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Thursday, October 14, 2021

I am sorry to be so far behind in publishing your articles

Paul Stramer

to Anna
Gladys and I came down with the second bioweapon they are calling covid and it's no fun at all; We need everyone's support right now. We are getting good care  with a local medical team using oxygen therapy and a special formula they have put together for use 3 times a day using a nebulizer,  and it's helping to erase the pain and getting our oxygen where it's supposed to be. They come to our home twice a day and bring the supplies and have us on a regimen.  Up to today I have not been able to even sit at the computers without losing my oxy levels.

Please be patient with us. Maybe we can get over this in a week or so and get back to our normal schedule.


Anna von Reitz1, 4:36 PM (2 days ago)

to me
Be sure to take aspirin or other natural blood thinners in small, steady amounts to counteract the coagulation effects. 

I am so sorry to hear this, Paul, but glad you are at least get sane treatment.  Some are not so lucky. 

You are, as always, doing what you can do, and that always has to be "enough"! 

Hugs across the miles to you and Gladys!  Let me know if there is anything I can do----

Anna Maria


  1. Hi Paul, here are the updated clinical protocols from over 7,000 physicians world wide who are using chlorine dioxide solution (CDS)
    You can order CDS from or learn to make it yourself here: How to make CDS with Andreas video:
    I have more resources available. Send me an email to
    Hugs to you and Gladys.

  2. In our house we use chlorine dioxide with good results.
    Our prayers are with you.

  3. Prayers and best wishes to you and Gladys, Paul!

  4. Try some N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), available online through under respiratory health. It's been touted so well at mitigating "Covid" effects that the FDA is seeking to ban it. Be well!

  5. Most troubling news Paul. I hope both gladys, and yourself can shake this off speedily.
    I have added one lemon to my diet every day(I squeeze 1/2 lemon in my orange juice in the morning and at night). And when I really get to feeling "it" I use 1/2 a dropper full of Nascent Iodine under my tongue. Hurry back we all love you.

  6. Get well soon!! Thanks for all you do.

  7. Better Than Hydroxychloroquine? Easier to Obtain

    Two studies suggest this antiviral, anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory is an alternative to hydroxychloroquine. What's more, it's far less expensive, easier to obtain and clears COVID faster than those who received analgesics and antibiotics. Where's the media?

  8. Mother Miriam Warning

    This is the attitude needed to beat this CRAP
    This is Amandha Vollmer. Amandha eloquently puts a positive spin to our present day NWO trials and tribulations, and shoves it all back into the globalists' faces. Watch!!

    1. yeh, theyre losing and we know it and they know it and they know we know... but dont move offpoint!

      you know these FLUNKIES are likely just re-grouping their unlawfully collected "intel", trying to figure out where to "land their punch" next go-round!

      too bad for them that the right-eousness of a good man is a protective covering for him and his house!!!
      theyll never get through... too many genuinely good people in this world!!

      but like i said, theyre like a monkey trying to pull a 16 inch coconut through a four inch hole in the fence!! so stay awake!! :):):)

    2. here is a possibility, based upon what weve been told about their cultures and traits:
      my guess:
      the ImportantOnes have all been Evac'D now.
      the rest are waiting.
      and waiting.
      theyre starting go from anxious to very anxious.
      not full blown panick yet, but the ones with an IQ over 72 are sensing that ThePlan quit working.
      theres a s-WITCH-ing.
      theyre not being told about it. no one will answer their questions.
      theyre just being told: "youre doin'fine. doan werry aboutit! well let'cha know when'ya need ta'due sumthin' else! jes keepon doin wha'cha been doin! ur doin' *fine*."

      a few of them will moved but
      the rest will be stayin here and
      they will take the fall.

      alot of whats been said to the "Patriots" was being said to them, the ones who thought they would be being evac'd, but will be used for the human collateral instead.
      just guessing.

    3. the people who have been harmed and did not ever join them will be restored.... by the ones who are being left here.

      not ME.
      *I* didnt join... i said NO! A thousand times, a thousand "chances", a thousand "offers", a thousand "threats", the answer to the best of my knowledge and ability was NO!
      did i get harmed?
      well, if so, then i must be restored.

    4. some of these people have worked for their Master for DECADES, for FREE!... paying their own way, raising their own funding, to prove their LOYALTY to the Master.
      theyve given up EVERYTHING. They trusted completely in the strength of the Master.

      ... they were so sure everything would work out...

      just guessing since we really dont know at the present time.

  9. • NAC
    to detox the graphene oxide and other heavy metals and crap

    • Fulvic/humic minerals
    Also good for detoxing

    • Quercertin + Zinc + C + D
    to help with healing (Quercetin acts similar to HCQ)


    Also: correlation between ACE2 receptors, salt and health (from Zach Bush)

    • Combine 12 oz. water, 1/2 lemon or lime squeezed and 1/4 tsp sea salt (grey Celtic or Himalayan sea salt)

    Every cell in the human body has an imprint that can remember and deliver its injuries to the next generation. The connection between ACE2 receptors and salt levels in the body determines whether the body is in a degenerative or regenerative state. When levels of salt inside the body get too low, the ACE2 receptors decrease. This stimulates inflammation as well as the likelihood of a hypoxic event after contracting Covid. Low salt levels also drive insulin resistance. This simple recipe can help balance the overall levels of salt in the body, accelerating repair.

  10. so, ALL the trans-portation sectors are ALL "striking" at once?

    wasnt elaine cho, mitch mcconnells wife from china and also the u s secretagy of trans-portation for DECADES!!?
    no truckers ive ever known would stop deliveries for very damm long.. they know their own grandkids needs food and diapers. same with railroad men, utility workers, airline workers.... yeh, theyll strike for a little bit for negotiations, but a shutdown of all sectors all at once?
    this isnt the truckers or any of the other sectors of the actual workers either. imo.
    they know it would be counterproductive to what their country needs right now.
    and how about the chicago police chief?
    telling the police not to get vakked? REALLY? isnt he hired by the Mayor and City Council???... if they gave him, their hiredman, an order to have their employees carry out and he told those under his command to not do it, why havent they fired him then? hmmm?
    and the military? ....
    theyve, weve been TOLD anyway, received dozens of vaccinations during their careers, some supposedly potentially harmful, ... what? so NOW SUDDENLY, theyre saying NO to ONE LITTLE VACC????
    ....come on. :):) wouldnt they be court martialed? like the Lt. schillershellerscheller?

    ARE WE REALLY SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THIS STUFF? it seems hokey to me. imo.

    but idk. just shuffling puzzle pieces!!!

  11. also, now that different ones who've supposedly had "intel" are saying "theres been a delay in NesaraGesara" and "yes, people are getting their open N/G accounts BUT THEY ARE UNDER NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS AND THEY CANT TALK ABOUT IT!!" and, "well, NO! everybody will NOT be getting the same amount from N/G, SOME people will be getting ALOT MORE than everybody else!!!", ...
    it looks like this N/GFicyion might have WHAT? ...Been some kind of a BAIT or something???
    anybody know?
    got any reasonable ideas about that?

  12. it looks to me like theyre possibly pushing "this" (whatever it is):
    down to the more local levels now!

    one example: SO, a local school board is supposedly so afraid of a mom or dad that they contacted the national school board assn and asked to have moms and dads who dont go along with their FOREIGN CORPORATE POLICIES regarded as if theyre a dome.tearr ????! what??! ::):)
    i think its pretty much over, "federally", and now the FOREIGN ACTORS at the more local levels are perhaps being set up, yes, SET UP, to be seen, recognized, and observed by the local people for whatever theyve been doing!
    and im also guessing that includes everyone who has ANY kind of contract or agreement with a FOREIGN AGENT, or *IS* themselves, a FOREIGN AGENT!!
    iow, im GUESSING there MIGHT be like a double- quadruple DOUBLE-STING type of thing going on!!! :):):)

    hey!:) its just a not-so-gloomy GUESS.

  13. Replies
    1. May God Shine His Healing Light On You Both!!! And may you get a few minutes of sunshine ☀️ everyday! Also water 💦 is key 🔑✨✨🕯✨

  14. paul and gladys: may you be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers.
    ref: kjv 3 john 1:2

  15. new article up (16th).

    funny,... i just mentioned theres no mandate for vaccinations yesterday; and now theres an article up within about 24 hours about that!... did "anna" just find that out from me yesterday?....

    its been known for WEEKS, OVER A MONTH i'd say, ...didnt "anna" know it was not a mandate before i commented on it yesterday?

    if "she" knew, why was "she" not sharing that VERY good news with all of us for the past month or so?? thats actually just about as important as something can get!

  16. He advises at the end "destroy your television sets now. You must listen to no orders" Filmed in 2014 and Rick Mayal's last film before his untimely death. Coincidence? Watch to the end - chilling!

    Reduce the population Scene from 'One by One' Rik Mayall's last film release before his sudden death

  17. heres my guess about what didnt work for them:

    The "Influencer" Program(-ming on the people) did NOT work!! that's what it LOOKS like didnt work!---im just guessing.

    we will find out though.

    because, if my guess is correct (its just a "hunch" at this point) then, like ive just very recently started posting, (most of) The "Influencers" dont actually consciously *know* it yet but many seem as if they are sensing that The Plan is truly not going the way they were TOLD it was going to go!
    ...too many delays.
    ...too many repeats.
    ...too many double-backs on things that they are sensing should have been accomplished 18 months ago--- or at least before 01202021, is my guess.

    1. its been long-said that:
      when a King was in trouble, they used to offer up to one-half of their Kingdom to the KingsMan who could come up with A Plan to save the King!!!

    2. it was a gamble, a risk, because if the KingsMan FAILED, well,... gulp!!...he was supposedly "handled" shall we say??

      but if he succeeded, well then, he became a King too.
      [one ref: Herodias calling for her own daughter, Salome, to "dance" for her husband KingHerod, in exchange for the head of Johnthebapt. kjv: matt ch. 14].

    3. so, (im just asking)
      what if the present-day KingsMen (if any) were offered the same type of Challenge?...:
      to 'Come up with some kind of APlan to Save the King from the consequences of the harm theyd ALL been committing, TOGETHER:
      knowingly and from INTENT, upon known lawful and peaceful man for the purpose of trespass on that known lawful and peaceful man and his property'?

      what if they were "Authorized" by the Head ReligionFiction Guy to concoct whatever kind of BoogiemanStory Fiction they could come up with to see which BoogermanConstruct Fiction would work upon the people to drive them to "the King and the KingsMen/"Influencers" for "Peace and Safety", "Being Normal Again", "Having Food on the Store Shelves", "Not being Sick"??

      im DEFINITELY not saying anyone DID this.
      im just sifting thru the puzzle pieces. for fun. :):):)

    4. however remote the possibilty of something like that actually taking place NOW, i cant seem to shake the PERCEPTION that it SEEMS eerily SIMILAR to what SEEMS to presently be taking place right before our very eyes.

    5. the point though is:

      that IF there was an "InfluencerProgram(-ing)" Construct being worked upon the people, (which there probably is *NOT* :):) )
      the Willing Participants who actually INTENTIONALLY andor KNOWINGLY "SignedUp" to be ACTORS for the purpose of deceiving/ running a scam on the people:
      would bear the responsibility/ "liability" THEMSELVES if their ACT FAILED..... thats just part of "the deal".
      or so the OLD STORIES go...

      ...iow, it might be kind of along the same LINES as when a "ProSé-Cutter" brings "charges" against a "TrustAccountFiction"... then the "ProSé-Cutter" is, himself, responsible for paying those "charges" unless and until he can find a "Defend-ant" to ATTACH the "charges" to?.... for the purpose of the ProSeCUTTER and TEMPLARBAR BROTHERS PILFERING that FictionalTrustAccount and then, even worse yet, CONVERTING its "DEBT FICTION" into "FOR CAUSE:":
      to make unlawful claims upon the people, their land, production, family members, lives, and so on...ALL EN FORCED by VIOLENCE, THREATS, ANDOR FEAR??

      ....just sifting through puzzle pieces like i said,... and bringing questions, opinions, and temporary less-than- presently- fully- informed conclusions, thats all. :):):)

    6. if true,

    7. not the people!

    8. see how that goes?
      if true?!!

      they signedup, not the people, they did!

    9. so,
      funniest darn thing:

      the pensions for these people...who intentionally signedup to scam other people, IF thats even happened at all...
      their pension funds, i will bet'cha have been gobbbbbbbbbledup! chompchomp!!
      ... GONE! Yeh! just like that!! right?!! i mean, doesnt that just stand to reason?
      now, though, what about the men who created the STORY/"sccam", if any?...
      well, do they say theyre EXEMPT from their own rules, being the creator?
      if so, then what?... do they get OTHER men to signup *as* fictional characters? while the creators of the fiction/ "scamm" keep their own naturalborn standing being man????
      AND then what if the creator of the scam also never signed anything as a signatory?... then they would never (supposedly) be "liable" for anything... would they??

      or WOULD they??

    10. then you might have:
      the creator "cannot be held responsible for harm because they arent the man who actually DID the trespasses."???
      the man who DID actually DO the trespasses, well he was ACTING at the time *AS* a Fictional Office so you cant very well "go after" an imaginary "person", can you????

      and besides.... you know, its all been "bank-ruptured" anyway, so:
      pockets empty!! [shrugs]
      [sheepish grin]... ALL GONE!!

      is that the way that goes?

      thats absolutely NOT the way that ends!!! :):):) because:
      i:woman do not have anything known to me to be an lawful intentional agreement to obligate myself to their fiction!;
      and until someone furnishes proof that i DID intentionally agree, then it stands to be true forever, that i did NOT agree from my intent and under authority of other lawful limitations that are, all, my property;
      oh!! and furthermore: both the Creator(s) and the Actor(s): being man: are BOTH /ALL *responsible* to, timely, restore me in the way that i recognize that i have, then, actually been fully restored, in a timely fashion.
      and so it is.

      woman:called by janmarie, on bluebird acre: on kansas.

  18. This comment below is in regards to Anna’s article:
    Urgent and Much-Needed Explanation for My German Friends:
    It is quite evident when one peruses this whirled’s history that around the 1870’s that everyone was going through a similar style of “civil war”.
    The question shouldn’t be who or what was fighting ie.,opposing factions, and their ideologies that seem to litter most history books, but how all these “powers” were able to communicate and collude on a “global” scale before even radio communication was invented(or was it?) to cause this mayhem whirled wide, and also be able to retain “their” upper hand without being exposed(even to this present day).
    What also strikes me as odd is how one man can acquire so much property that it requires 200 pages to list, and make precise directives for all of it distribution. How does one usually amass such fortunes in the first place? I have observed that when one is more well off that usually two or more are in dire straits because of it. It would be very interesting to be able to read his will, and all the others of the same wealth whirled wide.
    This also is a most unusual statement that Anna wrote as a comment ; It’s true in terms of the world’s wealth being an inheritance it “belongs” to just a few who can claim it—-

  19. wellwellwell :):)
    now the yt shiell channels are casting-broad(ly) that *ONLY* "The Military" can "Save Us Now". lol!
    z'at so? :)
    ...theyre FORE-casting: 'but it has to be up around 80% of the people who CALL FOR "MILITARY" INTERVENTION, not just 80% of the'otta be everybody.' :)

    why would they do that, if they are?
    well les'seee, have they had THEIR *OWN* "MILITARY" in UNLAWFUL OPERATION against us, the peaceful and lawful people, for around 159-60 years???.... with*OUT* LAWFUL "CAUSE"??

    imo, it seems perfectly logical that they might NOW, WAAAAAY the hell after the fact, be panicking enough to think it might be a way out for them if they could construct situations (using the PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION-style) to CONSTRUCT a conglomerate of situations where the people actually DO call for that!
    like the "Underwear Bamer"/ TSA?

    1. they **HAVE** to have the people's AUTHORIZATION ****BEFORE**** they can do anything.
      theyre FICTIONS.
      they cannot operate without the peoples' AUTHORITY!
      theyre dead fictions, imaginations, imaginary!

    2. what if "they" attempted to get us to call for "them" (one "head" on their double-headed Phoenix) to come onto our land(property) to *save us* from their own OTHERBROTHER- hoodhead on their double-headed Phoenix. :):):)?

    3. i mean, if:
      1. you get together with Other SocialFilth Rejects like yourself;
      2. Together, Plan the Wars youre going to go Start;
      3. then Split up, and Each Group go Infiltrate and Pretend to be the Friends of the people youre going to be attacking Together;
      4. then, WHILE Pretending to be Fighting your Brothers, take out the ones you Pretended to be Friends with.

    4. i mean, then it might even be passable as:
      "Its WAAAAAAAR!!!!" right?
      Anything goes in War. right??
      No Insurance claims to be paid.
      Take all the land and property.

      hey! the people called for us, their (Pretend) Friends, for an assist!!!

      see there? -----

      you Plan the War-- "War Game It?"
      you START the "War".
      you ARE both SIDES of the War you started
      then you turn on the people you Pretended to be Friends with;
      and then you Split what belongs to them amongst you and your "brothers".
      well, if youre the SocialFilth Rejects anyway, what do you care?... youre never going to get anything in life anyway; nobody likes you and nobody ever has;
      youre ugly as hell to boot....:) you might as well try this, huh?

      i think something like that is entirely possible, however unlikely it might seem.

    5. the problem for them though is once what is actually true becomes known, then the men who did trespass on other men, ARE *ALL* RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HARM DONE.

      i think perhaps thats exactly where we are now. perhaps.

    6. what would people who may have done such a thing try to do to get out of the well-deserved Punishments THEIR OWN are going to be bringing upon them as a cover for their ownn participation?? if any?

    7. because, are the ones who SENT them, if any, going to ADMIT they "knew" about it and take Punishments?
      anybody got any reasonable ideas about that?
      seems like theyre more likely to pretend they knew nothing about it!
      but idk.

    8. anyway, it seems like there might be a quadruple triple-back doubledouble SuperSting going on.

    9. there seems to be, variously, up to at LEAST four or five, or more, different FRONTS being played before the people at all times!
      with no "SmithMundt"-like "Act" in their FICTION to restrain them, ... can pro-PAGAN-dize".

    10. question:


    11. what would one do if the people refused to battlewithoneanother? could you just opntheboarders and let SocialFilth like yourself in?
      could you just Pretend there was a choice made by the people?
      Pretend one Lost?
      Refuse to "correct it"?
      Pretend theres "Shortages" in food, other essentials?

      might THAT get the people to call for "The Military" to "save" them?
      and maybe perhaps "justify" "The Military" that had already been here UNLAWFULLY for a century and a half OR MORE? maybe perhaps?

  20. Shelby, I have been watching a lot of Dan's videos Christian remedy in law.
    Do you know how I can finx his email or anyone that believes and understands what he is sharing in his videos?

  21. "Secret Chinese government meeting recorded and released. China manipulating American politicians to WIPE US OUT."
    China's goal - Once the US military is vaxed - the kill shot will finish our military off and permit a China takeover of America. Jimstone goes into quite a bit more detail on his web site.


  22. notices:
    i:woman called by janmarie: on bluebird acre on kansas land: from right and intent do create and make this record; and declare before man and my beloved creator that i:woman:

    1. forever require all that rightfully belongs to i:woman;
    2. acknowledge that (those) man [men and women] who harm man, earth, and creation use "The Book of the Dead"/other;
    and accordingly:
    3. from the very beginning: do not accept, and also refuse to participate, and also immediately return every offer to same's creator/(s) for its full completion thereupon with no exception whatsoever at all;
    and it is so.

    1. Presently, it looks to me like perhaps they are NOT using "The Holy Bible" for their playbook, but perceive it to be to their advantage if we *think* they are...

      dont forget everybody:):):)

      man holds ALL *inherent* authority and all "they":man pretending to be their self-created FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: can and will ever have is *derived* authority.... *derived* from where?...from man entering freely into lawful agreement!! its spiritual law.
      they have not been able to get consent from the people to move ahead.
      and they HAVE to have it or face consequences that i presently believe are the ones that are written in their LawBook, "The [Egyptian?] Book of the Dead", if true.

      "they" are trying to mimmick/ replace/ be superior to the *inherent* authority naturally-held by man expressed through our common law for the people on the land that is second in authority only to the laws of nature and natures creator.

      i:woman say i:woman did not intentionally agree to allow them to use any thing that belongs to i:woman: and it is so.
      they absolutely must obtain our agreement; they dont have it.

    2. notices:

      dont forget this everybody:...

      American common law
      its NOT at all THE SAME AS British common law!
      not at all.
      American common law is about man makes a claim about harm, damage, injury, loss that was caused by (an)other man.
      nothing else.
      there is a jury made up of your *equals*-- (other) man who are in the same position in life as you, -- your equals, not your "peer"age.).
      man presents his claim before other man/jury, other man(pl.)/jury decides if the mans proof verifies his claim.(not *evidence*FICTION, *proof*)
      thats pretty much all there is to it.

      keep it simple.... and no, youre NOT stupid:)

      theres no "Bench"-- their "Bench" is the British Kings Bench-- occupied by for the Kings surrogate: a British Titled EL-ite who has sworn a deeth oath to serve the King: a British Temple Bar Attorney, a liayer.
      no magi/ magus/ magistrate (Roman Civil Law)
      no prose-cutter.
      no circus.
      no attorneys
      no "legal" law of the sea crap: "not allowed" in American common law courts/ claims.

    3. imo:
      theyve already rescued everybody who is going to be rescued.
      the rest are going to have to stand for whats been done... they agreed... they knew there was a risk... a *small* one, but they thought, based on "history", that it was very unlikely that ThePlan would fail. they will be held responsible by the people for what has been done. imo. theyre the "patsies"... and here they thought they were going to be "TheBarons" in "The "Re-Construction" of the British White Slavery Feudal System"??!!!

      FAIL!!!? :(... offya go! :)

      if true, then, what seems like perhaps desperation is getting more and more noticeable!: ...all these different stories just keep pouring out, one on top of the other now?! :)... and there is no BenevolentLeader coming right out to make the corrections so that the people can be brought together and can all work together for mutual protection? ....where is/are the "leaders"? looks like theyre leading things against us. it also looks like massive confusion to me, but not ours, theirs.
      there must be 250 -300 or more "Influencers" out there now, all pitching different stories or varied versions!...
      within several hours, i heard one "Influencer" who has "Secret Intel" affirm a question; then one of their own buddies denied the very same major question on a different video hours later! then, a different one said that one of the MajorInfluencers is being left out of the SecretIntel drops now! then yet another said of one of their (former?) InfluencerBuddies "xzyInfluencer is wrong about1234567." :):):):):) lol!
      looks like beginning- panic to me: confusion, scattering, starting to bicker and grandstand online?... and are they getting PLANNED Mis-information IntelDrops? it looks like, possibly, *constructed* confusion -- to bring the part of ThePlan down that didnt work? ...or is it just hoped that it will make things so confused (mind-fokked) that the people just give up? :)
      if so, it didnt work.
      the next step would be to start shutting down andor burying the comments sections on the Influencers websites and then shut down the Influencers websites all together?
      oh, now a new/Minor Influencer is saying he has the documents showing evidence, not PROOF, just evidence ("evidence" is FICTION, just like "felonies" and "misdemeanors" are both MAN MADE FICTIONS) that the U.S./whatever- variation- of-the -NAME he used:
      has always been a British Colony!!! lolol!!
      oh!... is that so?! :):):)... who is saying that?... the British? :):):)looololol!

      i:woman, say that is NOT true AND present proof: our July 2 (two, not 4four), 1776 Declaration of Independence:
      *intent* to separate from "other",
      and so it is established.
      anyway by just exactly WHAT authority was land taken from the indigenous Americans anyway? the "POOPE"???
      these *people*.

      theyre just going to have to get back to recognizing American common law... and if they say they never did, well then they will just have to start.

      American common law: man is free to declare his own state of being.
      its that simple.
      im pretty sure even the "U.N. FICTION" even recognizes that law.
      so, this major (supposedly :) ) mind-fockk going on? lol! if so, its not working!! why??
      they are blocked. they have to have agreement from man *OR* they OWE man.
      and they not only dont have, but cant get: our authorization.
      and worse yet for all of them, including their low-level FLUNKIES:
      they owe us for what theyve taken that belongs to us.

      and we, *be*-ing *man*, *require* *restoration* now.

      The Book of the Dead/other only applies upon/ onto/ to (the) man who agrees to accept it! and reminder: i:woman have returned all Book of the Dead offers, if any, back to senders: rejected and unaccepted: to work the offers' intent upon the senders: and it is so!

      woman:called by janmarie

    4. notice:
      it has come to my attention that:
      man who uses The (Egyptian) Book of the Dead/other claims he uses SYMBOLS to build this present world RATHER THAN INTENT, WORDS, AND DO (American common law for man living on our land);
      1. i:woman do declare from the very beginning that i:woman do not agree, authorize, or recognize any such symbols to apply to i:woman or to what belongs to i:woman; but rather i:woman elect American common law under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator for authority over i:woman;
      and so it is;
      2. i:woman furnish lawful notice, peacefully, that i:woman require full and immediate lawful and peaceful restoration without any exception whatsoever at all and also that i:woman do count each man and also do count each unauthorized use of whatsoever belongs to i:woman to be several and separate trespass that i:woman lawfully require such said restoration for:
      and it is so.

      woman:called by janmarie, on bluebird acre on land named kansas.