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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Why This International Peace Proclamation Works

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are frankly astounded by the impact that the recent International Peace Proclamation has had already. They are scratching their heads.
Many people, including President Andrew Johnson, have tried all means at their disposal to end the endless "civil war" that has been used as an excuse to pillage and plunder this country and its people for sixteen decades.
If all those officials couldn't do it over all those years, how is it that a simple one-page proclamation could make such a difference?
It's simple really. Nobody else, including President Johnson, had the standing to make it stick.
Johnson, for example, was acting as the Vice-President and later President of a British Territorial United States Company, soon to be restructured as a Crown Corporation. As such, he was CEO of a foreign, for-profit business. While in that office he could stop it from waging more war, but he had no power to resolve the war itself.
The same can be said for many other earnest efforts the loyal men and women in similar positions have tried to make, only to learn the hard way that they don't have the empowerment to end it.
Only the sovereign and independent Union States and their States of the Union operating in international and global jurisdictions, have the power and the standing and the right and the responsibility to declare the end of a war on our shores.
So, okay, the actual States have been summoned into Session and they have held a Roll Call Vote establishing a Peace Treaty ending The American Civil War, also called The War of Secession.
Are the Federal Subcontractors, two giant commercial corporations, obligated to follow suit, and if so, why?
They are obligated in this case because they are our employees and upholding the peace is now a condition of their employment or dependency.
They are further obligated because although they appear to be under separate direction --- the Municipal citizens operating under the direction of Rome, and the Territorial Citizens under the direction of the Crown and the Queen, both are ultimately owned by the Pope --- what appears to be two completely separate things are both sock puppets in his hands.
That being so and being fully exposed, Pope Francis is not able to pretend that there are any two actual sides to the purported conflict. The Americans have gone home to rebuild, and the two foreign commercial subcontracting corporations both belong to him.
If there is any continued fighting, it's because Pope Francis isn't pulling the plug and telling his respective Boards and Officers to give it up. If he doesn't, he would be guilty of war-mongering, and on top of that, we would happily charge him anywhere from between three and eight hundred times the damages, depending on the nature of the continuing offense.
He would also have to pay the entire cost of any continuing war, quite apart from any damage claims.
War is only profitable, when you can promote it without being caught, and profit from it without accruing the moral taint ---- which the Holy See has endeavored to do, successfully, for over a century and a half ---but no more.
Despite people like Ben Fulford screaming for blood in the streets, those of us who have watched the play from beginning to end are not swayed; this entire false conflict was deliberately staged, carried out with deceitful malice, for material gain.
That being so, we already know the best revenge and we are serving it cold.

Anything but peaceable action would play into their hands and allow them to unleash their venom on innocent people all over again, so instead, we are pressing onward like the force of the tide, keeping our heads. and focusing our minds.


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  1. Awesome Sauce! 👍
    Forever grateful & infinitely indebted!
    Very Well Done! & Thank-you!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  2. Thank you Anna and James for keeping your heads and staying focused!! Very grateful for you! �� ����

  3. So what are the events that have astounded anyone and why?

  4. there have been more and more people of African heritage in the past 20-25 years very openly speaking about the atrocities that the African tribes often carried out on other African tribes,.. including routinely selling warriors captured from other tribes to be abused as slaves...; and that if they hadnt done that, there, generally, would not have even been African men to "feed into" the slave trade racket.

    the context ive heard this discussed in often had to do with people in black neighborhoods being sick and tired of the so-called "black-on-black" crime; and they were openly recognizing that that problem of cruelty has been around a very very long time so that its not other peoples fault, but something peculiar to their communities that they have to get under control.

    much respect to all who are trying to create true safety, healing, and peace for all of us.

  5. 13 years the war of northern aggression continued after 1865 .
    The old Gen Lee passed the baton to Forest .
    Although it was out of desperation the targeting of whites by black law enforcement coupled with carpetbagger and Jewish controld kangaroo courts .
    The klan was born it went dark after 18 months because like today the media spin machine .Rouhers international created in 1865 to controld all war crimes from Banksters as The insane Sherman said I should have been tried for war crimes.
    The 800,thousand mercenaries hired by the NWO promised the Immigrants the property of the ones they killed.
    The klan had to disban the media machine in full 1984 orwallan mode (mass mind control)
    But the battles continued in the dark of night .
    The carpet baggers and thair Army finally beaten back with ancient law the Magna Carta and the use of grand juries 25 actual people of the state and at night the Christian saint Andrews cross confederate army by another name prevail.

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    1. I see I am not the only one that has contemplated this. I as well, months ago submitted a similar website for the hiring of professional writers for an explanation of Anna's differing, and continually changing Prose styles. How odd that I just recently brought it up again, in her most recent article "They don't like it" 9 hours after you made your comment.
      I had read this article days ago along with the comments posted then, and just now revised it and and wow, just wow. Serendipity? Odds? Holy Ghost...