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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rome and Slaves

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the crucial bits of knowledge we are seeking to impart is that Rome never died. The Ancient Evil still survives.
The Roman Civil Law has continued to live on, as the Municipal (City) Law and what we call Maritime Law.
In the morass resulting from The American Civil War, two entities both of which practiced Roman Law remained on the field.
Both were Roman forces, one obviously and overtly so, one commanded by a foreign king, but still owned and operated by Rome.
The British Territorial Raj nominally directed by the British Monarch in his role as the Overseer of the Roman Catholic Church's Commonwealth faced off against the Municipal United States Government which was also under the Roman Pontiff's control.
It's best to remember that in Ancient Rome, slaves are how the Romans enriched themselves, above all else.
No Roman Government ever approved of guaranteed freedom for anyone, and it is not a mistake that the Municipal United States Government fought for the South.
Nor is it a mistake that the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government that fought for the Northern Confederacy also approved of slavery --- so long as it made a profit, because they were under the Roman thumb, too.
The Revenue Act of 1863 was booted up because of the bankruptcy of the Northern Confederacy and its British-led Commonwealth Allies announced by Abraham Lincoln in March of that same year; it happened the day after he, Lincoln, issued the first-ever Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief and established the Lieber Code as instructions for the U.S. Army going forward.
This Revenue Act of 1863 is the origin of the "Bureau of Revenue" which began operations as the Internal Revenue Service shortly after the armed hostilities ended.
The Revenue Act of 1863 was enacted under the assumed "War power authority" of the Territorial Government and made trade in a huge list of goods "Federally Privileged." One had to be licensed to buy and sell such diverse things as playing cards, gunpowder, and feathers, and all these things were subjected to an Excise Tax.
Now, it is plain to see from the Constitutions and other records that no American Government ever considered buying and trading in all these goods to be privileged in any way. According to our treaties and agreements the only Federally regulated goods are alcohol, tobacco and firearms ---- and the word "firearms" does not generally fall under the definition of "arms" which we are guaranteed.
Americans could not be subjected to such a scheme, but the defeated Municipal United States citizenry could be, and they were. This is where it becomes so glaringly evil and self-serving for the then-Territorial Congress to gratuitously "confer" Municipal citizenship on the freed plantation slaves ---- the infamous "Fourteenth Amendment citizenship" ---- so as to enslave them all over again, to corporate masters. Soon the victims were stuck paying taxes and licenses of all kinds to pursue careers of common right, too.
They even had to pay for and prove up for a Marriage License.
All of this is illegal and unlawful, but they got away with it, right here in a free country, by sleight of hand, by pretense, by legal presumption, by false registrations, and undisclosed, misrepresented enrollments and foreign implied and unilateral contracting processes and adhesion contracts that have never been valid on our soil and don't apply under American Common Law or any Constitution.
Freed black plantation slaves, and Chinese railroad workers and "resettled" Native peoples and former Southern Rebels were all lumped together as part of the Municipal Government citizenry, and prosecuted under Roman Civil Law for debts they didn't owe, taxed for privileges that were never privileges, and forced to foot the bill for the war-mongering Territorial Raj.
The usurping Territorial Government sought to disarm these second class citizens from the start, the better to parasitize them; so, the first federal gun control laws were enacted, but they only impacted people of color, Federal Civil Servants, and Southern Rebels. For them, buying a gun was against the law in a country that guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. . These laws were called "Slave Codes" and the only way this evil encroached upon this country was that other Americans who were not effected by these codes didn't protest and come to their aid.
We saw the same trick in Nazi Germany sixty years later, only this time the marginalized portion of the population happened to be Jewish.
It really doesn't matter who the scapegoats are, it only matters that some people are labeled as second class citizens, and separated from the bulk of the population using some excuse --- skin color, religion, ethnic background, disease, age, or what-have-you --- because then the Old Roman System can crank up and begin selectively enslaving people.
Once that begins it is only a matter of time until they enlarge upon the slave population to include nearly everyone, and settle down to feed, like the parasites they are, on the labor, creativity, assets, and skills of others.
Under the Roman Civil Law (on land) and the Maritime Law (on sea) all this is perfectly legal and has been for thousands of years. And this is how the free peoples of America, Europe, and the Commonwealth have been misidentified and enslaved by these fraud artist parasites and made to kneel to Rome, which is today less than a piss ant in reality.
The "Slave Codes" were gradually expanded to include the rest of the population of America and most European countries by 1940, and nobody was the wiser. If you have any doubts about the slave status of the Municipal United States citizens, read the Buck Act published in 1940 by their Territorial United States brethren.
Thank you, Dustin, yes, an excellent article on the subject of racially motivated gun control can be found here, cited below, but keep in mind that the same kind of oppression was applied to the Jews on the basis of religion, and nearly any such excuse for scapegoating can be applied. It is completely plausible that Democrats would try to impose gun control on Republicans, or on rich people, or on University graduates, or on people who aren't vaccinated.
It's the same Old Evil using the same Old Legal System to promote the same Old Result --- the abuse of a smaller population by a larger population, followed by the gradual enslavement of almost all those partaking in this "System" for a very few Patricians sitting on top of the stinking pile.
We forgot that what impacts one of us, impacts all of us.
So let's all just recognize it for what it is: an Ancient Evil with known results.
As the Chinese began with the people of Tibet, they will end with the people in Beijing. As the U.S. Territorial Government began by enslaving and denigrating people of color and Southerners, they have also gradually enslaved themselves.
And now, all of that must be recognized for the sham and the crime that it is, and the Old Roman System has to be recognized, broken apart, and cast aside forever.
When they try to separate us, we must ever more solidly unite.
When they try to undermine our law and substitute their law for ours, we have to kick them to the curb. And when they tell their lies and start in with their deceits, we have to call them on it, each and every time, until they grow weary and starve for lack of prey.
At all times and in all ways, we must guard ourselves against prejudice and bigotry and blame, hypocrisy, fear, and herd behavior. We must stand with Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster and learn the Credo of Freedom as our Victory Song.
Nobody is free until we are all free.

And then, say it again. And again. And again....


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  1. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Thank you.
    This was educational. According to the documents “The Racist Origins of US Gun Control. 2nd page 4 “ 2nd Amendment to U.S . Constitution ratified. Since then racism has gotten worst. Also the article mentioned that since Blacks were not citizens, they were not allowed to own guns . They was a long history of continuous prejudice to this day. I am sure they are leading up to No πŸ’‰πŸ§ͺJab 🦠no gun licenses. I must not delay anymore ✍🏿 🀡🏾‍♀️

    1. hey michele!
      great info. please keep sharing.

      every son and daughter: past, present, and future, born upon American land from mother and father born on American land IS PROTECTED BY AND INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNED ON JULY 2, THATS RIGHT, *TWO*, not 4, 1776!
      Every one who desires to be anyway.

      look at paragraph two if you will, about half way through, to see that Safety is peacefully, lawfully, and rightfully recognized and affirmed to be one of man's creator-gifted PROPERTY, GIFTS, AND RIGHTS:
      and NO peaceful and lawful man can be separated by another man or other from protecting themselves, their family, their property.

      also, look at the Declaration: it says "one people, all men, mankind": that includes ALL peaceful and lawful man born upon one of our states from said mother/father. its not two or three-tiered system for Americans and it never has been... thats a smokescreen to keep everybody fighting against each other.


      OUR Declaration of Independence affirmed our acceptance that, among our many other gifts from God, every single one of us hold the right to protect ourself, family, and property.
      that right is given by our creator, not man; and man cannot take it away from us.
      [man always includes women, sons and daughters].

    2. and michele,
      the Second Amendment is part of that "THE TIERED SYSTEM THAT EXISTS IS THE BRITISH/ VATICAN/ BANKERS U.S. "CITIZENRY" SYSTEM." that i mentioned above: that has a tiered system set up by the British Vatican Banker Swissy, and so on Secret Society.

      it does not apply to natural born American *****man***** who is not a citizen/ property of any man or system since every American man is free and independent.
      note: :) interestingly enough, through the years my experience has been that probably every man of African heritage over the age of about 40 years that ive spoken with about this knows EXACTLY what im saying and will even finish the thoughtconcept *with* me as im speaking!!
      love it! :)

  3. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave,
    slavery is still enshrined today, it is the "land law" being upheld by the state assemblies.

    "the lord" will strike the shepherd. reason #6666666666666 why old test "the lord" is the devil.

    1. and we know from "revelation" what happens to anyone who changes one word of the 10 commandments.

      such is "the lord".

      so yes, slavery is still permanently enshrined as the "land law" under the "10 commandments"

      this is good reason why, at least as far as "bible" goes, new testament is the only sane choice.

      old testament, you get slavery permanent. noone can change that.

    2. youre right though xerces, the way the NT is applied by the 501c3 corporations calling themselves NT churches, things have been perverted and they end up sliding from grace into law, mostly manmade. Then try to legitimize it through claiming it is "religious".

  4. 1776 Jewish 33degree mason Adam Weishaupt conscripted by Rothschild to creat a plan of world domination.
    Merging the ancient masons with his Illuminati murders.
    Half the judges are masons 90% of attorneys.
    We know how and why problem is we’re not at critical mass ,punctuated equaliberlim.
    Point of a shift in nature.
    Operation keel hull forcing Russian families across the Danu river into NKVD Jewish lead machine guns .
    Mother’s threw thair babies into the icey river other than let the communist bayonet them or shoot everyone.
    Murder inc global domination. Rhodesia Killinger AKA Kissinger told the farmers in 1976 the US will protect you give you a farm anywhere you want .
    What happened was farm murders land thieft non stop.
    South Africa Gold discovered the Rothschild mercenarie army British killed 2/3 of women and children starvation in opean air gulags.
    Iran 1978 carter persuaded the Shaw to let the radical Iatolla Homani. To come in all of a sudden our greates Allie becomes public enemy #1 .
    Jewish nation building.

  5. Ukrainians fought the communist for 10 years after 1945 no help came . The treaty at Yalta between the zionest FDR,Stalin, And mad Dog Churchill.
    Was know in Europe as the biggest loss of liberty in history.
    You ca BS the American and commonwealth countries with the complete
    Blackout and false flags and propaganda but your not going to BS the European’s .

  6. The world bank offered to leaders all countries 500,000,000,000. To lock down thair country. The Lithuanian President said no the damage would exceed that .
    The bank you can do with it as you wish like SA all looted .the world bank declared a pandemic one whole week before the World Health Organization declared it .
    Who’s on first ?

  7. The Revenue Act of 1863 was booted up because of the bankruptcy of the Northern Confederacy and its British-led Commonwealth Allies announced by Abraham Lincoln in March of that same year; it happened the day after he, Lincoln, issued the first-ever Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief and established the Lieber Code as instructions for the U.S. Army going forward.

    And I argue the LIEber code was implemented centuries before lying ass Lincoln
    These colonial Maryland records even depict that in the body of the information supposedly from the actual written records

    Take a look at these records for Francis Pope

    These records dating back to early mid 1600's
    Sep. 9, 1649 - John Court demanded for self & for Francis Pope 200 acres who were transported in 1639 by Capt. Fulk Brent. Warrant for Patowmeck River.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 509.

    Nov. 1676 - Pope, John, son of Francis Pope, deceased, doth choose Thomas Harris to be his guardian. (Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.)
    Contributed by Margaret Whippee 2009-02-19
    Source: Maryland Archives Microfilm
    19 June 1641
    James Neale, Gent. Demandeth one thousand acres of land to him by conditions of Plantation for transporting into this Province himself and 5 serv. Viz., John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar since the year 1635.


    Lets see we have Liber code depicted in these old records
    Same as LIEber and their introduction on to the world stage during Lincolns tenure was an outright LIE as in LIEber code

    Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.
    County = Charles Co, the state = Md, Maryland, circuit court and Liber F with a page number

    Isn't it odd that Maryland or Md is already a state and has already partitioned off the land into counties as far back as 1676 if not before
    And as far as I know the abbreviation for these states like the MD did not come in to use until sometime in the 1970's (a guess) and yet Md is used within these records?
    Circuit courts also existed in the 1600's accroding to these records
    Also Liber code
    Also land patent offices

    I've asked many many times for folks in Maryland to get to their land offices or libraries and go through actual paper court records looking to verify the records I uncovered but no takers

    In fact the exact opposite has happened and the records I had uncovered are no longer available for our research and viewing

    You are being lied to period - this is a repeat of land and everything else theft while they goad you to participate in your own damned demise

    Anyone who has read the damned democratic federation of earth documents should know by now that this is a set up, a fraud and these evil pricks will lie their asses off to get you on board their new creation of global serfdom for all as they get you to pay and volunteer to sustain their fucking efforts
    Globalism, global citizen, democratically volunteer your skills, money and everything else to the common good as they steal everything else

    Every day it's lie after lie after lie while the global heist continues


    They are soliciting those funds from you to build their LOVE banks
    Grandma here needs $25,000 to pay the bill for one of those new LOVE BANK facilities, you know one of those their buildings she claims you already own

    Blind as bats

    1. Imported in to a PROVINCE that is a state and has counties and circuit courts and the liber code

      19 June 1641
      James Neale, Gent. Demandeth one thousand acres of land to him by conditions of Plantation for transporting into this Province himself and 5 serv. Viz., John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar since the year 1635.

      1641 he demandeth 1000 acres from who? The PROVINCE?
      He brought 5 servants with him
      John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar

      And interesting now we have you tube producers putting out this information of a Providence Island Colony

      And I kid you not there is a sight that I had uncovered long time ago about your ancestry and if it did not have African roots then your ancestry is wrong, incorrect??
      I know that through their DNA test that my neice, white, her report came back that she had something like 2% African ancestry and of course they give no stated data to confirm those 'facts' or 'findings'
      If you are a mixed breed like say part Cherokee, they are now labeling that as African because they labeled the Cherokee as negros or black to link it back to their slavery story of bringing in blacks from Africa when in reality they were enslaving the native indians and relabeling them as negros or black

      I will see if I can find that website again and come back and link it

      But as I have advised they are removing material from the internet
      As we uncover the fraud they remove the associated links to it

    2. Interesting an Anglo-Saxon Charter

      Surname is a nickname

      And black gentiles

      So this so called book written by a so called educated idiot pretty much follow the narrative of you gentiles are stupid and we can create books and claim it all as facts

      And Oliver Cromwell deports Scots to the American colonies


    3. Orphan trains and those who set up the network for early child trafficking west

      The historical narrative is all BULLSHIT and so was Lincoln
      He was a plant, a fraud, like all the others including those masquerading on the world stage today
      MASK as in covering up who they really are, theatre for the masses

  8. And what do ya know the laying of cable on the bottom of the ocean floor as they connect the global grid

    And layin it all right off the coast of California all the way to Hawaii

    Hmm seems as if there should be cable there already no?
    How are we communicating now with these entities

    Could it be that these cables have everything to do with their global surveillance grid and the start of wiring up the forest with surveillance and their green new deal bullshit

    Or is it cable of some other sort all together where they disguise the actual intent and purpose?
    And today you have ships galore who can't seem to offload and keep the supply chain going ya know because of the 'invented crisis'

    Again no accountability the shit just keeps piling up and that was the plan
    The people will need to beg their oppressors for relief while the shit show of self government takes shape and the COMMUNITY GULAGS are set in place

    1. Hi Shelby I have been so baffled by allot of this stuff that's being revealed by all of you..baffled in a good way..if that makes any sense..what is causing me this wondering who Anna really is..and who is giving her all the information she writes about? As you and so many more on this site already know..that there is tons more information available now days than what Anna's like she has tunnel vision..or is stuck in some time zone..hitting the peat and repeat button..
      maybe it's her Galactic friends..I think she made a comment
      about them knowing everything..maybe it has something to do with Anna's son being married to an Andromedan princess..wouldn't that say something about the closeness she has with this Galactic Federation..or Alliance..I think it makes everything she does does a earth human (son) marry a Andromedan Princess..I have questions.. who is channeling these entities for Anna herself in direct contact with them..what the heck is really going on..I mean come on..these entities have names of their own..there are many websites about the Andromedan Council..the Galactic Federation..the Alliance etc: it's about damn time Anna tells the truth concerning this Alliance..and what exactly is her connection with was her son able to marry one of the Alliance the ones who gave Anna all the the Alliance= partnership..separate from the Galactic Federation..does anyone that follows Anna know what is really going on?? the Andromedan Council is's an intergalactic..interstellar and interdimensional governance..a high level governance body..a Deep Space United Nations if you will..We need answers now concerning this Alliance and Galactic Federation etc: that Anna's makes many references about in her writings and what her connection is with them..and what is their purpose with Anna? There is so much of this Alliance Galactic stuff showing up's time..since Anna's son married one..Who and What is the Andromedan Council???

    2. Yes she can go galactic from time to time I can check her with the old well informed on black op space fleet .
      Their appears to be a federation and the andromedans have the biggest ships hundreds of miles in diameter. And have the leadership I think.
      The Pladenians have the biggest guns and we’re battling the Reptillians.quarantined them to inner Earth by shutting down all access to star gates.what pisses of a lot of zionest is the pladenians helped the third Reich creat flying saucers back in 1939 approx. kicked the Best the US navy had to offers ass in operation high jump.
      The Jews are still burning over that loss!

    3. The brainwashing goes way back folks

      And every last bit of the FICTION came from Hollywood and the lying theiving inbred families

      They had to make the people believe in SPACE and the GALAXY and all this shit to bring all this about today

      Galactic Council, well hell have a look at who those ACTORS and their families are that created these fucking stories to bring them to life

      And all these websites of Cosmic Agency, Galactic Council and this new earth new age is all bullshit created by the very crooks trying to get you to go along with the end game as they scripted out a century ago and set out to BROADCAST their spells across the airwaves

      Pay close attention to where he says these birth certificates and registering took place around 1910

      Hello people HOLLYWOOD
      1915 they put land trust in place to steal all resources from all over the earth as they moved to put you in a human settlement zone to control water, electric, money, your kids, your health all of it
      Foundations carrying fictitious names to cover the real culprits like the Rockefellers are a hollywood mob family hiding behind that name/a mask

      All this CONscience and you waking up was planned by the very same culprits making you feel responsible for the crimes they have committed

      And the fake ass queen and her hollywood made up magic kingdom of hollywood actors and their inbred families who Miss Anna her claims to have disappeared they found the fountain of youth my ass
      Easy to get the prince harry aka Ron Howards son off the stage when he takes off his CGI mask and the same goes for the fake ass Queen

      The magic kingdom of brainwashed masses through tell a vision, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, medicine - all of it owned by HOLLYWOOD and their inbred RICO crime families

      They created the godvernment you see on tell a vision today, actors on the world stage and on the internet working to steer the herd in the direction that mimics that of the holy (holly wood, magic wand) books

      For an audience reduced to cattle

      So while this traveling freak show genocides the entire world they move forward unabated with the shit show of claim the name and self govern behind the mask of grandma here
      And in order to govern space they made up all the shit you witnessing today
      UN Office of Outer Space Affairs

    4. continued from above

      Why the hell do you think NASA was created, to move the agenda foward
      They faked all of it, ALL OF IT
      But the people beLIEved it they saw it on tell a vision

      SpaceX and the fraud behind Elon Musk
      Bilking the masses of billions while they put on a shew
      It's All in the Families and they are not royals or reptilians or space beings they are just like you and me except they are psychopaths hell bent on fulfilling their dream of taking over the world

      Everything you've ever been taught and seen on their media is a product of their screen writers and producers and the actors who carry out the CON
      They're all in it together
      But the masses working like dogs for peanuts and setting their 5G smart city gulags in place haven't a clue as to the set up they have going
      Hollywood is there to keep them busy and entertained while the real heist and the plan moves forward through covert operations like the one Miss Anna is running here

      These people don't give two shits about you or your family the obective is to get you to submit and beLIEve the lies to move the agenda forward

      Set yourself free claiming the name or else you will be killed
      It's the perfect psychological operation to get the people to do the dirty work clean up for them putting many in their for profit prisons along the way

      It's all sick no matter what way you look at it
      They have people so mind fucked this will never be fixed in the manner being proposed here because this is what was planned in the first place

      The old rat pack will disappear and live out the rest of their lives their 'golden age' while their inbred family members carry their mission forward

      Whats being proposed here is exactly what they wanted you to do submit get that prepaid mutual offset credit card and your UBI awaits you

      You have to think like the criminals folks

      Ever watch criminal minds one of their productions
      You want to see just how warped their minds are just go watch a few episodes of that
      Criminal Minds like the rat pack and the MARX brothers here
      And they have hidden kids and accomplices EVERYWHERE

    5. Shelby, This is just, if not more apropos for now, especially when it was actually posted in 2016?
      Vaxxed: Andrew Wakefield fraud is Nigel Farage | Xdisciple;

      This has also been a great concern for me (Controlled Opposition) on this site as well. Not only with those that portend to be amicably part of dismantling the tyranny that has fettered all of US, but also with AI (Artificial Intelligence) getting an Education from those that are adept.
      With that being said— all the information that is now available, why isn’t there an AI program being utilized to have already ended this BIRTH CERTIFICATED FRAUD? Or has one been employed, and was hacked to Hell?

  9. Here's some mind screwing for ya

    Be sure to use the promo code 'FEDERATION' when buying their products

    Meanwhile the same crooks who are running this world wide save the earth mind screw are the same crooks running the central banks and the global heist taking place right now

    Golden age my ass
    Aquarian age my ass
    New heaven new earth my ass
    Alien invasion planned for decades ago
    Don't you worry you brainwashed idiots the Federation of Earth and the Galactic Council are soon to arrive

    But first there must be 'events' to spawn their arrival and save us all

    And the actors are all on stage right now all over the northeast at the un meetings for global sustainability summits
    You know those efforts to save mother gaia from the likes of you and me

    Meanwhile back at the Nevada ranch those damned annunaki are stealing all kinds of gold
    Ole Zach the free mason liar and his books launched that there bullshit
    Those land trust and keeping prying eyes off the land for the last 100 years has netted them billions in profit

    1. And from the main headquarters of the thieves, Swissy land, plans abound to start the global slaughter

      Same as this guy has been reporting for days now

      Keep an eye out for that there FEDERATION that comes to save us all
      Brought to you by years of stolen loot and massive technological advances (of which all are being used against and to enslave us)

    2. Their secret hiding place

    3. For 76 years the culprits behind the mask have been kiling off the masses

      Those pesky world problems caused by the fake bankers are a real issue

      And only the Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth CONstitution can save us and the planet, mother Gaia

      Brought to you by the crooks who set the whole mess us in the first place

      If you look around, you’ll see that you are surrounded by a ubiquitous array of RF transmitters in the forms of cellphones, cellphone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi gateways, broadcast towers, satellites, et cetera, and you can be certain that all of these transceivers have been weaponized to induce mental effects.

    4. And lookie India is covid free

      It's a miracle

      The new G5 BRICS 'countries/nations' and the new world order as they plunder the rest of the world in to poverty planned decades ago

      And India is leading the way for the Provisional World Parliament and the DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION OF EARTH AND THE EARTH CONSTITUTION too

      How about that amazing isn't it

      Impoverish them, reeducate them in their human settlement zones you set in place for them decades ago, digitally catalogue every single one of them and sign them up for global citizenship and their ADHR UBI payments and then ship them in to the United States and Europe to replace US and European workers in jobs they have held for decades eliminating their pensions and lowering their wages and slashing their social security payments as their wages are deminished

      Wash Rinse and Repeat in nation after nation until your goal of the Georgia Guidestones and the new world order social prison goals are met

      Ever heard that saying damned if you do and damned if you don't
      Or how about between a rock and a hard place

      He says 120 years since their early 1900 heist and scripting out the plan to bond the populace and here we are at a global heist and being reeducated on what they made up as our past to goad us to take action while they play act the end times as they have planned out for decades

      The new an improved criminal UN and rechartering criminal corporations under the guise of their new and improved UN as it clearly states within their own documents for World Parliament
      The Earth CONstitution Institute
      For over 60 years, ECI has been leading the cause of world federalism. Supported by scholars, statesmen, scientists, and activists for peace and global cooperation, ECI and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) have held parliaments with delegates from around the world and passed provisional legislation to show the way for humanity.

      The Earth Federation Movement

      All these self appointed gurus are working the agenda, lying to you daily and soliciting what little funds you do have to build this sucker

      The Earth Federation will incur no cost in building the national self government level of this grand plan as they transition the so called 'private' banking system to a 'public utility'


    And they knew exactly what they were doing in goating you to take action


      Ever watch the movie Devils Advocate

    2. Some intersting things in here

    3. And in that same video is some information on DENmark

      And what do you know - DENMARK and GREENLAND

      You will notice on the map that comes up on the home page for this blog that there are only a few red dots in all of Greenland but one of those red dots is located in Thule AIRFORCE BASE

      Connecting the world to Greenland
      NORAD Combat Operations Centre (COC) at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      Very compelling information

    4. And as I watched this one it gave me chills

      I explained a bit about the Pittsburgh area a while back
      The Waterford racetrack she discusses is where I got my first job (separate hotel on the grounds, I worked in the hotel restaurant)

      Now mind you this entire region in and around New Cumberland WV is where a shit load of the population worked in the steel mill as was the case in Pittsburgh
      While back ole Ron Howard did a movie about the hicks that were left for dead when the gang shipped the steel industry and car manufacturing out of Detroit to CHINA on PURPOSE hence the fake bankruptcy of the city of detroit (they basically stole what was hidden within the CAFR reports)
      The unemployed become drug addicts or alcoholics as depicted in ole Ron Howards movie and become another depopulation statistic

      Anyway lots in this video