legal for themselves to have others lie for them

  11. Time to launch the space buddies

  12. There is just no call for this dismal state of affairs all in the name of commerce
    Just absolute insanity is what it is

    1. yep... its pretty fugly when you know anna is military and they're playing this game with nations populations... that its been drawn out this long and continues to be dragged out shows that its all planned and is just going to be kept to the timeline so they can realize the depopulation while pretending they Cared the whole time everyone was dropping dead from obeying their mandates... Fuck the Show.

    2. they might be *ACTING* "insane", ...perhaps for the purpose of "pleading" insanity and thereby then being "deemed" "not responsible for their *ACT*ions"?

      ... hey, yeh,... hmmmm... that might be a good *ACT* to pull off next... yeh, ...put that together with the ole "Jesus wont forgive you if you dont forgive me"
      and you might just be able to get away with merrr der?

    3. over the years, many people who have participated in "crazy" peoples' 'criminal cases' have concluded that:

      if they knew enough to HIDE what they were doing, theyre NOT crazy, theyre EVIL.

      i:woman agree because, from the beginning, if people are actually "crazy" they dont know theyre doing anything wrong, so they dont know to hide it.

      however, these man did and do know... so they did hide it.
      and then too, threatened everyone who might expose them?...

      oh, but, now... NOW... theyre vomitting out all their ACTS before the people? and ACTING all cray-cray??? ....yeh, bring it all out NOW,...get "indictments"... AND SEAL EM UP TOO... bring "charges"... pro-se'-cut... and then *discharge* those same charges so they dont show up as Open (Ac-)Counts on 'The Books'?....
      hmmmm ...or even better yet, since/if theyve all been initiated into the same Private (Commerce) Club, well, just apply themthere Privileges and Immunities, and fergit all about themthere charges.... yeh, thats the ticket....? ...then send your "brothers" on down to a nice tropical island resort recently massively upgraded by an openly admitted $2BILLION ...
      by the premium resort and golf course builder in the world... using the victims' property.... who recently had control over the purse strings???

      hey youve earned it brother, enjoy your well-earned retirement???... we'll jes get on CGI and looololollolol say we sent you there fer yer henggin'???

      now THAT would be "A Plan", wouldnt it?

    4. that comment above about the tropical resort being built(?) , referring of course to 'GITMO' has been being blocked by someone one using blogger dot com for about (or over) five minutes!!... ive actually been, it seems, playing something like Dualling-Posts in realtime, with someone on blogger dot com who was trying to keep that post from posting! looolol! why??? :)

      why would they do that?
      if there was nonsense in that post, they wouldnt be following me around on this blog, trying to control what i post, would they? im asking,... would they?... cuz thats what it seems like... that, even though im on topic and making comments, giving opinions, furnishing verifiable facts, asking questions.... someone wants to control my posts
      ... making it seem like they are afraid for pauls blogreaders to know what i:woman called by janmarie on bluebird acre on kansas land am saying.

      i have to wonder why.
      dont you?

    5. GITMO.

      using colloquial speech/slang:

      git = get

      mo' = more.

      what? ....Get More?
      what? ...."after youve collected all you can for yourself, git mo'"???

      ...just asking... seems quite the coinkydink tho'... doesnt it?

    6. World Legislative Act
      World Legislative Act #36
      Mundialization of Guantanamo Base
      Earth to United States: Notice to Quit Guantanamo Bay Short title “Guantanamo Bay”

      Yeppers they set it up ahead of time folks
      Go read their world legislative acts it will knock your socks off

      Including the upgraded Gitmo their retirement golden age retreat or ust a pass through as they make their way to say like the 500 acre ranch that ole Mel Gibson owns in Costa Rica

      Or the pre arranged multiple hundred thousand acre spread sitting on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer in Brazil by the fake ass Bush clan

      Brazil is part of the BRICS G5 banking deal
      They moved their rodeo show there to steal the water
      Most likely they will be bottling and selling it back to ya while the harvest and kill off the people of Brazil

      Like this couple here who sells you water from Fiji
      And Almonds and Pistachios from their WONDERFUL Plantation in California

      You wonder why humpty dumpty did his little stint on tell lie vision with the FIJI water bottle well it was a shout out to one of their partner families in crime

    7. absolutely.

      water is 'the new gold'.

      the Ogalala Aquifer in the Midwest is rated, variously,
      as the third to fifth largest aquifer in the world.

      they used to have articles up on line referring to water as "blue gold". i cant find those articles online anymore, but there is a water company named BlueGold.
      remember in trumpilstiltskins first year how the indigenous people in the upper midwest were protesting the pipeline that they believed could endanger the water? and dfrumpatton callously imo ignored their concerns?
      and surely that Q-Op mess kept saying: "Watch the Water" for some reason.

    8. Kind of like fat man Larry the Cabal guy and

  13. Great presentation


    Now there is a QUANTUM land log registration
    Website Link for the Quantum Land Log Registration:
    [" "]

    Should read how Medici Land Governance through World Parliament under the Ministry of Land and Resources is digitally stealing your land records

    1. notice how so many have chosen to put that "MK" in the "name" they publish with/"nome de plume"!? lol!

      how utterly, eye-spinningly silly are these goofs!?
      and they imagine that theyre going to run the world??!! loooololo!!!

  15. Public isnt seeing s***. If it isnt on th TV then these zombies dont see it. If the TV doesnt report it then these idioits dont believe it.

  16. Good read

    And the wiki is full of lies so?

    And that leads back to the faking of Romes death and the role that Greenland may play in all this

    1. You'll notice at the end of Miles' article linked above that we have Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Decrapio and ole fake ass Putin
      Ole Jack played the part of Ruby in Dallas and his other brother Darryl played the part of Oswald

      I recently watched the new version of the movie DUMBO and at the beginning of that movie we have a traveling circus 1919 run by Medici
      Max Medici's run down circus

      They're making the shit up and they're getting caught right and left and it is all HOLLYWOOD

      And that Medici Land Governance BULLSHIT well as you can see Santos Bonacci is pushing the De Medici's and the Aldo Brandinni and if you look at UNESCO and UNIDROIT they are working to claim artifictions that have yet to be found to add to their collection of fake museums all around the world to mind fuck the people

      You see Miles isn't revealing the Hollywood connection and these inbreds in some ways he is but he is not revealing the camera trickery they are pulling here
      Mid 1800's and the story line changes across the board at the onset of movies and theater
      Brought to you by Loews and Fox theaters the same pricks on the stage today they have just rebranded
      Like Lowes Home Improvement that links to ole Tim the Tool Man Taylor and MORE POWER
      Mike Baxter the writer of this piece here is the name of Tim the Tool Man Taylor on his new series Last Man Standing
      Tool Man is Danny Bon a douch bag from the Partridge Family

      Gates the fraud

      The Clinton frauds

      Their CGI (Clinton Global Intitative) of master fakers known as Annette Benning and her hidden daughter Charlice Therone
      She is one of the new rat pack kids that will take over the helm as their HIStory channel had reported in their video of When Las Vegas crumbles into the desert
      Fracking and gold mining the hell out of Nevada
      And I got news for ya it ain't the annunaki doing it either
      More fake HIStory brought to you by the mason ole Zach implanting the story with his best seller book series BULLSHIT

    2. At 3:52 in this video see where George Clooney operates three different CGI operations
      Bloomberg, Oprah and Fox News folks
      All CGI

  17. Meet the fake ass Mike Pence

    His return to the stage of what is supposed to be your godvernment but is nothing more than a stage of actors fleecing their audience for centuries

    The Federation of Earth and Galactic Council BULLSHIT and coming fake invasion to launch their fake Federation on to the masses

    I'm sure their made up UN Office of Outer Space Affairs and the USS SPACE FARCE have nothing to do with yet another fake heist of the treasuries and the people from all nations

  18. And check this shit out they still regurgitating this 'story' and the bitch plays several roles on the stage today

    At the end of this video see who really played the role of this NOT DEAD bitch

    And this comment alone should tell you what we are dealing with here
    If you watch this playlist in order ( you will get how they modified voices and facial features back in the film era and now in CGI... All of our Governors are masked actors, Congress masked actors, Supreem court CGI masked actors ... and all of our TV shows actors are masked actors hiding Nepotism the arts... They are all CGI modified actors Ie... THE VOICE hosted by Carson Daily? Kind of a normal looking guy, right? NO, Carson Daily is a plain jane re-arranged CGI modified actor, formally know as Ryan Seacrest... ADAM Levine from the VOICE is Tom Cruise being modified in CGI, the Hidden son of Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood who is still alive today.. Her ego would not let her grow old in front of the public... She is now the Beard for Barry Diller, Diane von Furstenberg... One of her early covert careers, hidden from the public was Karen Carpenter... Without a Doubt... When you are done watching that playlist go to my facebook page... ( Also this investigation is far beyond a conspiracy theory, when you consider the evidence and the fact that they are stopping me from uploading on all sites in a matter of an hour.


    He also plays several other very significant roles, Oliver Stone and Robert Shapiro in your years of television brainwashing

    And Ben Shapiro my guess is he is also one of this mans brats

    1. The supreme court is hidden behind MASKED ACTORS and so are your govenors and CONgress
      what in the hell does that tell you about the so called 'law'?

      Their so called laws have disarmed everyone on the planet with the exception of their bought and paid for thugs of all kinds and that is who is running around killing everyone on the planet
      Stone cold killers

      Those ACTING generals dressed up in military uniforms are sending your sons and daughters in to other nations to die for this fucked up One World Agenda folks where they steal all the resources and you become a serf to their agenda

    2. Diane von Furstenberg

      Notice the princley German House BULLSHIT in her bio

      Her entire bio is false as her real name is Natalie Woods the fake dead wife of Robert Wagner

      CGI Tucker Carlson is Tom Cruise

      It's all in the families and this who have been stealing the world blind for decades

      As far as I'm concerned Anna either comes clean or she is an accomplice to world genocide

      And this one here is not being blackmailed he is part of the clan they both are

      And Makow needs to visit Greg Bradfords site as he would know these fuckers are all actors on the world stage who set this fucking nightmare world order in motion decades ago

      Dr. David Martin is he serious has he read his fucking bio? Most likely false but none the less he is front and center in this activate humanity bullshit and his Dr David Martin World BULLSHIT
      I wonder if he's related to Glen T Martin of this report

      And this one
      Dr. Christiane Northrup
      I wonder if any relation to Northrup Grumman the miliatry indistrial complex thats been helping to kill the worlds populations for decades?

      Are any of these fucks even Dr's? Or does that make em look good in the eyes of the idiots reading their shit

      It's as plain as the nose on anyones face this is global murder and it was planned decades ago by these schmucks here

      Makow and his picture of Drew Barrymores uncle at the top of his page who by the way played the role of Churchill
      Here's Drew playing Senator

      So lets just cut the shit MaKow as he is referring to you as a mad cow or cattle

    3. And give me a break David Steele dead?
      On MaKow's site

      What an absolute crock of shit!

      This is the crap they want you to believe as their agenda moves forward.

  19. They're blocking his videos claiming copyright

    When you're the crooks putting copyright in place that protects your family crime synidicates for 70 or more years you can pretty much do any damned thing you want

  20. And check out the comments under this one

    AnonymousMarch 2, 2016 at 2:25 AM
    Judge Anna Von Reitz look alike.

    1. Shazamm
      Hidden in plain sight

      And taking your asses to the cleaners

  21. Another RENZ huh
    Maybe like the one pictured here on the bottom right

  22. Ron Paul and some fake eyebrows

    This is a Senator people - a thief in a mask
    A treasury robber

    And even in this blog somehwhere on one of these pages it states that this is who plays Ron Paul

    According to this illuminated pig show this is what the actwhores have to say about the cattle
    The ultimat reason are not the acting skills to better manipulate the masses.
    It's the need to prove the first commandment of the illuminati religion: satan created two kinds of people. the illuminati and the human cattle.
    Illuminati deliver additional proof by fulfilling the commandments of truth in plain sight and reversed and parallel scripts.

    Parallels huh?

  23. Their plan is to get everyone to file for disability or something so they are dependent on the system

    In the 2008 crash many people were prompted to take early retirement or disability because their 'skill sets' would not fit the bill

    Today that is how they will send all these folks to the welfare line and bring them in collecting 'benefits' and then they got em

    It is a world wide pyramid ponzi scheme and hollywood the hidden ones are who is behind the purse strings and all the CORPORATIONS
    They created it after all

    The plan was to reverse it all with the World Parliament as in take away their personhood status and cash in the bonds and these now repented and good little corporations will donate to preserving the forest under the World Economic Forum
    Translation - 24 hour forest surveillance keeping your asses off all their land all millions and billions of acres of it from continent to continent

    It's the year 2030 and you will own nothing and be HAPPY

    CMAP 2040
    On to 2050

    Chicago how about that the place where the World Parliament and the Earth Federation was launched 70 years ago
    And they moved their operations to COLORADO

    The location of the show LAST MAN STANDING - COLORADO FOLKS

    The DENver Airport and the mural REMEMBER

    Now I may not agree with his hypothosis of hypnosis and trance state but the information is very relevant considering the fracking and weather modification technologies they have set up EVERYWHERE


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