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Monday, August 30, 2021

The Short Answer....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the short answer. The Brits misidentify us as British Territorial US Citizens as if we were born in Puerto Rico. The Pope then "buys" an interest in us as presumed British Commonwealth Citizens, including our names and estates, by posting a bond equal in value to our birth weight in gold.
We are thus placed into bondage by the Roman Municipal Corporation that operates out of the Municipality of Washington, DC. This works like a penal bond and guarantees our "performance" as a slave throughout our lifetimes to pay off the debts of the Municipal Government.
The posting of the gold results in the issuance of a Bearer Bond which is bought and sold by the Federal Reserve System and now by the IMF operating as the "United States Treasury" ----as a gold-backed commercial commodity, and also results in the issuance of a Clearinghouse Certificate, which you know as your Birth Certificate. The Birth Certificate has the number of the Bearer Bond attached to it.
The idea is that you should be able to present the Certificate (to your own name) and present that amount of gold (your birth weight in ounces of gold) and buy back "your" bond and thereby become a Free Man again. (Which you would, if you knew about any of this.)
There are lots of problems which immediately present themselves.
(1) We, Americans, are not British Territorial Citizens and not members of the British Commonwealth system.
(2) This system of unknowing peonage and enslavement is against international law and is in fact a capital crime under both The Geneva Conventions and The Hague Conventions.
(3) This sort of peonage and enslavement has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.
(4) You, and more importantly, your Mothers, were never given full disclosure about any of this, so it's all self-interested international fraud against babies in their cradles.
(5) So, you were defrauded as a baby in your cradle and sold into de facto slavery by foreign "service" corporations, that are supposed to be here abiding by the Constitutions.
(6) They tried to excuse this as a "usufructuary relationship" but failed that test, because the subject of the usufruct (you and your estate) has suffered a lot of damage.
(7) They finally said that all the "extra" Territorial and Municipal PERSONS they created in our names were "gifts" -- that is, that the Pope created these bonded PERSONS for our benefit as gifts.
(😎 They basically had to claim this to try to legalize what they've done and avoid the noose.
(9) To add insult to injury, the gold that the Pope used to "purchase" you, was your gold.
(10) Now we are closing in on the rats and they are being compelled to do a 180 degree tailspin with a double flip.
(11) They now owe us considerably more than Midas ever had, and the problem becomes how to relieve people without collapsing the value of the currencies with hyperinflation.
(12) The prepaid Vendor Card takes the phony debt off the shoulders of Americans without wholesale hyperinflation, which would harm Americans instead of helping them.
(13) All wrong-headed ideas apart from our measured and disciplined approach results in the collapse of the world economy, which would kill billions of innocent people.
(14) Groups of people in every country are setting up at least one International Trade Bank and a Commercial Bank owned and operated by their Trade Bank.
(15) This Bilateral Banking System allows us to trade in lawful money and also to transact using commercial script, and still stand under the Public Law.
(16) Bringing everything and everyone back under the Public Law guarantees an end to bank malfeasance and theft of private property.
So, that, in a nutshell is what has happened and what is going on, if you can follow along and read the tea leaves.


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  1. The FBI is a criminal agency protecting a worldwide crime syndicate. See former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson's videos.

    "Daniel Warmus attended the 1/6 rally in support for President Trump. And to add his voice in protest of injustice. He had no weapon and did no violence. Barriers were down and doors were open when Daniel went in with great excitement as a first time Capitol visitor.

    In a May 20th predawn raid, fifteen FBI agents, SWAT, and chopper, raided his apartment.  The FBI flash-banged his window. Broke down his door. Shoved guns in his face. Daniel offered no resistance.  His apartment was ransacked for 4 hours. Bible and Christian books were lined up for evidence photography. The press ran his story for 3 days on all media. The community including his childhood Baptist church ostracized him.
    Daniel works 18 hours a day at his mechanic shop to pay for his legal defense. His finance is drained and he needs our help.

    Daniel and his family ask us to stand with him to fight an unjust system. Pray for Daniel. Give to his legal defense at:

    1. I'm sorry but I'm not buying these stories

      Everyone should know by now that most if not all these stories are faked, staged

      And War Mus or Warmus?

      Touching story but I'm not buying it

      If he was part of it then why is he even out working 18 hours a day in his mechanic shop to begin with
      Are these not major charges

      Touching too how they throw in to the story about the Bible and Christian books lined up for evidence photography

      Now why is that were those books under arrest and part of the scheme he used to prepare his trip to the capital?

      All BULLSHIT folks IMO

      And donate here donate there
      You know because they can't sustain their efforts without milking the public

      Kind of like the Sandy Hook bullshit where they started a 501c3 non profit with your donations to market and sell a tattle tale school surveillance program to the schools they holding these events in

      And his dentist of all people ratted him out
      Seriously come on folks read between the lines

      And I know I've seen that there face before
      Funny he's from the show BIG BANG THEORY
      And he's a jew

      It's a fakery for public consumption and these rats are collecting money for the fake ass trials they will stage for public consumption

      I might also add that Sheldon form the Big Bang Theory is playing the role of Jared Kushner

      Hmm I wonder if ole Ivanka is the chick Penny from Big Bang Theory too

      Funny this blogger here advertised the Big Bang all over his writings and now we have a shit load of actors on the world stage from Big Bang Theory

      Actors folks all actors

    2. And this picture here well

      Speaks for itself considering he's one of the tribe

      And on one side he is anti trump and on the other he is storming the capitol and getting his little ass arrested and in need of public donations to help with his fake ass legal fees

      Don't you worry L Lin Woods might be his attorney for this one
      After all ole L Lin Wood represented the RAMseys and the Atlanta OLYMPIC b o m b e r with impressive outcomes
      I guess anything is possible in fairy tale la la land that they have created for their loyal television watching goy

    3. Beware the one in the middle is now on the internet as a truth teller and doing interviews with flat earth man or conspiracy music guru and with santos bonacci

      They dieguising his face but it's him
      I cannot find the video right now but when I do I will post it

      Start looking closely at those that are in the headlines and asking for donations most likely it is all a farse and being staged to STEAL FROM YOU

    4. Shelby, why are you wasting your time then?

    5. ive seen where some are saying that L Lin Woods full name is:

      Luci-an Lincoln Wood, jr.

      DOB 10:19

      British Temple BAR [Actor/] Attorn-er:
      has also RE-presented
      Gary Condit [CON'ned it??]
      Hermain Cain [cain[/able]??]
      Trumpdrumpf,nowpatton?!?!? :)

      whaa?!? :| geezalooy. these *people*. like marionettes.

  2. "(6) They tried to excuse this as a "usufructuary relationship" but failed that test, because the subject of the usufruct (you and your estate) has suffered a lot of damage."
    No Anna, this was brought to your attention 6 years ago, this is "EXPILATIO"-- "In the civil law."
    The offense of unlawfully appropriating goods belonging to a succession. It is not technically theft (furtum) because such property no longer belongs to the decedent, nor to the heir. since the latter has not yet taken possession.
    USUFRUCT is the rabbit hole "they" want everyone to fall into that are now starting to remove the blinders from their eyes.


      Through the FAMILY ID and the PERSON ID you are linked to the SURNAME and all of it relates back to the orginal trademark holder of the SURNAME you were advised to use from the moment you could speak and write

      Ad Daniel in his videos explains you are the sureity for the fiction and if you claim that fiction to be you the flesh and blood man the trap has been set

      Kind of like tennis
      Game Match Set

      And geez lets not forget about the LOVE these cretins have bestoyed upon the eartly goy

      You bet they want you to claim that name because you are now SET and responsible for the FAMILY debt placed upon you from the word GO

      Anna is a service provider, a middle man to their end game of marking you for the debt of your ancestors through the father and the popeye
      My interpretation

      Thats why they go by the lineage of their mothers and not their fathers

      It was all a set up from the word go folks and they know it
      Thats why they have destroyed our dads and the family unit
      They kill them (our dada in war, on paper and in their courts

      u•su•fruct yoo͞′zə-frŭkt″, -sə-►
      n. The right to the use and profits of something belonging to another.
      n. In law, the right of enjoying all the advantages derivable from the use of something which belongs to another so far as is compatible with the substance of the thing not being destroyed or injured.
      To hold in usufruct; subject to a right of enjoyment of its advantages by one while owned by another.

      This is the shit Yosef El is teaching in his SPC school Secure Party Creditor
      Funny it almost sounds like SPLC doesn't it

      Your father is the popeye/state and not your flesh and blood dad
      The popeye and his jewsuit cohorts set it up that way

      As I stated yesterday check that Certificate of Live Birth for a BAR CODE
      The ones I ordered had barcodes on them
      I recently sent them back as they are not mine and are not me

    2. Here’s your duck duck go.
      EXPILATIO. Law Dictionary & Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed.
      USUFRUCT. Law Dictionary & Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed.

      This will get someone close, but not on target unless one has the physical hard copy, and notice that only the 2nd Edition is offered for everyone’s perusal. Take note also that after the 6th Edition this Black’s Law reference dictionary becomes unreliable.
      Sorry folks but this is only one of “their’ Dictionaries that has to be utilized in order to decipher “their” convoluted language of forked tongue double speak.
      Now I have brought light to the incorrect application of "usufructuary relationship" term(s) that Anna has agreed to allow them to portray “their” scheme under.
      When a definition is given, every word in that definition has to be defined as well.
      “EXPILATIO” is the only term that hits the mark. Because it is the only thing that “they” can do, to keep themselves from being criminally liable. This is another one of “their “ foundation stones.
      Hint; Keep in mind that the after birth is the decedent. Also, can an heir take possession as a US Citizen that has gifted everything to a US Corporation, and thinks of themselves as a“male or female human being”(monster) ?
      Here is “Balentine’s 3rd Edition definition(1969)
      human being. A person, male or female.
      Here is “Balentine’s 2nd, & 3rd Edition definition(1969)
      monster. A plant or creature terribly deformed. A human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal.
      "A monster . . . hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land, albeit it be brought forth in marriage; but, although it hath deformity in any part of its body, yet if it hath human shape, it may be heir." 2 Bl Comm 246.

      Now in Ballentine’s 2nd Edition(1948)
      human being. See monster
      That’s right. I know for a fact because I have this 2nd Edition. Try getting access to that 2nd Edition now digitally. If possible send me the link. Can everyone now see how they had to double speak in 1969 to covertly hide what was publicly put forth in 1948.

  3. A good friend just sent this to me;
    Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines

  4. Same with America the same Talmudic yahoos like the warburgs. Who buy presidency for the Jewish communist Homosexual railroad attorney Aberham Springsteen 10 times word that Clinton
    So let’s call a spade a spade this evil takes existing system and inverts it into a Jewish Gingrich Yugoda fema camp Gulag singalhanded murderdered thousands complained his revolver hurt his hand .

  5. Thanks for exposing the legality of things

  6. Any chance that you know who the "group(s) of people" are in Panama? If so, would you please be so kind to let us know who and their contact information?

  7. .

    What about the other items (trust) created at birth (just an event -nothing more)

    something they say doesn't exist the DTC account (I have proof of 7000 withdrawers on my non exist account (LOL) when I stopped coping the info)

    And a great many other evidence that the Democratic communistic system applies the law of necessity from 1871 within and without the non-article III courts


  8. .
    Just a touch of reality

    Belief is not Reality!

    We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

    see the rest of the world is protesting like heck --America mot much

  9. Banks are forced snitches and get a piece of the action 37 instance of fraud in average mortgage. ,alphabet gangs are created by the Jewish Drug family Roosevelt making him a king with own army of lawyers and secret squirrel gum shoes .
    Justinian code Roman (civil law ) state edicts.
    Other dirty tricks misidentifying you under thair private corporate Roman civil law .
    Founder set up common law nation no harm no crime .
    Everyone has a hand in the cookie jaw the elite have to much to loose all revolutions are by the ones with nothing to loose .
    Quit listening to half truth lies can you trust your sources ? If they don’t name names your listening to state approved source .
    The White Russians could hide in the system until the Pass port control grid was created .
    Then they were summarily shot
    Word meaning changes like wreckers you didn’t do your job efficiently or suggested using equipment to speed up production you were shot !
    Today domestic terrorist, constitunalist !birther , Reuther, conspiracy theorist, and they classify you under a different set of laws .
    Anna correct Roman civil law we call civil law ((( Justinian code))) .
    Harsh not considering human error.
    The peopl are aware of the situation and mad
    If DJT was actually a honest man he could be Moses .

  10. 5 Hurricanes hit Louisianna on the same day since 2005

    At 5 minutes and 50 seconds in

    And contore was filmed in front of this friggin dumpster yesterday the entire friggin day and yet 150 mile and hour winds did not move that dumpster

    Wake the hell up people

    1. Now also notice where they make comment about the guy walking behind him do you see the upside down triangle on the back of his shirt

      They doing this shit on purpose

      And anyone who has worked in a large city and walked between two buildings will know what it's like with the wind tunnel effect that this creates
      Trust me I worked downtown Pittsburgh and walking between these buildings in high winds can be a trip
      One morning the T the underground transit in Pittsburgh was out of servie and I had to walk to my building over I don't know 5 - 6 blocks away in between all these buildings
      It was freezing
      I almost froze to death in that walk it was absolutely brutal and it was in between buildings just like bozo here is standing between as they blow wind up the fucking street

      I'm not saying the storm wasn't real I'm saying that all these pricks are in on this shit thats why they invented the weather channel in the first place was to keep your ass glued to the television weather channel and witnessing their disaster and playing with your emotions while they cash in all the way around

      The land grab that will take place after this flooding is the story never told

    2. Crown of the Continent ALASKA

      3/4 way down the page

      Hurricane IDA as in Id a HO
      2 faced Montana in there too

      And they all know what the hell is going on too

  11. This is how you destroy evidence and bring about forest surveillance and recapture the land under the guise of their UN agenda

    Remember I told ya all about their committee of 300 hollywood elite who met in Aspen and Lake Tahoe and this is also the location for the filming of Bonanza and the PONDEROSA Ranch in Virginia City or Virgin City
    The Cartrights

    It's how you get folks off the land and clear out all evidence to the crimes you've committed against the people for the last century

    And lets not forget that ole Scott Wolf here aka Elon musk has been digging under vegas for his hyperloop BULLSHIT
    Well hell what better way to set off a sink hole that swallows up an entire town or melts it with the energy they have been reserving underground to do just that

    I'm tellin you this is all a set up

  12. Now for more than three days I have waited for all the mainstay commenters on this sight that have brought forth much hyperbole to at least Question Anna’s use of the term “Clearinghouse Certificates” which was first published by Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch: Tuesday, August 17, 2021 Anna’s article; The REASON Our Bonds Cannot Fund the RV;
    I made my initial comments on these “Clearinghouse Certificates” in the article posted by Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch:
    Thursday, August 26, 2021 "Science" has not yet isolated the Sars-CoV-2 virus;
    And again now in this article Anna uses this same terminology (“Clearinghouse Certificates”)
    to describe what were initially bearer bonds. And no one has asked for clarity. Especially when all of US here should know what a “certificate” is and who the one(s) is/are that can make, and disburse them. “They" can only do this because “they” are the owner of whatever thing "they" are “Certificating”. By what means “they” became the owner? Well it seems by the old tried, trued way of “by whatever means necessary”
    So now lets get back to the term “Clearinghouse Certificates”;
    It is exactly what it says it is. Let US not forget that all, yes all Inheritance comes directly from the “Father”, the “Father” has a Familial Name that corresponds directly to a lineage known as his “House”. So Now with these Certificates “they” must believe that "they" can clear the house.
    This is called Collateral Damage. Look it up in “their” dictionary. It’s all about the father, and the son’s inheritance. Sorry Ladies, but this time it has nothing to do with being some sort of" Male Chauvinist Pig", so lets' not try to go there and cause a deviation from the this foundational subject matter, in order to cause an "issue". Instead let US stay focused on why it has been so crucial for "them to kill off in so many ways that are possible all the fathers, and their lineage heirs.

  13. Why are you here and what are you so angry about? Why waste your time if you don’t believe anything?

  14. Hi Paul,
    What would be a reasonable amount to charge these sacks for the use of my equity? My birth weight in gold x my age?
    Seems reasonable to me.

  15. Anna Von Reitzenger? Anything to say about any of that which is mentioned in disclosure here??


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